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Anyone know the best long lasting lip liner to create a perfect red lip look ?

Hi, I am trying to find a long lasting lipliner but it has proven to be difficult! I want to create a red lip look, and I need to find a great lip liner to fit my lipstick Smiley Happy thanks!

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Hi Ctrautz,


What brand is your lipstick that u are trying to find a liner for? I would stick with whatever brand the lipstick is and find a liner from that line that macthes the lipstick color... If u've tried this and it didnt work out for u can try an invisible liner MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Line Perfector is a great 1... I love it I use this when I do my red lip and I never have any issues with bleeding or feathering.. Also a tip I picked form the ladies on here is to very lightly put some foundation on your lips then liner then lipstick..... I hope this helps Smiley Happy

I agree..apply just a touch of foundation to your lips before your liner and lipstick,it lasts alot longer too.
I like to use all kinds of diff lipstick but always use the same liner it goes with ALL my lipstick, it's Estee Lauder and the color is Terra, I've used it for about 13 yrs. I won't use anything else. check it out!! You'll love it.
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