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Is there really such a thing as a natural lip stain? I need something in between my natural blah lips and hot pink (which is how every stain shows up on me!)  Has anyone found a lip stain they like?

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This Tarte Lip Stain is absolutely AMAZING

Its a bit pricey at $24 but I would definitely still repurchase it when I run out or in another color (I got it with the 20% off holiday sale)

It really moisturizes your lips, which is very important because many lipstains just leave color on like a marker but then lips can look dried out. It looks very naturally great, even when the shine wears off a bit it is still a nice color through eating, drinking, etc so it will look just like your lips are made that way! I have it in Amused, which is a hot pink that doesn't look too weird as a lipstain. Its perfectly easy to use when you don't wanna use conditioning balm then lipliner then lipstick then lipgloss, etccc. Perfect one step ! Also Google swatches online to see what color would look best on actual skin. Maybe Charmed to look a bit more natural? 

Anyway good luck , I really hope you try this product because its so great Smiley Happy

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