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I am fair skinned with blue eyes and I can't seem to find a nude/pinkish lip gloss that doesn't make me look like I have white lips and am from the show Jersey Shore! Any advise on some shades?

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Your best bet is to go in store (Sephora or the nearest department store) and try colors for yourself.  Look for ones that match your lip color or a slight step up in pink from your natural lip color. 


Formulation wise, NARS and YSL are worth trying.  The Sephora Collection lip glosses are not too bad either if on a budget or tend to buy colors regularly. 


Most products labeled or described as nudes give me the look as you described or dead looking.  A lot of the nudes I thought looked good online looked hilariously bad when I finally tried them in the store.  Again, the natural lip color tends to change the appearance of a lip product applied. 


Best of luck! 

Answered in Taunt(nude) and/or Drizzle(pale pink) in Wallflower(nude creamy pink), Peroxide(light pink), Naked(pinky neutral), Midnight Cowboy(sheer nude sparkle), Heavy(dark neutral beige)


This is a lipstick and not a lip gloss, but

in Naked, Rush, or Sellout in Tiber Supervixen or Tempest



I hope some of these suggestions help.


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Hey pinky51!
i know what you mean and thank you for the laugh (Jersey Shore..) i have fair/light skin with green eyes and don't like looking washed out with nude lip colors either. What has worked for me is Make Up For Ever #1 and i don't remember the corresponding gloss that goes with it. it's a matte finish and has warm under tones so it doesn't give you the "white lip" look or anything like it, just very natural. i just moved and know how it is if you don't live by a Sephora store and there isn't the option to go try things on..
Best of Luck!

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It's not a gloss, but there's an Urban Decay lipstick called Naked that is a nice pinky nude...

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