will colored, porous hair fade faster?
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If your hair is porous will your hair color fade faster? If so what ingredients should you look for and what are some product recomendations?

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2 more things, red always fades fastest b/c of the size of the color molecules and as far as products, so far I've found Aveda's line for color treated hair to be the most effective,as they don't use harsh chemicals and use natural botanicals whenever possible. They also have an amazing treatment mask for dry, damaged hair called Aveda Dry Remedy, it's saved my hair so many times (i'm talking over bleached, feeling like straw to actually feeling like human hair, its crazy). The hair mask is expensive but it's worth it and a little goes a long way. To get the most out of it you should wash yr hair, rind out excess water, apply deep conditioning mask, then cover w/  shower cap (if u dont have one handy u can use a plastic bag from the supermarket and twist and tie so its snugglie covering just yr hair. The heat that is naturally released thru the top of yr head will be held in by the bag or cap, opening the cuticle and allowing the mask to work its magic. Once a month I like to leave this mask on all night while i'm sleeping and my hair is soft and smooth come morning.  

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