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Welcome back to the deal sharing fun! Deals shared here may also be posted to my blog (same name as the thread) unless you write for BT only. If I share your deal, I will always thank you here. I will heart every deal I see (without an outside or cheat link) to acknowledge it.   Beautytalk (the forum) does not allow outside links. A heart with no comment means I already have the deal or am deciding not to list it. Please list the retailer (without the link or cheat link; dot com) if it is not mentioned in the picture. Mods come in more often when they see any type of link. Thanks for sharing (original deals and repeats are welcome)! Please also share any deal haul you want, especially mystery gifts.   Discussion is encouraged. A lot of questions come with certain deals or retailers. When I see questions I can answer, I will respond (unless the poster consistently ignores me or someone else already answered the complete question). I read all the main posts (so no need to tag me). If you're replying to a post that is not near the top of the thread and want me or a specific person to see it, please tag us.   If you're posting about something on sale at Sephora, please share it here:   http://community.sephora.com/t5/Hauls/Sephora-Sale s-Section-Get-it-Now/m-p/2122832#M44949
Didn't see FEBRUARY HAUL'S THREAD, so here We go! All about our LOVELIES 💕❤️💕❤️💋🌹  
This thread will be for Ulta GWPs only.  Share ulta promos here.     12/12/16: Please stay on topic regarding GWPs.  Please post the product ID instead of URL.  If we all stay on topic we can keep this page streamlined and usable.  Thanks for your help!    ************************************************** *******     Since a lot of information is being removed from this thread, try to help each other out and add product id numbers and sku numbers so people can search for items on ulta.     *****Just to clarify, there is an item number that Ulta lists on the website, right under the picture of the item.   The product id is the number given to the item in the URL.  So Ulta's site follows this formula of having the url and then the very last part of the url is "productId=xlsImpprod" followed by an 8 digit number.  If you use that "productId" number you can get to the page of any item on ulta.  It's not a search, but a direct link to the page.*****   Side note: BT's TOS states " No solicitation.  Please do not use these forums to submit or publish any marketing communication, or to advertise or solicit for any business or enterprise. Direct links to other commercial websites are inappropriate for our BeautyTalk conversations. Those postings will be removed, and can result in the suspension of your access to these services. "
A place for the Canadian peeps to post deal, events, news and anything beauty related!   LINKS TO OTHER CANADIAN BT THREADS   What's new on the Canadian site today http://community.sephora.com/t5/Products/What-s-Ne w-On-The-Site-Today-Canada/td-p/2164948   Promo codes for Canadians http://community.sephora.com/t5/VIB/Active-Canadia n-Promo-Codes-List-2/m-p/2386013#M73404   Sephora Canada Site Product Update Thread http://community.sephora.com/t5/Sephora-com/Sephor a-Canada-Site-Product-Update-Thread/td-p/2060604   WHERE TO SHOP IN CANADA   Canadian Retailers Spoiler (Highlight to read) Chapters (online) Clementine Fields (online) Deciem (online + TO stores) Devu Cosmetics (online) ecodivabeauty.CA (online) eskincarestore (online) Etiket (online + MTL store) Fresh Faced (online) ftbbeauty.ca (online) Green & Pure Organic Beauty (online) Harlow & Co (online) Holt Renfrew (online + stores) Lilou Organics (online) Murale (store only a few) Nail Polish Canada (online) Nordstrom (stores + ships free from counters / online ships from US) Nuciya (online) Obsessedcanada (online) (division of NPC) Orabel.ca (online) Petal and Post (online) Sask (stores / online ships free from US) Scarlet & Julia (online) SDM/Beauty Boutique (online + stores) Sephora (online + stores) Socialite Beauty (online) Terra 20 (online + store Ottawa) The Bay (online + stores) The Detox Market (online + store Toronto) The Green Jungle Beauty Shop (online) Well.ca (online) Chapters (online)Clementine Fields (online)Deciem (online + TO stores)Devu Cosmetics (online)ecodivabeauty.CA (online)eskincarestore (online)Etiket (online + MTL store)Fresh Faced (online)ftbbeauty.ca (online)Green & Pure Organic Beauty (online)Harlow & Co (online)Holt Renfrew (online + stores)Lilou Organics (online)Murale (store only a few)Nail Polish Canada (online)Nordstrom (stores + ships free from counters / online ships from US)Nuciya (online)Obsessedcanada (online) (division of NPC)Orabel.ca (online)Petal and Post (online)Sask (stores / online ships free from US)Scarlet & Julia (online)SDM/Beauty Boutique (online + stores)Sephora (online + stores)Socialite Beauty (online)Terra 20 (online + store Ottawa)The Bay (online + stores)The Detox Market (online + store Toronto)The Green Jungle Beauty Shop (online)Well.ca (online)   Brands that ship to Canada Spoiler (Highlight to read) ABH (US) Bare Foot Venus (CA) Bare Minerals (US) Belief (belifcanada(dot)com) Bobbi Brown (CA) Charlotte Tilbury Colourpop (US) Cover Fx (CA) Illamasqua (expensive) Jo Malone (CA) Jouer (US) Lancome Lit Cosmetics (ships from Canada uses US currency) MAC (CA) Makeup Geek (US) Melt Cosmetics (US) NARS Natasha Denona NYX OCC Makeup (US) Pat McGrath Labs (US) Sugarpill (US) Suva Beauty (ships from Canada uses US currency) Tacha (US) Tarte (CA) Too Faced (US) Urban Decay (US) YSL ABH (US)Bare Foot Venus (CA)Bare Minerals (US)Belief (belifcanada(dot)com)Bobbi Brown (CA)Charlotte TilburyColourpop (US)Cover Fx (CA)Illamasqua (expensive)Jo Malone (CA)Jouer (US)LancomeLit Cosmetics (ships from Canada uses US currency)MAC (CA)Makeup Geek (US)Melt Cosmetics (US)NARSNatasha DenonaNYXOCC Makeup (US)Pat McGrath Labs (US)Sugarpill (US)Suva Beauty (ships from Canada uses US currency)Tacha (US)Tarte (CA)Too Faced (US)Urban Decay (US)YSL   Online retailers that ship to Canada Spoiler (Highlight to read) Beauty Bay Beautylish Cultbeauty.co.uk Frends Beauty Lookfantastic Muse Beauty Pro Naimies Tambeauty Beauty BayBeautylishCultbeauty.co.ukFrends BeautyLookfantasticMuse Beauty ProNaimiesTambeauty   Other retailers that ship to Canada (high shipping) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Barney's Harrods Neiman Marcus Selfridges SpaceNK UK (Ship £5. Free over £100) Barney'sHarrodsNeiman MarcusSelfridgesSpaceNK UK (Ship £5. Free over £100)   ~ Updated February 17th 2017 ~
I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!   (I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)
If you see something awesome in the Sephora sales section, let us know. Sometimes items sell out quickly, so they get buried in other threads. Even if I check multiple times a day (and I sometimes do), you may check at a different time and find stock on items I missed (and vice versa). It seems like stock is often updated around 9am Pacific, but that is not always a given.   http://www.sephora.com/search/saleResults.jsp?keyw ord=Sale&topNav=true   If you find something on sale not listed in the sales section, please list that here as well. Share your Easter Eggs with us. Thanks!
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Hey gift bag haulers-I know you are out there! If you are like me and feel compelled to purchase every department store and boutique gift bag event, this is the place to share your info, pictures, decisions, reviews and more. I just went for the Bergdorf Goodman Be Beautiful bag and will post my picture down below in a little bit. There are more of these GWP bags coming up and I would love to discuss your favorites, what the gifts bags have or will contain. I even have the idea that we could possible negotiate swaps between the gift bags and potentially go in to share a bag (split the gift and $250 purchase) for example..Lots to discuss!   Dates-please post any info that you get and I will try to update   Neiman Marcus Beauty Event February 11th 2016- gift with purchase, gifts and buy in TBA   Space NK- TBA I believe it is coming up in February   Barney's Gift bag- February/March (there is already a thread for this specific event, so just mentioning it)   Let's gift it up!!!   Edit: if you got a gift bag and want to switch up, swap or stockpile your faves, head on over to this thread http://community.sephora.com/t5/Beauty-Confessions /The-Gift-Bag-Haul-Trading-Post/td-p/2559413
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Hello lovelies! It is that time again . Barney's Gift bag event! YAY!!!    Details! March 7th to the 11h. While supplies last!  Buy in is $200 and includes any beauty items. Candles, hair and or skin tools, hair care, makeup and skincare! Fragrances too!  There are step ups and I will get the info asap!  Presell starts now.  You can order  online or through my SA! Of course feel free to post your SA info as well.    My SA who works in the NYC store is giving a special gift to my referrals . She is Partnering up with Armani Beaute and giving an extra Gift to those that presell now through her. Referral gift is a full size Armani gloss, various shades, an Armani gift bag, sample of Byredo Oud and a deluxe Armani eye makeup remover .   Just mention Luvgloss sent you!     She is also very generous with step up gifts and will help you get yours if you come close!  I can't  provide a direct link to her email.  But her info is  Xiomara and it is best to email her, pm me for email address. Please pm me if you have any questions  I am not affiliated, but am happy to help her and you guys!     PS; To keep this thread with Sephora guidelines and also drama free. Let's be nice and have fun. This is a fun event and if you do not want to participate and or use the mentioned SA that is fine! Let's shop and enjoy !      Bag event gift!    Referral gift. Very Limited, only about 15 or so! While supplies last! Will go asap!   
I saw the best youtube video...on anti-hauls. Basically, it's things you are not going to buy (no way, not ever, absolutely) and why. So here are my anti-hauls for holiday 2016 updated:   1.  The KVD/TooFaced collaboration.  People are already listing it below.  I don't get it and to me it just looks tacky.  Two brands that apparently aren't better together.   2.  Pat McGrath lips sets.  I do not need glitter on my lips and the shades don't look unique or distinctive.   3.  The new Tarte deluxe blush palette (the $65 one).   I need to stop with these deluxe size holiday offerings.  I can't seem to hit pan on one blush, let alone 9 (I think it has nine).   4.  Things off Beauty dot com just because they're discounted.  I do not need makeup, even super cheap makeup.  I might want it, but I don't need it.   5.  Sorry on this one, but after buying a bunch of UD palettes at full price, to see them all get discounted deeply, I will not be buying more full priced UD palettes.   6.  If the Sephora Give Me More Lips has lip liners, I will not be buying it.     Videos one and two are on the last or almost last page of comments to this thread.  The others are littered in.  Kimberly Clark (youtube name so not putting in names not allowed on BT) made them.  Video 2 I'll link now:
After a conversation with other BTers, I got the idea to start this thread. Basically, if you are not familiar with QVC and it's daily TSV, a TSV is (according to QVC):   "Every day, we pick one special item and offer it at an extra special value that day. It's an item we believe you'll love. And we love telling the story behind it. Today's Special Value ®. More than a daily deal. The best find of the day®."   Many time TSVs will have bundled in them incredible discounts on beauty/makeup products, especially products that haven't launched yet. They are always launched at midnight on the day of their launch and are only good for that day. Many times they will sell out before the day is up!   Here is an example of a TSV from January 14, 2017: It was $79.96 on the TSV day only; Sold separately $182 ( Please note: this is no longer available at that price! )   As a longtime QVC beauty customer, I (usually) get alerts a few days before about upcoming beauty TSVs. I would like to use this thread to  as an INFORMATION/ALERTS thread where I post upcoming beauty/makeup/skincare TSVs for the benefit of the community . I can always create a related QVC discussion thread for the community if demand suggests that we need it.
I know there are several older threads for this already but I think its time to start a fresh one.  So come on ladies...I hope you will all post your new vanity pictures with me!      
Here's a thread to post news of the Beautylish 2017 Lucky Bag! Early access goes live Dec 26th at 11 AM PST!   If you get a bag, be sure to post your goodies here!     Edit:  Here's a link to the 2017 Trades Thread. I was going to start one just for the Beautylish bag, but realized that this one is already going.   http://community.sephora.com/t5/VIB/Trade-Thread-1 8-January-February-2017/td-p/2651510
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Round 3 will start mid-November and is a SKINCARE ONLY box.   GENERAL RULES Must have at least 200 hearts or someone from a previous TSB who can vouch for you. Open to US residents only (except Hawaii and Alaska).  This TSB is primarily for deluxe samples, trial samples and foils but some full size products will be allowed as long as there is enough room in the box. Put in equal to or more than you what take out. Monetary values aren't needed since these are sample sizes, but do take brands into consideration, i.e. don't take out Chanel samples and replace with tarte. DO's and DON'Ts Spoiler (Highlight to read) Do include deluxe samples, trial samples and foils. Only include full size items if there is enough space in the box. Do include duplicates if you have them. Sometimes it takes more than one sample to find out how your skin will react to a skincare product. Do NOT include used items. All items must be brand new! Do include deluxe samples, trial samples and foils. Only include full size items if there is enough space in the box.Do include duplicates if you have them. Sometimes it takes more than one sample to find out how your skin will react to a skincare product.Do NOT include used items. All items must be brand new! SKINCARE CATEGORIES: Spoiler (Highlight to read) This is a skincare ONLY box. Any of the following items are acceptable: FACE Acne & Blemish Treatments Cleansers Essences Exfoliators  Face Wipes Facial Peels Makeup Removers Mists/Sprays Moisturizers Oils Masks (face, sheet, eye gels, lips, etc.) Serums Sunscreen Toners BODY Body lotion Body oils Bath salts/soaks Body scrubs Body wash Bubble bath Hand or foot creams Shower gels *Please no bath bombs as they can break easily.  This is a skincare ONLY box. Any of the following items are acceptable:FACEAcne & Blemish TreatmentsCleansersEssencesExfoliators Face WipesFacial PeelsMakeup RemoversMists/SpraysMoisturizersOilsMasks (face, sheet, eye gels, lips, etc.)SerumsSunscreenTonersBODYBody lotionBody oilsBath salts/soaksBody scrubsBody washBubble bathHand or foot creamsShower gels*Please no bath bombs as they can break easily.  MAILING RULES Spoiler (Highlight to read) MUST be willing to ship everything in a First Class Medium Flat Rate Box which costs $13.45 according to the USPS website. (Cheaper if you do it through PayPal) MUST be able to ship box out within 3 days of receiving. This will help us move faster and ensure everyone receives the box before the new year. If you cannot ship within 3 days, send the organizer a PM explaining why and include an estimated ship date. Post one photo of what you take out and list the products you are removing from the box. Post a separate photo of what you are putting in the box and list the products. Foils don't need to be listed unless you want to or if you're adding a foil someone specifically requested.  Before you seal and send the box, you MUST have at least 2 people approve it - one of whom MUST be the person you are sending the box to. Tracking #s are REQUIRED and should be included in the price of the Flat Rate box. When the final box is mailed back to me I will either donate the items to a local charity or use them to start another round - whatever the group decides. MUST be willing to ship everything in a First Class Medium Flat Rate Box which costs $13.45 according to the USPS website. (Cheaper if you do it through PayPal)MUST be able to ship box out within 3 days of receiving. This will help us move faster and ensure everyone receives the box before the new year. If you cannot ship within 3 days, send the organizer a PM explaining why and include an estimated ship date.Post one photo of what you take out and list the products you are removing from the box. Post a separate photo of what you are putting in the box and list the products. Foils don't need to be listed unless you want to or if you're adding a foil someone specifically requested. Before you seal and send the box, you MUST have at least 2 people approve it - one of whom MUST be the person you are sending the box to.Tracking #s are REQUIRED and should be included in the price of the Flat Rate box.When the final box is mailed back to me I will either donate the items to a local charity or use them to start another round - whatever the group decides.   ROUND 3 PARTICIPANTS - SKINCARE ONLY BOX: 1. blondesluv2shop  9405909699938936127462 2. nik6543 9405909699937086416433 3. msena  9505511450786347015185 4. imlostagain  23051590000023375469 5. kelloua  9407809699938043120616 6. petitesweetmom 7. bisoubisou  9405909699937221545158 8. cc3616  9505515862017017082626 back to blondesluv2shop     Please PM your mailing address to blondesluv2shop and the person in front of you!
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This thread is now closed. Please join us on the new thread:   http://community.sephora.com/t5/Hauls/Deals-Too-Go od-to-Pass-Up-Volume-Five/m-p/2652098#M107655
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  I pulled the trigger and bought one of the Beautylish Lucky Bags....  LOL!  I know this has "disappointment" written all over but I'm hoping that in the worst case scenario I'll at least be able to ebay the stuff and break even... right?!   I saw the "makeup artist" bag last year and I really liked what they had.  I totally want one of those RCMA palettes!  This year, there was no option for selecting what kind of bag you wanted.  Just a generic bag option... which I think is worse than being able to choose from one of three.  Although last year, they included glitter in the "natural" bag and I think everyone can agree that's a big WTF moment.     Post if you went against your better judgment and bought one of these!  Hahah!  I'll come back and share the contents of my "Lucky bag" the first/second week in January when I get.     BTW, I choose the "hauls" forum for this thread but it looks like the forum is stuck in the "Acne" section.    
Hello beauties!    I always love seeing everyone's magical hauls, especially holiday hauls!    Can't wait to see all your goodies! I'll post mine mine as I receive them!    First batch! I'm excited to get my hands on holiday goodies soon too!     
Well it's time for a new haul thread! With the lead up to the holidays, I'm sure we're about to see some epic hauling from everyone!!
Since there are a lot of threads where we can show off our purchases or wishlists, I thought we could use a thread to talk about gifts for our friends and families!   (& don't forget your pets!)   What will you be gifting this year?   My list thus far: Spoiler (Highlight to read) For my boyfriend: - A fluffy robe - A ring by Thomas Sabo - Leather bracelet (Thomas Sabo) - Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb - Roots hoodie - Motorcycle headset  My dad: - Targets (to shoot at with his BB gun) - Getting an old photo of him enhanced and framed - A personalized jar of Nutella For mom: - David's Tea "Bear Trap" tea - A book  - Pandora charm For my cat : - Shark bed Bf's mom - Dragon Egg (from Green Earth) Bf's sister #1 - Bite Discovery Set I also need to find gifts for my bf's other sister and his father. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from others in this thread. For my boyfriend:- A fluffy robe- A ring by Thomas Sabo- Leather bracelet (Thomas Sabo)- Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb- Roots hoodie- Motorcycle headset My dad:- Targets (to shoot at with his BB gun)- Getting an old photo of him enhanced and framed- A personalized jar of NutellaFor mom:- David's Tea "Bear Trap" tea- A book - Pandora charmFor my cat:- Shark bedBf's mom - Dragon Egg (from Green Earth)Bf's sister #1 - Bite Discovery SetI also need to find gifts for my bf's other sister and his father. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from others in this thread.  
Just posted to Trendmood's Instagram. It looks like it starts Dec. 2 for VIB and VIB Rouge.    $25 off $50 for Rouge $20 off $50 for VIB $15 off $50 for BI (Starts Dec. 3rd) Ends Dec. 14, one time use.    Let's try to keep it positive and stay excited for this sale. Yes, it starts the same day for VIB and VIB Rouge, and yes the dollar off difference is only $5, but Sephora is not obligated to do any of this. If you feel like it's not enough of a Rouge perk, then don't participate in the sale and take your business elsewhere. We all clearly love beauty products, and saving money on them is nice too, but the complaints take away from the fun those products are and the joy they bring us. Speaking if products, I will need to really think about what I'm picking up! I have three or four things spinning in my head...   
  Post your hauls here! Will be posting mine up soon!
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I can't believe it took me so long to start this thread -- I usually have started scoping the deals in September! But come one, come all, join the excitement of the weekend and let us know what deals you find!
Hi fellow beauty insiders Have you gals ever ordered from elf cosmetics online? If so, how long did it take for you to get your order? I recently ordered from their website when they had the 50% off sale and the shipping seems to be taking FOREVER. I was wondering about your shipping experience
September is finally here, bringing cooler weather (hopefully) and all the fun things of fall. Show us your new fall beauty hauls!
HO HO HO It's that time of year.... well since some sets are already coming out...   What do you plan on buying or asking for this year?   So far here's my list... I know I am missing some items!   KVD Metal/Matte palette KVD Rock Candy Lipstick set (if out for the holidays) KVD lipstick in gun metal case UD Vintage Vault UD Spectrum 2 palette? (I think that's what It will be called) MAC Holiday stuff Bite Gold lipstick (If coming out) Skin Care and Body sets      
And with that - it's actually October! It's finally starting to feel like Fall, and I'm excited to start using all of those Hiliday items that have been out since, pretty much summer .    Also - Happy Birthday to any fellow October babies! This year is Dirty 30 for me, and after a sinful September for me, I may have to spend most of this month admiring your hauls rather than sharing my own :x     ETA: I'm having a bit of insomnia and was surprised not to see an October Hauls thread already. If I missed it in my bleary eyed state - please let me know
Did you ever sold to Glambot ?  Did you ever buy from Glambot ?   Please share your experience     xox
Hey guys! As my first post I decided to make a thread about the amazing beauty deals and Nordstrom Rack. I just went to Nordstrom Rack yesterday and they had a bunch of Too Faced and Stila items as well as a couple Urban Decay items! I thought that it would be a fun idea to show you guys the deals I got and I encourage anyone who wants to do the same   Everything that i got at Nordstrom Rack yesterday were Too Faced products, and let me tell you, the deals were great! These are the products I decided to pick up...   Bonjour Soleil Palette - $44.00 $16.97 - Chocolate Soleil .14 oz - Sun Bunny .14 oz - Snow Bunny .11 oz - Flatbuki Brush   La Creme Lip Cream - $22.00 $5.97 - in Cinnamon Kiss   All I want for Christmas Set - $45.00  $19.97 - Makeup Bag - Perfect Eyes Eyeliner .03 oz - Eye Shadow and Blush Compact .28 oz - Lash Injection Mascara .25 oz - Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer .35 oz - La Creme Lip Cream in Believe .11 oz   Natural at Night Palette - $36.00 $14.97  
FullSizeRender 32.jpg
EDIT: This is the email I just received: Dear Valued Beauty Insider,   We recently sent you a package directly from Kat Von D, which includes a Vegan Makeup Bag, a Tattoo Liner in Trooper and an Ink Liner in Trooper. This was sent as an apology for the experience you may have had with the 750 point Kat Von D coffin reward you recently redeemed, which many clients found to be disappointing in quality. We hope you enjoy this set of full sized products!   Regards, Sephora Community Support Team   ******   Yesterday evening UPS dropped off a black t-shirt style box at my door. I had no idea who it was from and I was not expecting any deliveries.    This is my version of unboxing:   1. Just the tissue paper/before the reveal   2. The reveal/ It is a KVD looking clutch of sorts   3. Inside are two full size Eyeliners!   Color me both surprised and impressed. I was definitely not expecting this gratis token/gift and I am pleasantly surprised! Hopefully other BTers will report that they have received one as well.    Yeah Kat Von D for hitting a home run with this one. I am one happy client right now!
Las Vegas Edition 10-11-14 - (I am aware there is a current Trend Show thread.  I almost posted this there until I noticed it was in the VIB section.  At least one person asking me questions about the event will not be able to see it there, so I am going to post this in a general board).   My event finally took place yesterday. The one in May was not the trend show, so I passed.   I arrived about 15 minutes before the show started.  The doors opened 30 minutes prior, so a lot of people were already inside.  I paid over the phone with Desiree, my Beauty consultant.  My $20 gift card (you pay $20 to reserve your spot but they give it back to you in the form of a gift card) was just inside the door near valet.  After getting my gift card, I got a tote bag (not pictured but it is pretty cheap and basic) with the base samples pictured below.  The event was on the third floor.  There was an assortment of fruit, water, coffee and granola bars.  I grabbed a granola bar (which was fresh and chewy) and a bottle of water.  I filled out my information card (which they used to raffle items off and likely make sure we're on the mailing list) and turned it in.   I got a decent seat at the fashion show, because I attended solo. I thought about inviting someone but remembered focusing solely on my sister at the Rouge event and decided just to go alone. I cannot even make stuff like this up, so you know it is true. The lovely Smashbox makeup artist who spent so much time beautifying my sister at the Rouge event applied makeup for YSL at the trend show. She actually did someone to the left of me initially and moved to the right of me when she finished her. Thus, I had a chance to chat with her. She said she remembered my sister, because her sister has the same name.   The show was a lot of fun. I loved the lady from Laura Mercier. She was beyond funny. The male models were yummy eye candy. All of the female models were beautiful and very, very tall. No short models in Vegas. I loved the Kiss and Blush on the YSL model, which is ultimately why I decided to stop by that counter. A rep for one of the skincare lines gave out the item he was presenting to someone in the front row. That was pretty cool. They also had a raffle with a ton of prizes (of course I did not win any). One lady won while she was in the restroom (just like that lady at the Emmys years ago). The presenter would not let her granddaughters pick it up for her but rather held onto it until she returned and made her walk the runway in reverse to get it. I found that quite humorous, and the lady who won was so sweet.   During the show, they announced there would be free samples at La Mer. I've always wanted to try that brand. I hate buying things without trying them first (because I do not return things). Knowing there is no such thing as free and they likely left out that a purchase was required, I asked straight up if a purchase was required to get a sample. Sure enough, it was. I told her I wanted to try the item before I bought it. She said she would give me a sample if I had a consultation. I usually do not like to have consultations at events unless I know I will buy something. They're usually so busy, and I do not want to waste their time. Since I told her I wanted to sample the item before buying it, I figured she knew I was not buying anything that day when she offered. Thus, I did not feel guilty. There was no wait for the consultation either. She applied two different creams on my face and asked me which I preferred. I told her. She then went over my skin concerns and made recommendations. After the consultation, she gave me the sample as promised.   Next, I walked past Dior. They had two chairs of which both were occupied with additional people standing around. So, I kept on walking straight to YSL. They had 4-5 chairs of which one was open. I asked if they were available for a makeover, and they were. I got Joshua. He removed everything from my face (which only consisted of the newly laid La Mer cream (so I am glad I got a sample to wear it a little longer next time) and a tinted moisturizer. He applied a cream before matching me to a Fusion Ink foundation. It looked and felt great (so I ended up buying it). In direct sunlight after I left, I noticed it looked orange. I may exchange it for another color.  In his defense, it either oxidized on me or it is one of those foundations that looks different with indoor versus outdoor lighting.  Feel free to chime in if you're familiar with this foundation.     He used some concealer in spots I did not even know I needed it. Then, he applied Touche Eclat. I remember him using a lot of bronzer and a blush (which was later overwritten), but I cannot recall a setting powder. Whether he used setting powder or not, the foundation lasted all day. He then applied a purple liner and brow pencil. He used the holiday palette on my eyes, which looked so awesome that I had to buy that as well.   At that point he turned me over to National Makeup Artist, Armando Ramos. I asked Armando to pick a lip a lip color for me to buy. He chose number 11 of the Kiss and Blush, which was so stunning. I wanted to buy it on the spot, but they were out. I was going to order it online after the event (to get the 3 online samples). I also prefer to order it myself because the items do not show up in my online account (order history) when the SAs place the orders.  The SA insisted, so I let her order it for me. After Armando applied the color to my lips, he overwrote the cheek color Joshua picked out. Although I liked the one Joshua picked out, Armando's was nicer to me. Then, Armando applied some Babydoll mascara.  Both Joshua and Armando were absolutely fabulous.  I wish I could take them home with me, so my makeup would always look nice.  We all know I will never get it to look like this.   My husband and sons arrived as my makeup was being applied.  They headed up to the Nordstrom Cafe for some brunch.  When it was time to pay, I sent him down to take care of it (he almost always pays for my items anyway) while I joined the boys in the restaurant.         The freebies I got for attending the trend show (plus the free La Mer sample for the consultation)     The YSL items I purchased and GWPs     The items I purchased unboxed     The inside of the beautiful holiday palette     I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to go next year.  Fingers crossed that I win something, because I am sure winning always makes the event more fun.  If you have a chance to go, you should.  You get your money back in the gift card, plus samples, snacks, a chance to win prizes, plenty of GWPs and the really fun fashion show.  Go!
I can't believe it's August already! Since it's my birthday month I thought I'd get the haul thing going!   Don't worry, I'll be posting things once they arrive at my door!