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♥Bright Fuchsia Lips♥
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I love how bright fuchsia looks so pretty on the lips of so many skintones. I would love to try it out! Does anyone know a lipstick that will give me this color? :



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If the link still doesn't work for you go to the MAKE UP FOREVER Page on this site. On the slideshow of the main page in the slideshow it shows a girl with VERY long bangs wearing fuschia lipstick. It's that color.

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the one that alexis bledel is wearing looks really Neon whereas Rihanna's is very bright but not as in your face I think BUT it looks suspiciously like the same color... hmmmmmm.

I know that Funny Face seems to be the winning vote between these two but I really think it's Schiap. I have both colors and Funny Face while bright is not as bright as it looks in pics here.

Another lipstick I would suggest is Illamasqua's Corrupt.

(I think it's Schiap though...)

Here's a pic of me wearing Funny Face so you get an idea of what I mean (though I'm dark-skinned so it will be different looking on you). Please pardon the cheesy, toothy grin.

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It looks gorgeous on you!! Smiley Very Happy
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Thanks Katiekins!! Smiley Wink
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You look great! And deserve a 400th heart for being so helpful! Smiley Wink
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Not cheesey! You look nice! Smiley Very Happy
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