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Deals too good to pass Up!
The only thing I love more than shopping is getting a great deal.  I've created a website, with the same name as this thread (minus spaces and the exclamation point), to share my passion with more people.  If you share here and want to keep the deal exclusive to BT viewers, just write for BT only in the post.   I will heart every deal I see .  If your deal does not have a heart from me, I have not seen it yet.  A heart with no comment means I already had your deal on my site or am not planning on listing it (I may already have a better offer or another possible reason).   Should I use your deal, I will thank you here and mention that it was "shared on BT" on my site.  Thanks again to everyone who shares!    If you find something full priced that is new and awesome, share it here.   http://community.sephora.com/t5/Sephora-com/Spring -Summer-2015-Found-in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/m-p/1 ...    
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HALL OF FAMER poohblueberry / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
You're welcome! I found the promo code when I was pondering a purchase of Not a Perfume sight unseen (unsmelled?) on b-glowing. Y'all are enablers - but I was able to re... see post
April HAULS 2015 Yeah, baby, yeah!
I hope you guys don't mind me starting this one off early. I feel like April is my month. New job and all. So here's a new makeup item added to my sailor moon collection.    So basically. That cap can be put on a pen or pencil or my eyeliner.
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I'm so relieved there was a MOD that saw this at this time! see post
Excited about items bought at sales event
What items did you buy at the sales event that you're excited about? ok I have to start off with the Bobby Brown Beach roller ball.. I put it on in store never even thought about buying and immediately placed in my bag.. It smells like the most beautiful beach ever I cannot even begin to explain how amazing.. Ahh no words it just really shocked me how much It smells like a refreshing beach day. Nothing better than a surprise new love I picked up the Cover Fx drops so I'm really excited about trying that out.. NARS  Copacabana Illuminator hopefully will be as amazing as it looks on my hand lol so I'm really excited about trying that out this summer.  Just wanted to share my sale haul I'm really excited about these items
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I bought the Framboos serum and their Luxury Marula oil during the sale.  I'm excited to try the serum when it arrives.     I'm actually hoping it will be a decent rep... see post
Purchase Plans for Spring Social / Chic Week 15% off Sale
VIB ROUGES REGISTER:  http://sephora.cvent.com/   I thought this feed would be fun to see what everyone is considering since it's right around the corner! What do you plan on purchasing?  Here's what I'm considering... the list continuously changes...    (repurchasing these pills.. gone through 4 bottles already.. love them!)       (I passed on it in 2013 so I figure I might as well get it now)                     THE AFTERMATH
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HALL OF FAMER vegchililover78 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Caudalie Nail and Hand Cream, smells amazing and is so lux!  see post
Hauls? (not sephora)
mini haul i really wanted to get the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow palette but they were out of stock. So i got some skincare products from Skinfood. I spent 55 dollars so i guess it would be the same thing as getting the palette... hopefully the eyeshadow palette will be in stock before the sale ends.
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Which shade did you get from Lipstick Queen? I only started purchasing her lipsticks in January. I am very happy with the Sinner Lipsticks. They are 90% opague and apply... see post
Subscription box photo sharing
I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!   (I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)
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omg yes! I just finished eating those pasta chips and they were so good....luckily there's a coupon in here for them :D see post
Sale Ideas and Suggestions!
With the sale going on I have a few items in my cart I have had my eye on and see people talking about often- just wondering what is worth it and what is not!  or any other ideas people have on something that is a must buy! im mostly looking at skincare items (combo sensitive skin with some breakouts and clogged pores)   * FAB Radiance Pads *FAB Oatmeal mask *Ren Gylcolic Radiance Mask (I think this is what its called) *Beauty Blender solid cleanser *PTR Cucumber Mask  
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I love the BB solid cleanser. I just used it last night so spot clean my brushes in addition to my BB Pro. If you have sensitive but combo skin, have you considered tryi... see post
Marvellous March Hauls: Do What You Gotta Do!
I know we still have a few more hours until the 1st, but I thought I'd start us off, anyway!   I got the email that the Shiseido Veiled Rouge lipstick I tried to buy earlier this week (but got a shadow shipped to me instead, lol) was back in stock, so I decided to try buying it again.   Come on guys!  Let's hope the second time for Skyglow is the charm   What've you hauled or will be hauling this month?
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I don't even have a record player, but the moment I saw it was clear I said sold. see post
Surratt is here!!!
Took me 5 seconds to pull the trigger...can't resist beautiful, luxurious brushes. Hope they are everything I want them to be.    
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Candace,   I noticed that Surratt is back up on the site. But all of the brushes are coming up with an error that they are restricted items that can't be shipped to Ca... see post
Anyone knows when the next VIB haul?
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Thank you guys see post
recent EXPENSIVE buys?
Hi ladies, Have you guys recently bought anything with an ungodly price? I mean today I just was browsing the Neimans site (I know...dangerous) and I accidentally landed of the tom ford beauty site and I just bought two new lipsticks casablanca and gustavo. I already was like, "why am I spending money on these when I have so many dupes for them already?" oh wait. Tom Ford. The packaging and formula is honestly my favorite which sucks because itʻs so expensive. To make matters worse I ended up buying the Rodin Beauty Oil too (so excited to try it out though). Ugh, I need more self control.
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I have the largest size of Flower Bomb :) see post
Jan 2015 TSB (closed)
Once I get the box back I'll pick out some items and donate the remaining items to a local organization that takes and redistributes new and used makeup/beauty items to women in need. I've given beauty products to this organization before and they're really good.   * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills.   * Any larger items (full-size perfume, larger body care, larger skincare, large palettes) * Must* be proposed first before adding to your trade. If the next 2-3 people arent interested, please switch that item out.  * The box needs to stay USPS medium or large rate. If you can't fit it, swap out a larger item to make room.     Don't ■ Don't keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things. (Also you MUST include a tracking number)  ■ Don't put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB.  ■ Don't put any drugstore items into the TSB. ■ No reserve items in the box for others, and don’t ask to have any items reserved for you. This is unfair to others participating. ■ Don't swatch items from the box. This is a hygienic precaution that we must take, as a lot of people will be handling these items. ■ Don't take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value. Price everything out.   Do ♥ Please contribute high-end beauty products only. No drugstore items. If you have questions or you are unsure of an item, ask! ♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not (unless explicitly requested by the next person or there has been a posted picture and someone requested that item). Again, if you’re unsure, ask! ♥ Swatched/used items must be labeled as such. Label only on this thread not on actual item. ♥ All opened items must be cleaned/sanitized prior to their addition to the box. ♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM. ♥ Package things carefully! Try to leave the TSB in better condition than you found it ♥ Please seal any items that could leak/spill/make a mess accordingly. ♥ Please post a photo and your proposed trade before shipping the box. That way members can weigh in on the trade.     Allowed: ☆ Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!) ☆Nail polish (again, be careful!)   Not allowed: ☆Pre-made samples ☆ NO used/swatched lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze) ☆Heavily used items ☆ Drugstore items ☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!)   Make sure total of what you put in is equal or above what you put out.   Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill).    roxystar ------>  USPS Tracking  9405509699938106322064 1. Syd Bristow ------>  USPS Tracking    9114 9999 4431 3004 1529 25 2. kalex  ------>  (sent and received) 3. txmommyofboys    ------>  USPS Tracking  9505111117455030480118 4. sonofmanjesus  ------>  (received & sent!) 5. garnett  ------>  USPS Tracking  9114999944313673643083 6. Poesrevy  ------>  9114999944313951576249 7. melde  ------>   9405903699300362853051 8. ghkim    ------>  (sent and received) 9. Britlee303 ------>    9505 5000 2662 5061 0009 03 10. Mafan   ------>  9405903699300373771306 11. Aznangelliz ------>    9505500018845072000018 12. roxystar
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what a great haul for the river! :) see post
Makeup in Europe: Recommendations?
I've got my sights on traveling to Italy and Spain this summer, and am looking for recommendations for brands that will be accessible in those two countries that are otherwise harder to find in the states!   So far, all I have on my list are Kiko and Pupa Cosmetics. I'm not sure if one can gain easy access to Laduree makeup, Collection Eyes Uncovered palettes, or other European brands in Italy or Spain though. Any thoughts and/or experiences are greatly appreciated!
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Oooooh Yves Rocher! Definitely adding that to my list; for some reason I always associate that brand with Canada, I don't know why. Thank you so much for the suggestions... see post
Fab Feb Hauls: TREAT YO SELF!
Did you follow the official Treat Yo Self guide?  Alright - let's see 'em!
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BEAUTY PRO Tinybananna / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Is the z-palette from morphe? Is it any good? see post
Target fall beauty box
i just recieved my Target beauty box, I think it was free with $7 shipping.  All in all, definitely worth the cost. Elnett extra hold hairspray...good for purse Fekkai dry shampoo...always can use, we'll see if it's better than my Batiste Laniege BB cream....been wanting to dry NYX eye pencil in Milk...already have Loreal color riche lipstick...seems like a lip gloss, we'll see if I like it coupon for $3 off of $15...easily done.   i also got the Walmart beauty box, free with $5.  I like them both for different reason.  You can see the pics along with others in the Walmart beauty box thread.      
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HALL OF FAMER shadetertiary / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I received my winter one yesterday.  I had such a hard time with it I cancelled the subscription.  Post a picture when you get yours? see post
What are your nordstrom rack beauty steals?
Hey guys! As my first post I decided to make a thread about the amazing beauty deals and Nordstrom Rack. I just went to Nordstrom Rack yesterday and they had a bunch of Too Faced and Stila items as well as a couple Urban Decay items! I thought that it would be a fun idea to show you guys the deals I got and I encourage anyone who wants to do the same   Everything that i got at Nordstrom Rack yesterday were Too Faced products, and let me tell you, the deals were great! These are the products I decided to pick up...   Bonjour Soleil Palette - $44.00 $16.97 - Chocolate Soleil .14 oz - Sun Bunny .14 oz - Snow Bunny .11 oz - Flatbuki Brush   La Creme Lip Cream - $22.00 $5.97 - in Cinnamon Kiss   All I want for Christmas Set - $45.00  $19.97 - Makeup Bag - Perfect Eyes Eyeliner .03 oz - Eye Shadow and Blush Compact .28 oz - Lash Injection Mascara .25 oz - Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer .35 oz - La Creme Lip Cream in Believe .11 oz   Natural at Night Palette - $36.00 $14.97  
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Soooo....I stopped at NR just to see if they had anything interesting...I don't know why but there were several displays with Neutrogena products - yeah, the same brand ... see post
New to Guerlain - Help Please :)
Hello ladies,   I saw a Guerlain GWP @the bay for a 200$ purchase. But I never tried this brand before. I am Medium-yellow with combination skin which is at times acne prone.   Can you pls recommend what I need to try from Guerlain?    The GWP stuff are: 1. Kiss Kiss mini lippie in Red(324 I think) 2. Mini Mascara 3. Mini Meteorites Light diffusing primer 4. Mini Meteorites Brush.   Thank you
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hearts - PM-ed you see post
My collective Tom Ford Collection
Hey beauties! A couple folks have asked for a photo of my Tom Ford collection. Here it is! Not as bad as I thought!  Blushes: Flush Savage   Cheek duo: Stroked Softcore   Quads: orchid Haze Nude Dip Cocoa Mirage   Lipsticks: Moraccan Rouge Reckless warm sable Negligee Ginger Fawn Incorrigable   Brushes:  
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BEAUTY GURU glossforevery1 / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Still at the very top of my want list : Enchanted and Burnished Amber - just trying to wait for the right price!! Or Trade.... see post
Sephora haul!
Hey guys! I just placed an order for my annual makeup restock and I thought I would share with you what I got! If you guys have any thoughts on these products such as pros and cons, please leave them down below! Thanks   Products I got: - Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser - Beauty Blender - Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel - Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Brush - Clarisonic Mia 2 - Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional - Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - Versace Man Eau Fraiche Cologne (For my boyfriend)
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Hey, Dan!   Feel free to share your haul in the February haul thread: http://community.sephora.com/t5/Hauls/Fab-Feb-Hauls-TREAT-YO-SELF/td-p/1879087 see post
Hauls in the Month of Love <3
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Hi, Katie!   Lots of users love to share hauls they've made, Etscore made a February Haul thread over here that you can add yours to and check out the hauls of others ... see post
Found in SiJCP
Here are some new items I have found in my Sephora inside JCPenney. I have not seen these in Sephora and neither online. Might be exclusive to SiJCP?   What new items have you found?
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BEAUTY BOSS louistomlinson / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Does Sephora inside JCPenney only exist in the US?? I live in Toronto and I've never heard of this, it makes me sad :(  see post
Great Makeup Organizers
Some of you have been asking for makeup organizers here are some great ones I found at Marshall's for a great price . 
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BEAUTY PRO missrubybabii / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
The lipstick holder was $2.99 and the compact one was $7.99  see post
Just call me BT-Claus (And the Best Beauty Tips)
**CLOSED** This giveaway is a wrap! Those individuals chosen have been notified, so check your messages! Happy Holidays, everyone!   So, I have lots and lots of deluxe samples and foils. Good ones, too (La Mer, Guerlain, Dior...), but my stash is becoming an unmanageable space-hog. I want them out of my house and into the hands of BTers who will use them. I also want to show all of you my gratitude for maintaining such a positive community!   So, I've decided to play BT-Claus, and offer them to all of you-- no strings attached. Not a TSB, not a trade, not even a pay it forward situation (unless you were so inclined, of course). I am giving them away, with postage to either the US or Canada paid by me (sorry, BTers living in the rest of the world).   Here's the deal: I'm going to assemble ten to fifteen boxes full of samples, and from this thread, I'm going to choose random* people to PM for an address. I'll be choosing anytime between now and Sunday (21 December 2014). You should expect to hear from me no later than Sunday evening (say, 7pm EST).  Note: you must be over 18 (sorry, younguns!). I'll ship boxes on Monday, and viola!-- you could be the proud recipient of an unexpected holiday gift!   To avoid confusion, please only post if you are interested in receiving a box, or specify your disinterest within your post. The discussion topic is: what is the best beauty/skincare tip you have been taught, or what beauty/skincare tip would you tell everyone about, if you could?   *As these are my personal items and my own money for postage, I hope it is okay with all of you that I choose how I will decide who receives a box, whether it be by random generator or just by my own whim.      
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Oh my goodness greenporchlights, thank you so much! I came home from Christmas at my parents house to find a wonderful box from you! This was so sweet and you made the f... see post
Clarisonic Replacement Brush Heads on Groupon
2-pack replacement heads for $25.00! They have the acne, deep pore, and sensitive heads and you'll get free shipping for spending over $19.99. Sounds like a good buy!
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IT GIRL flaminco / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
These are fake. They don't even fit into my Clarisonic properly! see post
What did you haul during the "EXTRA 20" off sale?
I love seeing what people get during sales.  What did you pick up?  I got the Too Faced Bonjours Soleil, one of the Tart lipsticks and the sephora clipper set.
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The little perversions kit is now on sale for Canadians :)  http://www.sephora.com/little-perversions-kit-P388553?skuId=1644889 see post
Filler Items from $1 to $4
I like to make purchases for promos or free shipping. I'm always on the hunt for "filler items" to bring my total to $25, $35, or $50. I got sick of adding the $1 Single Ribbon Hair Ties from the sale section. {My dog ends up finding these and tearing them to shreds} So, I decided to compile a list. Please add any that I may have missed!   $1 Items: MUFE Artist Shadow Cutom Palette Case(in three different sizes)$1.00 http://www.sephora.com/artist-shadow-custom-palett e-case-P387671?skuId=1620582# $2-$2.99 Items: SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Nail File $2.50 http://www.sephora.com/colorful-nail-file-P382782? skuId=1560044 $3: SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel Light Refillable Bottle (1.75 oz) $3.00 http://www.sephora.com/travel-light-refillable-bot tle-P387873?skuId=1601046   $4-$4.99 Items: FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Wash (2 oz) $4.00 http://www.sephora.com/ultra-repair-wash-P386612?s kuId=1670751 SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Cleansing Wipes (10 ct) $4.00 http://www.sephora.com/express-cleansing-wipes-P27 6322?skuId=1344845 SEPHORA COLLECTION Soft Touch Cotton Pads $4.00 http://www.sephora.com/soft-touch-cotton-pads-P312 914?skuId=1258474# SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel Light Refillable Jar (0.87 oz) $4.00 http://www.sephora.com/travel-light-refillable-jar -P387871?skuId=1602184 SEPHORA COLLECTION Travel Light Refillable Bottle (3.5 oz)$4.00 http://www.sephora.com/travel-light-refillable-bot tle-P387875?skuId=1601038 SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty on the Fly Travel Bag $4.95 http://www.sephora.com/beauty-on-the-fly-P383016?s kuId=1625268
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I went ahead and added your items to the thread that Lylysa posted. :)    Lots of great options that weren't on the list!  see post
Two Great Customer Service Stories-Thanks Sephora and Nordies!
  I just had to say that I had the two best customer service experiences of my life!  One at Sephora and the other at Nordstrom's.  I went to a Sephora while visiting my father in Florida and I just had the most refreshing moment with an SA.  I was just lounging through the mall (my father was being grumpy with not finding what he wanted) so I found a Sephora (I'm not sure how many there are in Miami, LOL!  It was near Aventura I think...) and I was just walking around.  Wandering really when the nicest SA came up with me and we started chatting.  We were just goofing off (something never seen by me in a Sephora on a Saturday night) and all of a sudden she was showing me stuff that she thought I might like and stuff that are her HG.  She must have spent an hour and a half on me!  I've never felt so wanted in a Sephora before in my life.  They normally act like they want me to go away unless I'm getting a makeover.  Then they want to show me everything!  I didn't get her name (I think it was Marla) but she was truly the best.  She almost got me to buy Kat's Interstellar but no one is that good!   Then I had a kick **bleep** Nordstrom's experience!  Two within 5 days!  I had just come back from Florida on Tuesday and I didn't go online for the whole time I was with my father so I was behind on all my sales and things.  I called Norstrom's because I was coming into the store on Saturday (eh!  the Saturday before Christmas at the mall!) to pick up some stuff and I wanted to see if they were in stock.  I got the greatest stylist named Michael!  He sat there and looked through the Chanel section for the 500 items that I wanted (he kept asking me if there was anything else that I would like and I just kept coming up with things that I wanted from Chanel!).  That's when he told me about the price match on the Lord and Taylor sale that ended that night.  I was pissed because I had scheduled my 10 point day for Saturday so I told him that and he called and had my point day switched.  Made me very happy.  So I got my 10 point day and my 10% off!  But if that wasn't enough, he gave me the 10% on the Chanel items (Chanel wasn't included in Lord and Taylor's sale)!  He was about to ring me up and he asked me if there was anything else I wanted to buy and I was like "Well, i have to call back because I wanted some Dior and MAC" and he was so sweet and said that he'd grab them for me.  So I gave him a list of what I wanted (it was A LOT!) and let him go on his merry hunt for my items.  About a half hour later, he called me and said that he got most of my stuff (the only thing that they didn't have in store was the MAC lip pencil in Bespoken For and the holiday Dior eye shadow palette in Golden Shock). I told him that I figured that the Dior eye shadow would be MIA because they took it down off the website but he persisted and he found a store that still had both items and he took my information and said that they would send it to me via UPS.  He took care of me at every turn even though I'm just some lady with too much time on my hands who was just too lazy to go to the store and shop around like most people.  He put mu whole Christmas gift list together which is awesome enough but then he called me today at lunch and he wanted to know if I wanted him to gift wrap anything!  How great is that???  So when I go pick up my stuff at the store tomorrow, not only do I not have to stand there and wait to pay at 500 individual make up and fragrance counters, I have my things already have my things gift wrapped and he said he threw in a million samples.  He said every sample they had at the Jo Malone and Chanel counter.  I really need to stop shopping but when someone goes out of their way to help you like that, it just makes me want to shop more, LOL!  And the biggest shock was about an hour after I talked to him, I got my MAC and Dior order from UPS.  I wasn't charged extra for the shipping.  I placed my order at 8pm on Wednesday and received my order less than 2 days later!  Awesome!  
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Today I got my two PWPs in the mail from Lord and Taylor. I did NOT purchase a fragrance (it said you had to) not sure if it was a glitch but I was able to get away with it.   
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Hope you love them as much as I do. see post
NON-Makeup Too Good to Pass Up Deals!!!
I love the makeup version of this thread! I have saved so much $$ due to all of you posting things from B&M stores as well as the interwebs.   With Xmas and end of the year deals fast approaching thought a NON-makeup deal thread would be great for all of us to save $$$ to buy more makeup.  LOL   List away ladies and gents.  Feel free to list codes and extra % from rebate sites.   I'll go look through my favorite sites and come back and post.   Lord and Taylor online has 20% off code is Ready
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Black Friday 2014 Anticipation / Information from 2013
Updated11/28/14 to include direct URL to BF exclusive deals.   http://www.sephora.com/black-Friday?icid2=HomePage _Slideshow_blackfriday_us_112714_Image       List of Sephora Black Friday deals, courtesy of shapeshifter. These are the ones she is aware of for SIJCP. She and I communicated about her post of this information getting lost within this thread and making it easy for all of you to know what the deals are. So a zillion hearts for her.  I'll put the original thread information in a spoiler.      From Day 3 Snapchat Preview:   - Formula X nail polishes. (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) - Bare Minerals set: Eyeshadow duo (not certain of colors, but looked like a plum and a goldish) with Moxie lip gloss in Rebel - Josie Maran set: mini Bare naked nail wipes and mini apricot hand cream - Sephora collection: set of two precision makeup sponges - Bocia set: Deluxe size Black Mask and full size charcoal blotting papers - CLEAN set of 3 mini roller balls - Tarte set: mini lipgloss and mini blush in Magic, travel size Lights, Camera, Lashes - Make Up Forever set: 2 shimmery lip glosses, one pink, unsure of the colors, sorry. - Alterna: Caviar Anti-aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and what appears to be a companion item - maybe the conditioner? (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) - BLISS Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) - Too Faced set: Deluxe mini BTS mascara and original shadow insurance   From Day 2 Snapchat Preview :   - Buxom: Sculpted Lash Mascara and Hold the Line waterproof liner (black)- 12oz - Origins: Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion and Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask. (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) - Living Proof: Perfect hair day, 5-in-1 styling treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner shampoo. (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) - Bite Beauty: 3 mini lush fruit lip glosses in Rambutan, Strawberry and Currant in a zip bag. - First Aid Beauty: 2oz cleanser and 2oz ultra repair cream - Ole Henriksen: travel size African Red Tea foam cleanser and travel size Brightening Cleansing Cloths   From Day 1 Snapchat Preview :   - Kat Von D: mini lip duo with a Studded Kiss in Lolita and an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin - 12 oz. Philosophy Purity Made Simple - Tocca: Giulietta (light green) and Stella (orange) - Nest: Dahlia & Vines, Indigo, and Midnight Fleur - Smashbox: Be Legendary mini lippies. Not sure of the colors. (This was not in the original shapeshifter list so perhaps this will not be available at SIJCP) Remaining items as found by shapeshifter. Expecting these items to officially be revealed on the Instagram posts scheduled for Wednesday.   - Too Faced set: Deluxe mini Original Shadow Insurance and Champagne Shadow Insurance - Smashbox set: travel size original face primer, full exposure mascara, high def concealer (sorry, don't know the color, but most likely whatever the midrange one is…) - Sephora collection: eyeshadow passport (not sure on colors, looked like nudes)v - Pink Sugar: roller ball (I think full size) - Juicy Couture: double ended roller ball (not totally sure what scents) - Perricone MD: travel sized Face Finishing Moisturizer .5oz - Peter Thomas Roth: FirmX peeling gel exfoliant. It looked like 1oz size.     Photos fom Snapchat/Sephorasnaps :   Day 3 Photo.       Day 2 Photo.      Day 1 Photo         Determination of when the online sales will go live: - This is still a great mystery. 12 am EST according to someone who made a mental note of it last year but so far, no official word for this year. Would love for a mod to help us out on this one.   Determination of store hours for Black Friday: -From what I've gathered, and folks, please chime in - Black Friday hours are location specific and dependent on a number of factors. If your free-standing Sephora is inside a mall, they will likely match the opening hours for that mall. At my local mall, stores opened at midnight, and so then, did Sephora. At my SIJCP, hours were based on when Penny's opened. For Sephora's that are not in a mall, or Penny's, they will like go with whatever time that "plaza" is going to open. I called my two favorite Sephora's in Arizona. I don't live there, but when I'm there, they are the ones I go to. The one on 15169 N Scottsdale Rd is going to open at 8 am. The one in Fashion Square mall is going to open at 6 am. But here is the BEST news. For the free standing Sephora's, it looks like Black Friday hours are posted for most stores, on the locations page of sephora.com. For fun, I pulled up the stores with a 90210 zip code:           ================================================== ========================   Original post before it was updated with the 2014 information..... It hit me a few days ago that Black Friday 2014 would be here soon!!! I happen to just love love love Black Friday shopping. I am not a morning person, a total night owl actually, so I've enjoyed that the last couple of years there have been more stores opening late on Thursday. (I don't support folks having to work on Thanksgiving just so I can shop but I won't wake up at 3 am to be at a store for a 4 am opening - I'd rather just stay up and hit a midnight opening - just a personal preference). Last year Sephora branded their Black Friday deals as "Dealtopia". As in years past, they had some amazing $10 deals. Some were online only and some were available both in store and on-line. On-line, we were limited to two items of each deal, but many of us made multiple orders. In-store, some locations held to the two item limit of each deal, and some didn't and they let you buy more. What is always the great mystery for on-line shopping is the exact time that the deals will go live. I want to say that it was midnight EST time. Last year, the online shopping was a bit of a nightmare. Anyone remember entering the "queue" where you were advised not to hit the back-button, or refresh, else you'd lose your place in line? With some patience, many of us were able to find our desired deals. My local store opened at midnight and when I got there at about 11:45, I was about the 15th person in line. There was only one "aggressive" shopper, who was behind me, but went kinda crazy when the doors opened. She knew what she wanted and by gosh, she wasn't afraid to nudge you out of the way to get there! Other than that, it was crazy busy but nothing horrible. They had many of the deals sitting on the main front display, but they also had some employees who had rolling carts with some of the items. Finding that "one" item you just had to have was tricky if it wasn't on the main display. To get an idea of what the deals were in 2013, I recommend googling "Musings of a Muse Black Friday 2013" to see the great details she posted including great pictures. Captured below is the list of deals from 2013, as found on The Musings of a Muse site. In addition, I just took a photo of the ones I bought last year that I still haven't used or given away. I think my favorite $10 item was the Josie Maran set, which included her Bare Naked Nail Wipes (20 count) and a 1 oz. Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream in Vanilla Apricot. I think the "hot" item was the Philosophy Purity wash. What was your favorite? Note that Sephora did most of their Black Friday advertising using Pinterest and Facebook. I do not remember how many days before Black Friday they posted what the deals would be. Do any of you remember? All I know is that I am really excited for 2014!!! Anyone else have some tips/lessons learned from 2013? 2013 List Lorac Fan Favorite Duo Wei Pore Purifying & Brightening Collection Philosophy Limited Edition Purity Made Simple 12oz Tocca Florence Travel Fragrance Duo Bite Lush Lip Trio Sephora Collection Sparklers Brush Set Clean Fragrance Trio Bliss Soapy Suds Body Wash and Bubble Bath (16 oz Lemon Sage, Vanilla Bergamot, Red Orange and White Pepper, or Grapefruit and Aloe) Too Faced Better Than Sex Amazing Eyes Set (Too Faced Eyeliner and Better Than Sex Mascara) Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Edition Vol. 1 Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Palette Vol. 2 Stila Artful Eye Collector’s Palette Vol. 3 Stila Collage of Color Lip & Cheek Palette Tokyomilk Takeout Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment (0.50 oz) Josie Maran Argan Hand Healers Set Vita Liberata Rich Face + Mini Mitt Duo Living Proof Gift Set (1 oz Full Conditioner, Full Shampoo, Prime Style Extender, and 0.5 oz Full Thickening Cream) Formula X Asap Real Nail Lacquer Duo Pack Ole Henriksen Clean Sweep Duo (frican Red Tea Foaming Cleanser and Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes) Boscia Pore Perfection Set (1oz Black Mask, 1 Pore Strip) The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Set Smashbox Heat Wave Lip Gloss Set Buxom Full On Lipstick in Havana Alterna Caviar Moisture Trio Buxom Curtain Call Set Nails Inc Crystaltastic Nails Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Grapefruit Mini Bare Minerals Enchanting Eyes Tarte Little Miracles Best Selling Essentials  
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