Best long wearing orange/red lipstick?

Looking for a lipstick to meet my following desires:

-Orange/red color (warm undertone skin)

-Long wearing (this is a must!)

-Doesn't have a "gritty" feel after a couple of hours

-No glitter, sheen, or hint of sparkle


Hope someone can save the day! 





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NARS Heat Wave meets all of te above criteria -- it's a matte shade (no sparkles), so it's longer wearing. It's a very orange red, too -- it's my favorite. It can be slightly dry, so make sure that your lips are hydrated beforehand (but not glossy, or else it won't stay on).


If you don't mind spending a bit more ($6 more), Armani Rouge d'Armani in 401 is similarly red-orange and the formula is designed to be long-wearing...this stuff doesn't come off. It's my favorite to use when I know I won't be able to reapply. Temptalia reviewed this specific shade, but I can't link the can easily find it on google, though!


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You should definitely check out the YSL stains or the YSL coral extreme. The stains are like lipsticks but stay on alot longer and have gorgeous colors!!! Hope this helps!


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I also wanted to add to that already great suggestion that you have. Also, Kat Von D makes a great red/orange shade called Stiletto. It's a really pretty shade that has TONS of pigment and it also has a satin finish.


Kat Von D - Painted Love Lipstick

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Try Stila's Color Balm in Valentina, it's a poppy orange color:

Stila - Color Balm Lipstick


It's super smooth in wear and application like a lip balm, but gives the rich color and look of lipstick.


If you wanted something more on the sheer side, but can be buildable, try Tarte's lip stain in Spirited:


Tarte - LipSurgence™ Lip Tint


It's long wearing, comes in an easy to apply "crayon" like form, and allows you to wear the bold color in a much more subtle/"day time friendly" way.

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Sephora Color LipLast #15 Coral Calling

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