Advice on lipstick situation?!
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Hi there!!

So i'm a newer customer to Sephora, mostly because i'm switching from drug store make-up to higher quality make-up, and lipstick happens to be my favorite item. However I have been getting this homeade lipstick from my sister-in-law which I love, mostly because it works with all of my outfits and goes great with my complextion. The other day when I was at Sephora, I found this other great lipstick but i'm hesitant on buying it because I may have just liked it with my red outfit. I'm moving to France in a week for college and I want to make sure I stock up on the right lipstick. So I was wondering if it is possible for Sephora to give out a small sample of lipstick just so I can test and compare the shade when I go over to my sister-in-law's house which is a long drive away. I know it depends on the store and they give samples of foundation and other face make-up but I wasn't sure about lipstick...

Thank you so much for your help!

I really appreciate itSmiley Happy

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Most stores probably won't give you lipstick samples, unless you are lucky and get a super understanding employee.


What you can do is bring your homemade lipstick to Sephora and get help matching it to some lipsticks instore, then swatch your homemade and the chosen ones on your arms to see which one is closest. Then, put that store lipstick on your lips and see how you like it.


As for testing make up with outfits, I usually just do this: wear shirt, jacket and scarf of different color. For example, a white shirt so I can see how the lipstick look on neutral shades, put on the orange/red jacket so I can see how it looks with warm outfits, cover my neck/shoulder with the blue scarf to see how the lipstick look on cooler shades. Done.


The lipstick that work with every outfit is usually one that's close to the person's lipcolor. I would actually suggest buying a lipstick palette, kit, or sampler so you can play with a variety of shades without splurging on something you are hesitant about.

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