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Hi Beauties!   I'm planning my first trip to Europe (Hungary, mainly) in a couple months and am concerned with being able to use my heat tools...I have a lot of hair that I try to take particular care of, and I'm attending a wedding - so I need to look polished.   I have a Velecta Paramount hair dryer, an amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, and their Switch Kit curling iron.    I mention the specific tools I have so that I can ask the following: Has anyone traveled to EU with these specific tools, or similar? Did you use a converter - which one? Has anyone tried just ordering new tools from a EU seller so that the tools have the right hardware? If so, any suggestions on similar quality tools to look at? I'm also curious to see if anyone has other thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the topic that I haven't thought to ask about.   Thanks!!  
Will sephora restock the drybar total blowout bundle or another similar bundle?? I just ran across it on yesterday but it was out of stock. My hair dryer just died, and I am looking to try to drybar dryer along with some of their other products. It was limited edition and I have called to speak with online rep - they said it was still there so they didn't think it was discontinued but there was no restock date. Thanks!
I have a Babyliss 1 inch curling iron.  I have medium to thick hair....and right now it's about sitting on my shoulders (length of my hair).  It's an angled bob but has grown out a little since I got it cut in October.    I have had this curling iron for a while....but when I use it to curl, it doesn't seem to curl!  I use the Tresemme Heat Protectant prior to and I use hairspray as well....I don't get what I may be doing wrong.  It has heat settings and it doesn't matter which heat setting I put it still doesn't seem to curl at all.   I tried doing it today, but it just didn't work!  So I ended up using my straightener to do it.  I feel like I wasted money on buying this curler and I've seen so many youtube gurus I watch online have the exact same curler and theirs curls great and properly.  But for me it just doesn't it because my hair is shorter?  Oh and also, I don't own hot rollers so that is not even an option at   Any suggestions??? What do I do???
hey all, i have long, thick, blonde hair and i need some ideas for hairstyles for prom! I don't want to go all up but i definitely dont want to wear it all down. please share pictures of hairstyles that are sort of half up/half down types so i can get some ideas of what I want to do. thanks! PS-Here's a few pictures of me to go off of what you think would look best<3 and here is the dress(: it will be sewn together in the middle so it's a one piece dress, and i'm not sure what types of accessories i want 
I am shopping for a flat iron and I was considering the Drybar Tress Press, until I saw the Babyliss Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron, which is $50 cheaper, and I noticed they look nearly identical except with different labels and are in different colors. This made me think that those two irons could be essentially the same product but with different labels slapped onto them. I wonder if these two irons have the same manufacturer? I know that different brands of makeup have the same manufacturers so some makeup products are pretty much the same, but does this apply to hair tools as well? Take a look at the pictures, what do you guys think? 
Helloooo!! I am looking for a new hair dryer and I have a few questions and was wondering if anyone would be able to answer them. My first is the classic "ceramic or ionic" question. I have normal to thick wavy/curly hair that does take a bit more effort to blow dry smooth. I loooove volume and I read somewhere that ceramic is better for volume but I feel like ionic would be better for my hair type because it's curly. Additionally, I can imagine that I would be able to create the desired amount of volume with a little help from my plumping mousse and velcro rollers if I had an ionic dryer. I also keep seeing words like "tourmaline" "nano titanium" and "titanium", can someone please clarify what they mean exactly?? I have my eye on the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino (info is right here if you are not familiar ) but I was also wondering which hair dryers you guys like the best/would be good for my hair type! Thank you One last thing, does anyone know any good hairsetters?? Babyliss makes hot rollers and I am looking for a nice set of PRO hot rollers, but it seems like not that many brands carry them, if you happen to know of any hot rollers that would be lovely. Thank you!! xoxo
I have pretty long, ("**bleep**" length) very fine, very greasy, very straight, chemically treated hair. I NEVER blow dry and I rarely straighten my hair. I use Bumble and Bumble Gentle shampoo which I am really happy with, but the conditioner I was using isn't cutting it now that it has gotten colder. I used to use Super Rich conditioner which I liked, but I think I am needing something a little more replenishing? I was looking at getting the mending conditioner by Bumble and Bumble, but I am not really sure if that's what I need. I am currently using Keratin Complex Color Care Conditioner.    I don't like the oils like argean oil, I really need something I can use every day. Masks and leave in conditioners are also not a great option as they leave my hair really gross and sticky looking.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!   
Is there anything I can eat or do to help my hair grow faster?
Hello everyone! I am ten months postpartum and in need of product recommendations to encourage my very long, fine hair to grow back. It started falling out like crazy after my little guy was born (as it does to everyone who's had a baby). I wear it in a ponytail/messy bun most days, but on occasion I'll straighten it or style it in a donut bun, and all I can focus on are the little devil horns all around my face from new growth. It's lost a lot of body, and while I don't usually go for "lift"-style volume, I do miss the little that I did have. Does anyone have a product that they love? I don't wash my hair every day (usually 2-3x a week) and haven't for a long time (except when the munchkin was a very newborn and I needed to feel a little bit human!). It does tangle fairly easily, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I actually don't brush it very often, either. Thanks!
I am in need of a new routine for my naturally curly hair. I am using DevaCurl but my hair is fine, flat, limp and oily. I am looking for increased volume and hold without being left grimy or sticky. I have been looking at the new IGK products but am not sure what would work. Thanks in advance!
Hi! So I previously dyed my hair auburn for about 4 months, then burgundy for another 3, until it faded. I then cut my hair shorter (it had been long) and decided burgundy did not look as good anymore, and wanted to go back to brown/my natural color. The brown looked nice, however, the red was still present. Is there anyway to remove the red? 
I am looking for a drugstore leave-in conditioner/hair mask to use once a week for long, thick hair. Because my hair is not particularly dry or damaged, I thought the average leave-in treatment would be fine, but I tried a sample of Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask and it had no effect. I haven't been able to find any recommendations online for products for my hair type, and I'd hate to buy something that I won't use. I just want my hair to be soft and shiny!
My hair is very thick, medium length, and has been color treated many times. I live in Nevada, and as a result, if I let my hair air dry, it is dry as straw and fluffy, no matter what leave-in conditioner I use. But when I go to humid places like San Francisco or New Orleans, suddenly my hair has perfect curls like I used a waving wand. Is there a product I can use to get this effect at home?   This is my hair in Nevada, on a good day:                      And this is my San Francisco hair   I'm fairly young, if that helps anyone answer this question. Thank you!
I find myself constantly fustrated with my hair- it's an absaloute nightmare and I can't do anything with it! It's not curly or wavy but it's not really straight either- it has a few kinks/waves in it which look quite strange. It's incredibly thick and coarse and very dry as well as extremely frizzy and puffy. I get really stressed out putting it in a pony tail or bun because my hair just won't do as it's told and falls out and sticks out everywhere! I've tried so many high street anti-frizz products I've lost count, but none of them really seem to do anything to my hair- I'm under the impression that they're really aimed at people with finer hair than me who just have a few flyaways. I used to straighten my hair every day which was extremely hard work, and even though my hair is so thick and strong it could handle it, I've noticed that it's in slightly better condition in it's natural state. All I do with my hair nowerdays is just wash it, every 5 days or so, with whatever shampoo and conditioner my parents have bought and put a bit of coconut oil on the ends of it as it's drying (which does absaloutely nothing but it makes me feel better :') ). I let it dry naturally as it turns into a giant puff ball when hair dried. My hair would look really lovely and voluminous if I could just tame it; I'd love to put together a hair care routine suitable for my hair but I don't know where to start! I feel like it would be nice wavy, like it does have a few waves in it which can look nice on the right day. I'm also vegan so it would be great if the products reccomended could be cruelty free. Any ideas? I'm so sorry for babbling on, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hey guys i am new to this website i have medium dark brown hair i want to dye it grey but under no circumstance will i use bleach. A few months ago i bleached my hair golden blonde and then died it back brown and now i want it grey without bleach could i maybe use color oops to take the brown out and then color it or just put grey color over it ive seen people take regular black hair dye and dilute it grey but what do you personally think is the best grey hair color brand im on a strict budget i hack thick hair and its maybe a inch past my shoulders im not looking for a very vibrant silver hair dark greys fine  thankyou for help .
So, I bleached my hair 1 week ago and I don't like the results. Now I want to dye my hair dark brown. When will it be ok for me to do this without it damaging my hair? Also because of the bleach my hair dried even more and I don't know what products to use. What will work for my hair? I just bought this product by Wella, it's a reconstructing mask. Will this help my hair?   Thank you!
I'm 27 years old and I've got baby fine hair. While I'm not running into any issues as of late fine thin hair now usually translates to even finer, thinner hair down the road. I'd like to start a preventative regimen for a healthy scalp to curb the thinning of an already sparse mane. Any sug.?
Help! No matter how long I brush or comb my hair for, there always seems to be one clump that just will not come apart. I recently got my hair thinned out at the salon due to this, and after she styled it, it seemed almost too thin, but after I washed it myself a few days later, it seemed no different from before. I've tried different shampoos and conditioners and products, but I can't seem to find anything that works for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? 
Is there anyone who is gluten-free (celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity) that knows about hair color brands that are safe to use? Or anyone who works in a salon that has heard of any.
Hey guys, i have a curling iron at my house that i sometimes use, but i doesnt work that great on my hair. I was wondering if a curling wand is better or just a different method. My hair is fairly straight, a little wavy normally and its pretty longish. Thanks!
My boyfriend has dry scalp pretty bad.. And I mine. It's getting worse as it's getting colder out(we live in Indiana) anyone have any suggestions what products would help? I'd appreciate it!
Just went from my natural dark brown to platinum blonde, any recommendations for a good shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking bright and healthy? 
I'm looking for the best kind of hair product for the wet hair look, as seen in Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer" video.   I don't want to use something that will dry out my hair and leave it super stiff. I still want to be able to run my fingers through my hair.   More info: Dyed hair, thin/medium, lob length
Hi! My name is Alison and I am thirteen years old. I currently have a layered haircut that falls a little past my shoulders and am looking to grow it. My hair is naturally wavy/curly, but with my haircut, it looks absolutely horrible ! I use the GHD Platinum hair straightener (love it, worth every penny), but I'm looking for a different shampoo to help straighten it more. I currently use L'oreal Straightening shampoo and conditioner, but is there another one that y'all would recommend?  Thank you so much!
Anyone own the Drybar 3 day bender?   I just bought it and can't for the life of me get it to work properly. My hair gets tangled on the bottom and it doesn't really leave my hair soft and lush.    I really really want to like this product and I probably will go to Sephora and personally ask them to show me. I want to give it a chance.   But I wanted to get some of your opinions for those who use it and if there's any tips on how to use it. There's not a lot of youtube videos about this product and the reviews are mostly good. I just need some tips on how to use this properly. 
I'm going to be switching hair products and right now I'm looking at a couple different brands, and I'm wondering if Kerastase products are worth the price? I've heard really great things about the brand and I've got pretty finicky hair, so I figured it might be a good idea. For reference I have hair that is 2 inches longer than my shoulders, pretty dry and it's dyed red. The other brand I was looking at is Redken, and ill mention the comparable products as well. So the products I'm interested in are the following:   1. Kerastase Bain Mirroir Shampoo/ (Redken real control shampoo) 2. Chroma Reflect Milk (conditioner)/ (real control conditioner) 3. Chroma Thermique (heat protectant)/ (satinwear blowdry lotion) 4. Sublimateur jour (leave in conditioner)/ (Crema care)   I'm also going to be trying the kerastase masque. but ive already decided that.   The redken is alot cheaper but I figured with such a difficult color the Kerastase might be a good idea?   Thanks for your help =]
What is your favorite dry shampoo? What are some pros and cons of your dry shampoo?