split ends and long hair
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This question is very common and I know the answer but I want to know the reasoning behind it.

I get split ends and I want to grow my hair long-> everyone suggests getting a regular trim every 4-6 weeks, even about half an inch and this will help eliminate split ends as well as get my hair to grow faster.


How is this possible? I just find it impossible to be honest.



For example: my hair is up to my chest,  and past years of chemical straightenings have my hair kind of fried. It looks healthy but split ends were to the point where one hair was splitting three different ways, and if you grabbed a chunk of my hair, maybe 1/10 didn't have split ends up to my cheeks. I have done regular trims every 6 weeks for a few years now. Now I have split ends that go up about 2 inches, the occasional ones go up to my cheek but that's rare.


My issue is that how can I let my hair grow longer (goal is up to my elbows) if I keep having to cut it each month? I try to avoid it for a month and then the next hair cut ends up having to cut off more bc the split ends got higher Smiley Sad

How much do I need to cut and how often?


Also does it matter if I have split ends? I have healthy hair in general- I use oil treatments twice a week, I use a heat protectant and use heat twice a week and very little.  I am so beyond frustrated... I have been dealing witih trying to grow my hair long and get rid of my split ends for about 8 years now!!!



PS- I got a trim the other day- one inch. I checked out my hair and it's 90% split end free. Can I get rid of those other on my own, just **bleep** very little with scissors on those strands specifically? It really bothers me to have the split ends but I don't want to cut more hair off.

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Do a weekly hair treatment. It sounds nasty but it totally works. Put olive oil, an egg, mayonaisse, and an avocado in a bowl and mix it together and put it on your hair in the shower. Then rinse it out and shampoo and re-condition if you want (you dont have to though). The olive oil will help seal your split ends and the eggs and everything else will make your hair healthy and strong and it will help it grow faster Smiley Happy massage it nicely in your ends mostly but also your scalp for growth! Hope this helps Smiley Happy
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