A cool-toned, true-red lipstick?

Hello Beauties!


I came across this lipstick review in a makeup blog, and I absolutely adore the shade pictured:



I'm really in love with the shade, but not so much the price and I've never heard of the brand. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a color close to it. I have a pale, cool complexion like the model. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! 

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Do you mind specifying what the shade / brand is? (Even if you PM it?) The reason I ask is that colors can look so different on monitors -- it's honestly hard to tell. That particular shade looks neutral-warm to me (and the model looks pale but warm toned), but this might not be the case.



Hello Katie :3 I don't mind at all! It's Rouge Bunny Rouge in "Raw Silence". I could only find it for $34.59, which I think is a bit expensive...even though it's lovely.
The blogger describes herself and the lipstick as cool toned, so maybe it just didn't photograph well?

Thanks -- I looked for it and it IS a cool red...it seems to have a glossy texture, but shade-wise, I second Keely's recommendation of NARS Cruella (which is matte); you might also want to try Smashbox lipstick in Grenadine.

MAC's classic cool reds -- Russian Red and Ruby Woo -- have a matte finish, but you could always top them with gloss to sheer it out. (They are actually pretty similar shades -- Russian Red may be a bit more intense, in my opinion, but they look alike on.)

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