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Anyone know the best long lasting lip liner to create a perfect red lip look ?

Hi, I am trying to find a long lasting lipliner but it has proven to be difficult! I want to create a red lip look, and I need to find a great lip liner to fit my lipstick Smiley Happy thanks!

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Hi Ctrautz,


What brand is your lipstick that u are trying to find a liner for? I would stick with whatever brand the lipstick is and find a liner from that line that macthes the lipstick color... If u've tried this and it didnt work out for u can try an invisible liner MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Line Perfector is a great 1... I love it I use this when I do my red lip and I never have any issues with bleeding or feathering.. Also a tip I picked form the ladies on here is to very lightly put some foundation on your lips then liner then lipstick..... I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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