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semi hair ideas-long black hair

Semi hair ideas for long black hair-no updos please,  I already did the kim kardashian culs last time..looking for something different that is fun, cute, and moveable.maybe something with braids? Any pictures would be helpful- thanks so much!Smiley Happy

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Messy braids are really in and gives you a bohemian feel. I am really into the fish tail braids.


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Do a google search of Blake lively Grecian up do.. Includes curls braid and double head band.. Very cute.. There's even a YouTube video on how to. Much easier than it looks.. I'd upload pic but honestly I just don't know how. Worth taking the time to look at though

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I know you said no up dos but it's a messy laid back fun style.. Not a rigid up do.. Sorry for the double post, don't know how to go back and edit previous Smiley Happy

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What you can do with your hair is do some long soft waves and pin both sides at the front back so some hair is off your face!! You can also have a briad that comes along the front and goes down along the side of your face which i think looks really cute!! You can do a lot with your hair because it is long so there are many choices! hopefully some of these pictures help!!  


I dont think the hair colour in the pictures would matter!!!


But I hope this helps!Smiley Happy








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I'm so sorry, I'm a blonde at heart and cannot go any darker than a light brown in the I keep my hair below my shoulders probably in the middle of my's easier for pony tails. But good luck on ur endeavor for some thing new!
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