As I'm in my early 50's, never smoked and always have worn lipstick!! That's my trademark!!

So, as I've noticed,-- while lining my lips,  the feathering from the lines are noticeable!


So I have begun using 'primers/lip plumpers'-- and unfortunately -- am having strange breakouts

around my lips! small little bumps! So i've tried several brands, and still no end to the bumps!

Am I going to just be stuck with wrinkle lines now?

Please -if someone has had this type of problem ! Let me know what helps!

Thanks !




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Many lip plumpers have cinnamon in them which irritates the lips causing the to swell up, giving the appearance of plumper fuller lips. The cinnamon could very well be causing these strange reactions, check the ingredients list. If that's not the case then you very well could be allergic to something in the product, look to see if any of your lip primer/plumpers have any common ingredients between them. Lastly I would advise you see a dermatologist, while it's probably nothing serious, and will eventually go away, it's still best to get it checked out. He/she may prescribe you a medicine that will clear it up quickly. In the time being, I suggest you stop using said products and see if that helps at all. 


Hope this helps!



Hi alex1957. If you're getting a reaction to lip plumpers, I would stop using them. The Too Faced Borderline Smoothing, Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil is waterproof so it not only prevents feathering, but also prevents your lipstick from fading! While the lip pencil doesn't plump your lips there's a cream that will help correct and prevent wrinkles on and around your lips. I definitely recommend checking out the Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye and Lip Cream. The cream can be used on your eyes and lips to help with fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.




I hope this helps!


Stop using the plumpers that are causing the breakouts immediatly.  I know people probably hate it when someone not their age replies, but my Mom is your age and I can tell you what she is using right now and enjoying (she is a lipstick trademark lady too).  So, she swears by the Fresh Honey lip balm, it makes her lips beautiful.  You can wear this by itself or as a prep step and layer lipstick over.  


I also noticed Too Faced has an anti-feathering lip liner although I can't say if t works.


I hope this helps!

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There are treatments that will help that! Smiley Happy

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