Applying Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick
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Hey Everyone.  I recently purchased the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in "Icon."  I'm very fair skinned and this is an incredibly bold color.  As a result, any imperfections in application are incredibly noticeable.  With the rather clumsy doe foot applicator (IMHO... I like YSL's glossy stain applicator WAY more), I'm having a heck of a time getting a neat, even lip shape before the product dries.  Do any of you fab ladies and gents have any suggestions about how to get a flawless lip shape and outline with this product?  It's so frustrating... I love the color so much, but I always end up looking a bit like Leigh Bowery when I try to wear it.  

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I actually had this product in that shade, but decided to buy NARS Heat Wave lipstick (same color, not as messy).
However, to apply the Hourglass Opaque Rouge I'd cover my lips carefully without getting to the border of my lips. Then, with a lip brush, I'd spread the color to the borders and carefully follow the shape of my lips. Tip: apply a small amount at a time and spread it out. You can build on to it. Tipx2: Apply Raven on top of it or to the corners of your lips to add more dimension!

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