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This is my first time posting a question, I apologize in advance if I put it in the wrong section or someone has talked about this before (I couldn't find anything) please forgive me  I just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on hair perfumes… have you used them? Do they damage your hair or make it dry or oily? Do they make your hair feel like kinda dirty or weighed down? Are they the same scent as the perfume line? Would they work on skin as well? I would very much appreciate any advice or experiences… thanks so much and have a lovely day
Hello, I have extremely thick hair. Its not oily and its not super dry either. But everyday, even right after brushing, the back section tangles up extremely bad. I just have to barely move my head and my hair is tangled up. Is there any products I can try to prevent the tangling? I can't stand having my hair cut short and its super annoying. Thanks.
Hi there, has anyone out there used organix shampoos and conditioners and or products? I noticed that they usually win some magazine awards and they are all natural, no sulfates and honestly really affrodable. I was thinking of trying them.... anyone had any luck? Also, their website isnt that great, so not sure which shampoo to use ... I have color-treated hair, fine and damaged hair (although I would love some volume).   Thanks!
I keep catching sniffs of my hair after using the Drybar Texas Tea volumizing shampoo/conditioner this morning and I LOVE IT! I need a more moisturizing conditioner, though (I have thick, dry, wavy hair & live in humid southeast TX).   Anyone know of a 'heavier' (better?) conditioner that smells similar? 
I'm black and I get my hair relaxed every 5 or 6 months and I don't wash my hair in between. But when I want to curl my hair and want it to hold I need to use hairspray but I cant because I'll just end up having to wash it out because it'll get sticky or matted and I can't do that. Is there anything out there that could help??
so i have thick and wavy hair and a pixy haircut.. there is only hair on the top of my head and i love that 1930's combed back, styled glossy/wet look. what is a product (preferably pomade or creme) that i can use to achieve this look?
Which Drybar shampoo would be a good everyday shampoo? I bought the 'Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo' and it feels great in my hair (with conditioner of course). I want to order the value size from Sephora but i've heard that this shampoo should only be used once to twice a week....has anyone tried the other drybar shampoos for daily purposes?   Thanks!!  
Hi Everyone,    I've decided to invest in a quality curling iron, and I've narrowed it down to the Drybar 3-DayBender Curling Iron. I have medium thickness, shoulder-length hair, and I need ceramic tools to actually get it to hold it's shape. The problem is, I don't know whether I should get the 1" or the 1.25" iron.    I also plan to grow my hair out, but I'm curious which one would be preferred with my hair the length it is now? Which one offers more versatility in styling (curl shape, changes when used with products, etc)?   Thanks in advance for the help! <3 
i have extensions and want full curly hair. can you recom. a tool i can use that will not loosen them
I bought this product before I decided to dye my black hair ombre and now I'm reading all the labels to my hair products. Sephora and Living Proof's websites say this product is safe for color-treated hair, but I saw this ingredient:   C10-40 Isoalkylamidopropylethyldimonium Ethosulfate   First of all, what a word. Secondly, doesn't Ethosulfate sound like a sulfate? HELP! I've been using this product and I don't want to mess up my hair!
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So I am considering doing the upper lip wax... at the Benefit brow bar place.  I'm naturally blonde so I have that peach fuzz all over my face, which isn't really noticeable but still slightly annoying in the upper lip area when I want to wear concealer there so I just avoid it.     Anyways, I am worried if I wax there it will grow back thicker and more wiry.  I've read this is a myth but about a year ago I was picking at spot on my chin where I had peach fuzz and tore some hairs out and now every so often I get a thicker darker hair growing in there that just seems to pop up overnight like some ninja beard.   So I'm worried the same will happen with upper lip.   Anyone have this experience?
LOL so this question is a bit wierd, however I'm really curious as to how I can achieve perfect curls! I already have wavy/curly hair and use quite a number of products to tame the frizzyness!! (Living Proof Wave Making Cream, Alterna Kendi Oil treatment, Paul mitchell Shine spray) But no matter what I use, I still end up with lazy curls at the end of the day and my hair never looks always looks very dull. I do own the Sultra Bombshell and was wondering if you ladies had any great tips on how to curl it the right way. The last time I tried, I ended up taking away my natural curl and the iron sort of left a wierd wave that did not look cute. Also, I never know what to do with the ends! should I leave them out, or go back and striaghten it with my iron?  I have tried many videos on youtube but it seems like most of the ones I had seen, the girls had blow-dryed their hair and then curled it which left the ends looking great! But this would not work for me as I do not like too much heat for my hair. thanks in advance!
Hi All,   Within the past 6 months or so, I have noticed that when I round brush my hair, it doesn't hold the curl as well as it used to. I use a 2 inch round brush and have long hair, but I want bouncy curls like I used to get from round brushing.    I'm not sure if maybe since my hair has gotten longer, it's too heavy to hold a curl from a round brush? I use a blow-dry spray, but if anyone else could recommend a product or a technique for getting my hair to hold a curl from a round brush blowout, I'd really appreciate it!
  Hi,   I was born with dead soft hair with no strength at all. I tried to tease my hair, hairspray, blow dry, perm and all sorts of crazy things in the past to put some volume in my hair and they never worked out. So I'm trying to look for a product that would help me. I look so weird with straight hair just sticking to my head/face because it's really unflattering. Any products/ideas?? :/
Hi  I shower regularly and I have a problem with heating products when I blow dry or straightener my hair smells like meat and it's really stinky and my scalp smells like oily but my hair is not oily at all so please suggest me products or anything to get rid of the problems that I have ? 
Hi Beauties!  I'm thinking of trying WEN cleansing conditioner.  Does it truly transform your hair & keep it clean longer?  I have long hair, but it lacks luster and vibrance.  Any recommendations?  Thanks.
How can I cover thinning hair at the nape of the neck?
So my everyday hair routine is to straighten my sorta loose wavy hair and spray dry shampoo that has volume in it. Unfortuantly the volume doesn't last long, but im getting tired of using up all my sprays and buying new ones. I want to get natural volume. My mom who is 52 always dyes, blowdries, and ties her hair. She has a lot of split ends but she still has a lot of natural volume. She doesn't do anything to try to get volume. I don't think damaging my hair will help. Do any of you know how to get natural volume? I stopped teasing since it takes too much time having to brush out the tangle, plus it damages my hair a lot btw. Thanks, atexnoemi.
What's the best Dry Shampoo have you tried on this site. I'm looking for a good one.     Hair Conditions: (If Relevant)   Color: Medium Brown Length: Medium Texture: Normal (Sometimes Dry) Condition: Chemically Treated(colored)
I am thinking about buying hair care products through Sephora but I am not familiar with these brands.  Can anyone suggest a shampoo, conditioner and serum for color treated blonde, fine hair but a lot of it with a bob style cut.
Hola! So, I'm dying to know everybody's beauty tips (or ideas!!) for longer healthier hair? Pills, shampoos, product, homemade remedies, style ideas (heard a ponytail is good for hair growth?) seriously, any idea would be helpful! Is there anything I could get at a salon to help out? Besides a trim... Just anything for me to try and get some long beautiful locks! Thanks!
The title basically says it all. I have really long, thick, wavy hair--and I'd consider myself very lucky if it weren't for all the frizz! I suspect it's because my hair is dry. =/ Any suggestions? I'd prefer something that can be applied to dry hair to sort of "tame" it, but at this point I'm pretty much open to anything that works--conditioners, shampoos, relaxing balms, oils, anything!   Extra love if it smells amazing.   Thanks for the help. =)
Can dry shampoo be used on African-American hair? I'm interested in trying a dry shampoo out but I'm not sure that they are formulated for my hair type. I have thick, coarse hair that is chemically relaxed and I don't wash it everyday. Any suggestions?
My hair is course, thin, and dry with blonde highlights. It tends to have frizz and a little wave too, and my roots get oily. I tried a sample of Ojon oil and it was terrible...the smell was overwhelmingly awful (maybe the product had gone bad?? really it was that horrible) and it made my hair stringy until I washed it a few times in a row.   Any suggestions for better hair treatments?
Hey guys, i have a curling iron at my house that i sometimes use, but i doesnt work that great on my hair. I was wondering if a curling wand is better or just a different method. My hair is fairly straight, a little wavy normally and its pretty longish. Thanks!
Need a leave in multi tasker with UV protection and frizz controll that will stand up to humid, windy beach conditions  Suggestions?
Hi! I have never in my life used a curling tool, but recently purchased a tapered curling wand and have been staring at it for days, afraid to use it because I have no idea how to get started. i have naturally wavy/curly hair that has a very inconsistent curl pattern, so if I let it just air dry totally naturally (no product or styling), it's a poofy, crazy mess. Normally I either straighten it with straightening balm, a blow dryer and flat iron, or use a little curl defining cream and twist 1 inch sections into tight spirals, which air dry into loose spiral waves that stay until the next time I wash. I'm hoping to use the tapered wand to get larger, more defined spiral curls, and have watched several tutorials on how to maneuver the wand, but I literally don't know how to start. My questions: 1. Do I blow dry straight first, and then curl? That seems counterproductive, but if so, do I put any product in it before blow drying? Or 2. Do I let it air dry natural, and then curl? If so, do I put any product in it while it dries? Or 3. Do I "style" it curly like I would normally do (curl defining cream, twist sections, air dry), and then use the wand to curl the loose spiral waves into larger, more defined curls?   Thanks in advance for any advice y'all have!
 (went from med. blonde to dark red)....will it ever be back to normal? are there any products that can take it back to normal?
I have natural curly thick hair, live in Hawaii with high humidity. Most anti-friz products just pump up my hair even more. What products can be used to contain the friz but still look natural, other than flat iron which breaks my hair?