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With all the sales going on and holiday sets and limited edition products, and new items, I've been doing alot of purchases lately. Think I've gone a little overboard. Hey you gotta get them when they are in stock otherwise they go out of stock... for ever!   Any how I find myself hidding my purchases and receipts. Not because I don't have enough money for my purchases, I budget well, but because I have too much already.    Tell me do you do the same?  Where do you hide your newly bought treasures?
Today I got my two PWPs in the mail from Lord and Taylor. I did NOT purchase a fragrance (it said you had to) not sure if it was a glitch but I was able to get away with it.   
Hey BTers I just placed an impulse order but now I am thinking if it is really good. Its a Estee Lauder PWP for C$40 with any EL purchase at the bay.  I bought this super cute pin to redeem this PWP  I use EL's DWLight foundation and BB cream and love many of there skin care products but never used  any other cosmetics from this brand. Can someone tell me how they like them. EDIT: OK girls here are the pics as promised. It is so beautiful  Pardon the image, she wanted to check and see what it is  
After talking to an SA about in store sale sections she informed me that not all stores have them. I'm lucky that I have 3 Sephoras close to me and two of those have sale sections. Sometimes I'm able to get things in store that are not even available online. Other times I'm able to see and swatch items that are in the online sale sections before I make buys.   I thought it would be a good idea to get a list going of stores that actually have in store sale sections.     Hollywood & Highland - Los Angeles, CA - Reg., on isle end.   Glendale Galleria  -   Glendale, CA  - SiJCP, on isle end.   Century City - Los Angeles, CA - Reg., (they keep moving it around)
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Whether you're an employee at Sephora or loved by an employee at Sephora, if you scored a code... what did you buy for the sale? If you haven't shopped yet, what are you planning to buy? My goodies came in today and I bought:     GHD Bird of Paradise (coral) Too Faced Bronzing Wardrobe Hourglass BB Drybar Lemon Drop  Drybar High Tops Tarte Cheek Set Too Faced Melted Kisses Set Guerlain Magic Ballz Hourglass Lighting Powder YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
It hit me a few days ago that Black Friday 2014 would be here soon!!! I happen to just love love love Black Friday shopping.   I am not a morning person, a total night owl actually, so I've enjoyed that the last couple of years there have been more stores opening late on Thursday. (I don't support folks having to work on Thanksgiving just so I can shop but I won't wake up at 3 am to be at a store for a 4 am opening - I'd rather just stay up and hit a midnight opening - just a personal preference).   Last year Sephora branded their Black Friday deals as "Dealtopia". As in years past, they had some amazing $10 deals. Some were online only and some were available both in store and on-line. On-line, we were limited to two items of each deal, but many of us made multiple orders. In-store, some locations held to the two item limit of each deal, and some didn't and they let you buy more. What is always the great mystery for on-line shopping is the exact time that the deals will go live. I want to say that it was midnight EST time. Last year, the online shopping was a bit of a nightmare. Anyone remember entering the "queue" where you were advised not to hit the back-button, or refresh, else you'd lose your place in line? With some patience, many of us were able to find our desired deals.   My local store opened at midnight and when I got there at about 11:45, I was about the 15th person in line. There was only one "aggressive" shopper, who was behind me, but went kinda crazy when the doors opened. She knew what she wanted and by gosh, she wasn't afraid to nudge you out of the way to get there! Other than that, it was crazy busy but nothing horrible. They had many of the deals sitting on the main front display, but they also had some employees who had rolling carts with some of the items. Finding that "one" item you just had to have was tricky if it wasn't on the main display.   To get an idea of what the deals were in 2013, I recommend googling "Musings of a Muse Black Friday 2013" to see the great details she posted including great pictures. Captured below is the list of deals from 2013, as found on The Musings of a Muse site.   In addition, I just took a photo of the ones I bought last year that I still haven't used or given away. I think my favorite $10 item was the Josie Maran set, which included her Bare Naked Nail Wipes (20 count) and a 1 oz. Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream in Vanilla Apricot. I think the "hot" item was the Philosophy Purity wash. What was your favorite?   Note that Sephora did most of their Black Friday advertising using Pinterest and Facebook. I do not remember how many days before Black Friday they posted what the deals would be. Do any of you remember?   All I know is that I am really excited for 2014!!! Anyone else have some tips/lessons learned from 2013?   2013 List   Lorac Fan Favorite Duo Wei Pore Purifying & Brightening Collection Philosophy Limited Edition Purity Made Simple 12oz Tocca Florence Travel Fragrance Duo Bite Lush Lip Trio Sephora Collection Sparklers Brush Set Clean Fragrance Trio Bliss Soapy Suds Body Wash and Bubble Bath (16 oz Lemon Sage, Vanilla Bergamot, Red Orange and White Pepper, or Grapefruit and Aloe) Too Faced Better Than Sex Amazing Eyes Set (Too Faced Eyeliner and Better Than Sex Mascara) Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Edition Vol. 1 Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Palette Vol. 2 Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Palette Vol. 3 Stila Collage of Color Lip & Cheek Palette Tokyomilk Takeout Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment (0.50 oz) Josie Maran Argan Hand Healers Set Vita Liberata Rich Face + Mini Mitt Duo Living Proof Gift Set (1 oz Full Conditioner, Full Shampoo, Prime Style Extender, and 0.5 oz Full Thickening Cream) Formula X Asap Real Nail Lacquer Duo Pack Ole Henriksen Clean Sweep Duo (frican Red Tea Foaming Cleanser and Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes) Boscia Pore Perfection Set (1oz Black Mask, 1 Pore Strip) The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Set Smashbox Heat Wave Lip Gloss Set Buxom Full On Lipstick in Havana Alterna Caviar Moisture Trio Buxom Curtain Call Set Nails Inc Crystaltastic Nails Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Grapefruit Mini Bare Minerals Enchanting Eyes Tarte Little Miracles Best Selling Essentials    
i just recieved my Target beauty box, I think it was free with $7 shipping.  All in all, definitely worth the cost. Elnett extra hold hairspray...good for purse Fekkai dry shampoo...always can use, we'll see if it's better than my Batiste Laniege BB cream....been wanting to dry NYX eye pencil in Milk...already have Loreal color riche lipstick...seems like a lip gloss, we'll see if I like it coupon for $3 off of $15...easily done.   i also got the Walmart beauty box, free with $5.  I like them both for different reason.  You can see the pics along with others in the Walmart beauty box thread.      
I don't know if this has been posted yet but the lip pencils are up. Item number 1625029. Enjoy!
Las Vegas Edition 10-11-14 - (I am aware there is a current Trend Show thread.  I almost posted this there until I noticed it was in the VIB section.  At least one person asking me questions about the event will not be able to see it there, so I am going to post this in a general board).   My event finally took place yesterday. The one in May was not the trend show, so I passed.   I arrived about 15 minutes before the show started.  The doors opened 30 minutes prior, so a lot of people were already inside.  I paid over the phone with Desiree, my Beauty consultant.  My $20 gift card (you pay $20 to reserve your spot but they give it back to you in the form of a gift card) was just inside the door near valet.  After getting my gift card, I got a tote bag (not pictured but it is pretty cheap and basic) with the base samples pictured below.  The event was on the third floor.  There was an assortment of fruit, water, coffee and granola bars.  I grabbed a granola bar (which was fresh and chewy) and a bottle of water.  I filled out my information card (which they used to raffle items off and likely make sure we're on the mailing list) and turned it in.   I got a decent seat at the fashion show, because I attended solo. I thought about inviting someone but remembered focusing solely on my sister at the Rouge event and decided just to go alone. I cannot even make stuff like this up, so you know it is true. The lovely Smashbox makeup artist who spent so much time beautifying my sister at the Rouge event applied makeup for YSL at the trend show. She actually did someone to the left of me initially and moved to the right of me when she finished her. Thus, I had a chance to chat with her. She said she remembered my sister, because her sister has the same name.   The show was a lot of fun. I loved the lady from Laura Mercier. She was beyond funny. The male models were yummy eye candy. All of the female models were beautiful and very, very tall. No short models in Vegas. I loved the Kiss and Blush on the YSL model, which is ultimately why I decided to stop by that counter. A rep for one of the skincare lines gave out the item he was presenting to someone in the front row. That was pretty cool. They also had a raffle with a ton of prizes (of course I did not win any). One lady won while she was in the restroom (just like that lady at the Emmys years ago). The presenter would not let her granddaughters pick it up for her but rather held onto it until she returned and made her walk the runway in reverse to get it. I found that quite humorous, and the lady who won was so sweet.   During the show, they announced there would be free samples at La Mer. I've always wanted to try that brand. I hate buying things without trying them first (because I do not return things). Knowing there is no such thing as free and they likely left out that a purchase was required, I asked straight up if a purchase was required to get a sample. Sure enough, it was. I told her I wanted to try the item before I bought it. She said she would give me a sample if I had a consultation. I usually do not like to have consultations at events unless I know I will buy something. They're usually so busy, and I do not want to waste their time. Since I told her I wanted to sample the item before buying it, I figured she knew I was not buying anything that day when she offered. Thus, I did not feel guilty. There was no wait for the consultation either. She applied two different creams on my face and asked me which I preferred. I told her. She then went over my skin concerns and made recommendations. After the consultation, she gave me the sample as promised.   Next, I walked past Dior. They had two chairs of which both were occupied with additional people standing around. So, I kept on walking straight to YSL. They had 4-5 chairs of which one was open. I asked if they were available for a makeover, and they were. I got Joshua. He removed everything from my face (which only consisted of the newly laid La Mer cream (so I am glad I got a sample to wear it a little longer next time) and a tinted moisturizer. He applied a cream before matching me to a Fusion Ink foundation. It looked and felt great (so I ended up buying it). In direct sunlight after I left, I noticed it looked orange. I may exchange it for another color.  In his defense, it either oxidized on me or it is one of those foundations that looks different with indoor versus outdoor lighting.  Feel free to chime in if you're familiar with this foundation.     He used some concealer in spots I did not even know I needed it. Then, he applied Touche Eclat. I remember him using a lot of bronzer and a blush (which was later overwritten), but I cannot recall a setting powder. Whether he used setting powder or not, the foundation lasted all day. He then applied a purple liner and brow pencil. He used the holiday palette on my eyes, which looked so awesome that I had to buy that as well.   At that point he turned me over to National Makeup Artist, Armando Ramos. I asked Armando to pick a lip a lip color for me to buy. He chose number 11 of the Kiss and Blush, which was so stunning. I wanted to buy it on the spot, but they were out. I was going to order it online after the event (to get the 3 online samples). I also prefer to order it myself because the items do not show up in my online account (order history) when the SAs place the orders.  The SA insisted, so I let her order it for me. After Armando applied the color to my lips, he overwrote the cheek color Joshua picked out. Although I liked the one Joshua picked out, Armando's was nicer to me. Then, Armando applied some Babydoll mascara.  Both Joshua and Armando were absolutely fabulous.  I wish I could take them home with me, so my makeup would always look nice.  We all know I will never get it to look like this.   My husband and sons arrived as my makeup was being applied.  They headed up to the Nordstrom Cafe for some brunch.  When it was time to pay, I sent him down to take care of it (he almost always pays for my items anyway) while I joined the boys in the restaurant.         The freebies I got for attending the trend show (plus the free La Mer sample for the consultation)     The YSL items I purchased and GWPs     The items I purchased unboxed     The inside of the beautiful holiday palette     I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to go next year.  Fingers crossed that I win something, because I am sure winning always makes the event more fun.  If you have a chance to go, you should.  You get your money back in the gift card, plus samples, snacks, a chance to win prizes, plenty of GWPs and the really fun fashion show.  Go!
Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.50.52 AM.png
It's midnight in New York and you know what that means... it's October!! I don't care if I'm in California, I'm still making this post hahaha.    I started my haul at CVS because my sister had $10 rewards for beauty and I used that towards lipsticks for my kit.    I got Wet n Wild lipsticks in Sugar Plum Fairy, Wine Room, and Mauve Outta Here. I also got a Milani lipstick in High Voltage. I paid $2 for 4 lipsticks!   I went to Ulta to pick up NYX Dark Circle Corrector and the Essence Lipstick (4th one above) in Wear Berries   THEN, I went to Sephora to pick up a free deluxe sample of Bare Minerals lipstick in Speak Your Mind and my MUFE Birthday gift!     PS my birthday is October 18 hehe
This is on GlamGlow's FB and twitter. Wouldn't let me post links here,   GLAMGLOW is running a promo to celebrate the founder's birthday! I thought is was a pretty amazing offer and grabbed it yesterday! For the first 400 US customers both promo codes are still available.   A FULL SIZE BRIGHTMUD with POWERMUD purchase! Promo is BRIGHTPOWER. Or $59 off POWERMUD PRO (extra large powermud only available through glamglow), thought I would let everyone know! Both promos are still available!
Hey beauties! A couple folks have asked for a photo of my Tom Ford collection. Here it is! Not as bad as I thought!  Blushes: Flush Savage   Cheek duo: Stroked Softcore   Quads: orchid Haze Nude Dip Cocoa Mirage   Lipsticks: Moraccan Rouge Reckless warm sable Negligee Ginger Fawn Incorrigable   Brushes:  
I get that sephora substitutes samples when they run out but I've gotten 2 orders where they replaced my exfolikate with another sample and it still shows in stock /: I know they're free samples but I was looking forward to trying this sample the most but it looks like they're going to keep replacing it...   Is anyone else having this problem? 
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This hasn't been started yet so I'll give it a go.  Today is the last day that SiJCP has an extra 25% off clearance so I stopped in to poke around before I start up the smoker for tonight.  I grabbed all these goodies for $30.  
1. I got the soap and glory sexy mother pucker XL extreme plump collagen lip shine with collagen love this and I  2 .I got Too faced color bomb in candy 3. bareminerals free samples in PERFECTIOn promo code 4. free perfume and hair care samples    
there are 4 KVD palettes added in sale section. Hurry up girls
Hey All, Want to inform you that lots of new Tarte products and a few Buxom and smash box are added in the sale section a few minutes ago.
Hi Canadian beauties, The Bay has Illamasqua products on sale and right now they are offering 6 free samples with any beauty purchase. No minimum C$ required and most of samples are really generously sized Deluxe size....To enable you I ordered Illamasqua Gel liner and Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora and I'm getting following free samples 1: Clinique take the day off makeup remover 2:Clarins cleansing cream 3:Clinique mild facial soap 4: Clinique chubby stick in curviest caramel 5: clarins eye serum 6: After sun protection cream   Is it enough to enable you?
I stopped in today for the KVD lippy event, and got another sample bag while I was in. The SA said theirs were different, so I wouldn't get more of the same samples.  It's still great mix of things.    As well as the KVD lip mini in lovecraft from the event I got    benefit 1.2g stay flawless primer BM marvelous moxie lippy mini in Speak Your Mind .5 oz Sephora instant moisturizer FAB 1 oz face cleanser Formula X mini in Harmonics  Algenist .27 oz multi perfecting skin corrector concentrate Buxom mascara mini philosophy love swept    not too shabby!
So, I went to SiJCP today looking for new makeup that comes out. Then at checkout I asked a sample of Smashbox blemish primer. I went in my car and looked at my bag of sample and noticed that the sample container has gotten smaller :/ Is it only from this store I went to? Or your store have the same size container. It is like a dime size and it is usually a size of a quarter. Hmmmm just sharing this. Good thing I went to SiJCP because they are not stingy filling up the container hehehe   P.s. Please excuse my very dry hands/fingers ..I have been cleaning the whole house, doing yard work & packing boxes since we are moving out of the house
Hello BT! Today is August 1st and that means another month of hauls!   This month is the 2x/3x/4x the points for BI,VIB and ROUGE respectively. This is a great time to stock up on points lost throughout the year!   Please share your purchases! Remember, a haul is a haul no matter how big or small!
The first Sneak Peek has been released!     I think this is a great start!
With the Rouge Event just around the corner, and money to be spent, heres my list!   My current  (it could grow) wishlist :   With so many holding off on purchasing, and the 4x point reward, I'd love to see what people have their eye on or what they plan on hauling at the event!    So....Whats on your list?!
Just a quick FYI to anyone with a Costco membership; the store near me (Fremont CA to be exact) has Glam Glow Power Mud for around $36. This is the newer mud-oil hybrid deep cleansing treatment.  Also, to, and more exciting to me, this Costco also has Chanel nail polish!  The price on the nail polish was $20 or so IIRC? Shades included Jade Rose (pale peachy pink), a red and a warm grey (sorry, don't recall the name) and Vertigo, a shimmery dark taupe brown.  Vertigo came home with me.  Whoohoo for Costco! I had no idea they carried prestige brands, it was my first trip there ever. 
I stopped in to Sephora today , I usually only get there 1 time per month since I don't have one that close to me. I got a lot more than what I came in for lol but I had a great visits & can't wait to try my new items!  If anyone has tried any of these products i would love to hear your thoughts on them.     July Haul : Agave Smoothing Trip Set Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in Shell Hourglass Ambiant Lighting Palette Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Instant Infusion Fresh Lotus Eye Gel Samples; GlamGlow bright mud eye treatment Hourglass Ambient Luminator Blush in Flush Fresh Sugar Face Polish Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh      
Backups 1.jpg
Most of these are samples or minis I bought in kits.  Quite a few are just full sized items I bought in advance, so I have backups when I run out.  People have asked me about the stash that made my husband ask me to stop buying things I have backups of.     These pictures do not include anything in my current stash, which has a ton of unused makeup from lippies to nail polish and more, especially eye shadows.  I do need to go through my perfume samples a little better, because I have a lot of duplicates I need to move over to the backup section to make more room in my train cases.   Many of these items are duplicates, but I am going to hold onto my HG duplicates from here on out.  One lovely lady just got a bottle of Genefique, which I know she will love, but she will be the last.  That will have me repurchasing less often.  Any item I have a duplicate of that I have not tried, I may be willing to part with.  To the other lovely lady I just traded with, I really wanted to send you the It's a 10, but I must try it when I am done with my current brand.  Hopefully, you score it another way.   Makeup Body Cleansers Face Creams, Eye Creams and Serums Hair styling products (the Sauve ones came from a VoxBox, but I will not put them up for trade as I think my husband may have used each once before returning to the box). Big Items (I am not using antibacterial soap on my body, so no need to fret.  I do use it on my hands in the shower). Miscellaneous Items  Shampoos and Conditioners Face Cleansers and makeup removers Sunscreens/tanners Nail Products Facial wipes (currently working on the Ole Henriksen from Ipsy, so it is in the active stash for those curious). Cotton Unused Stuff hiding Deodorant/ kids stuff (I do use their stuff sometimes). Body Moisturizers Hand Moisturizers Stuff put aside for trades 1 Stuff put aside for trades 2 Stuff put aside for trades 3 Foils (so excited I am down to only one bin.  I've been using them and giving them away).    
Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.50.25 PM.png
I have been getting a lot of great emails.  Hopefully, some of these deals can come in handy for the rest of you.  Have you seen any awesome ones you want to share?  Now, is a great time to haul.      
It's July!!! Time to start a new thread for all the amazing July hauls from you guys! Please post all your hauls, big or small, beauty or non-beauty...can't wait to see them all!!   To start us off - here is a tiny sample haul from Dr. Hauschka
This is my June haul. I had a small online order & I got to visit Sephora after a drs appointment which is when I got VIB Rouge status it was the best shopping trip to Sephora yet! Online order consisted of : Fresh Soy Cleanser Too Faced in sweetheart perfect flush blush in candy glow In store purchase: LP Perfect Hair Day Shampoo LP Perfect Hair Day Conditioner LP Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 styling treatment Samples-MUFE HD Powder, Tarte blush, Elizabeth & James Nirvana white , MUFE Aqua matic LP No Frizz Shampoo LP No Frizz Conditioner LP straight spray LP flex spray LP satin hair serum LP No Frizz nourishing styling cream Prada Candy Rollerball Laura Mercier concealer in 0.5 Urban Decay eyeshadow in SWF BUXOM HAUTE PINK VIB Rouge gift 2 perfume samples Shiseido serum Marc Jacobs Daisy Tucca Margaux
I received the first sneak peek for Ipsy in my inbox this morning and figured I should share and get the July discussion going    Sneak Peek #1 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items from bareMinerals   Sneak Peek #2 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these 2 items   Sneak Peek #3 Everyone will be receiving 2 of these items    Sneak Peek #4 Everyone will be receiving 1 of these items