Cold Sores!!!

I have this really big cold sore on my lip. Have you heard anything about how it can heal quicker so I can (finally) put on some lip gloss?

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In my experience once the cold sore comes out, nothing really helps speed up the healing.  For preventative purposes, I take a supplement available over the counter called Lysine.  My dentist gave me an RX for an ointment called Denavir which only works if you apply it when you feel an outbreak is imminent. 


I use "herpicin - L"  It seems to make it heal faster and it's available OTC in the drugstore

In the future keep sunscreen on your lips all the time AND do not let them et chapped and cracked. You now have a virus under the skin which is looking for any way to come out.


There's this stuff called Morgan's Lysine Lip Balm, it's about $5 (I think) at Target, and they keep it behind the pharmacy counter. I get cold sores like you wouldn't believe, sometimes covering my lips entirely, and this stuff will help a mild case of them. You can also try Abreva and see if that works for you. I have prescribed pills (Valtrex) and ointment (Denavir) for my cold sores, but yours should be cureable without a doctors help. Try the Morgan's Lysine Balm, and always be sure to wear chapstick with SPF. The sun can definitely cause or worsen cold sores. Good luck!


There might be various answers on how to treat these.  Sometimes over the counter works while others get advice or a prescription from their physician.  There are a few sites that have better advice on treatment and information.  They are easy to find if you look for cold sores in a search engine (such as Google). 


There's abreva which is pricey but effective. 


When you are using a topical treatment, do not double dip if the formula is in a well container.  Use either clean hands or a disposable one time use item such as a Qtip. 


You are doing the right thing by not putting lip gloss or other lip products on top of the cold sore. 

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Cold sores..My friend Megan gets them once that Cold weather starts coming. Now Im not sure where you live if it's cold, but if so, then that could have caused your Cold Sore. Or possibly Stress, or Anxiety.


But there is a few remedy's that I know on how to get your Cold Sore to heal faster.


1) Take Ice, or pretty much anything cold (even a can of coke, haha) and sit it on the coldsore, it will most likely make it leave you faster!


2) Avoid "acid" foods like: Tomatoes, carbonated soda, ANYTHING with vinegar, and citrus.


3) Have Vitamin C, and fruits and veggies.


Hopefully I helped Smiley Happy


-Andrea; Beauty Guru

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Hi Mbbcgurl13,


Currently Sephora does not carry any items that help with cold sores. I recommend going to your local pharmacy to see what they can offer you or contact your doctor directly.

<3 Melissa
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"Carin' for your cold sore" is SO great. It's almost like it starts dissolving the cold sore right away (weird image, I know).

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