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Bright/bold/dark lipsticks that won't overwhelm fair skin. Help!
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I have very fair skin, auburn/red hair, blue eyes naturally red lips, and usually wear sheer nude-colored glosses.  I would like to try darker/bolder lipsticks but have a hard time finding shades that don't overwhelm me.  Any advice?

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I agree with oliviabt on starting a little sheer with bold colours. I've been experimenting myself as well, and find that even sheer bold colours are enough to push e to try new things. I feel I look funny sometimes, but then I wind up getting compliments... I think it all has to do with getting used to them! Smiley Wink


I like Bite's Sheer Balm (it's brighter than sheer, but still not completely opaque) I got Carmine, which is a nice orange red, not a blue red.


Also some things to try might be lip stains, since they're easy to layer if you find a colour a little too bright adding a light gloss on top can neutralize it a bit.


Always remember if you're going to be sporting some pretty bright or bold lips to keep your lips hydrated and exfoliated! Smiley Wink

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