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Is there really such a thing as a natural lip stain? I need something in between my natural blah lips and hot pink (which is how every stain shows up on me!)  Has anyone found a lip stain they like?

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Stila "Lip & Cheek Stain" is great.  It's moisturizing and it comes in some soft colors such as "Yumberry" which is a soft pink.  They have a variety of colors to choose from and you can find it at:

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Try Tarte's LipSurgence stains! They come in the orignal finish (which is sheer and glossier) or matte finishes. I think the matte finish version has better staying power, but personally I prefer the original, which is much less drying.


Of the originals, I like Moody (deep berry), but if you want a natural shade, try Charmed (light pink), Enchanted (rose), or Joy (peach):


Of the matte versions, I like Envy (mauve berry), Exposed (nude) and Hope (warm rose) -- to me, these are the most natural looking shades:


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This Tarte Lip Stain is absolutely AMAZING

Its a bit pricey at $24 but I would definitely still repurchase it when I run out or in another color (I got it with the 20% off holiday sale)

It really moisturizes your lips, which is very important because many lipstains just leave color on like a marker but then lips can look dried out. It looks very naturally great, even when the shine wears off a bit it is still a nice color through eating, drinking, etc so it will look just like your lips are made that way! I have it in Amused, which is a hot pink that doesn't look too weird as a lipstain. Its perfectly easy to use when you don't wanna use conditioning balm then lipliner then lipstick then lipgloss, etccc. Perfect one step ! Also Google swatches online to see what color would look best on actual skin. Maybe Charmed to look a bit more natural? 

Anyway good luck , I really hope you try this product because its so great Smiley Happy


Nars makes a wonderful lip stain, but in my opinion, YSL makes some of the best lip products.  They glide on like butter and they are literally a pain in my butt to take off! When I am showing a client colors from YSL on my hands and arms, I need to take a step in the back to scrub the colors off because I don't think the makeup remover does a well enough job.  Definitely my best recommendation! 



Stila carries the Lip and Cheek stains, which I love! My favorite color is the Pomegranate Crush,  and it looks super pretty topped with some light or clear colored gloss. The little brush tip is very easy to use.


A more reddish tinted stain is the Benefit one, which I am a huge fan of. They have the Benetint, which is a natural, which is a dark rose color, and Posietint, which is a sheer light pink. The Benetint is my favorite, is long lasting, and has a nice, natural finish.

Hope this helps!



I don't know I you would want a maybelline product but I tried the maybelline super stay 24 hour color BEST LIP STAIN I EVER TRYED I put and I woke up the next day and still had it on like I just put it on and they have light pink darker pink and  looks natural hope i helped Smiley Very Happy

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