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I was born with dirty blonde hair, and dark brown eyebrows that look black from far away. I dyed my hair dark brown a few months ago because I didn't want to look "weird". I've gotten quite bored of brown hair, and found a really lovely strawberry blonde color, and I'm considering dying my hair that colour. I don't know if it would look weird with my eyebrows, though. I asked my friend, who also has dark eyebrows and dyed her hair platinum blonde, and she told me that it will look great as long as I keep my brows perfectly groomed. Is this true? Will strawberry blonde look good on me?
Hello everyone!    I'm still new to this store and all that comes with it, but I have experienced a lot of different things for my hair problem. I have really oily hair and yet  I also have dandruff like no tomorrow. I would like to see if I can't find something to help control both of these problems. I have tried a lot of different things in the past to help with the problems, but any long term use of items soon becomes ineffective.    What would be recommended to use?
Is there anyone who is gluten-free (celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity) that knows about hair color brands that are safe to use? Or anyone who works in a salon that has heard of any.
Hello! So recently my CHI hasnt been turning on and is giving me a hard time. I am looking into either purchasing a GHD or Sultra straightener but I dont know which one to get. Price doesnt matter to me that much just quality. I have your average frizzy medium length hair. Please leave any suggestions below/ your experiences with these brands of straighteners! Thanks!
I got a keratin treatment done about 6 months ago and it seems to have ruined my hair. I've never had a problem with split ends or breakage before. how can i keep my hair from getting further damage? I've been looking at the living proof restore hair mask but I don't know...
Back in late October I cut off 9 inches of my hair to donate to cancer patients for new wigs (locks of love program). I'm happy that I did this but I want my hair to grow long again. Any suggestions or tips on how to get hair to grow faster? Help would be much appreciated . Thanks!
Hi! I'm currently deciding between two Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry products. The first one is their Straight Blow Dry: kuId=1376318 The second one is their All Style Blow Dry: skuId=1668037 I have coarse hair that's on the frizzy side, and has been dyed (think thick/coarse asian hair) and was just wondering what you guys recommend. Thanks for the help!
I got a pretty good tip on a homemade hair mask, and although it sounded nice, I barely have time to whip something up in the kitchen to eat, let alone whipping stuff up for my hair.   So, straight out the store...fresh out the bottle, what do you think is the best hair mask, and why??   More than 1 answer would be great.   Thank u!!
I have very fine hair and a very very dry scalp. What are some products to help with the irritation and itch? Thanks!  
So I am naturally blonde but have been coloring my hair for two years a mahogany brunette.    I know that washing your hair everyday is bad for it, however my hair looks so greasy the next day if I don't.    My hair itself is very thick, medium length and is very healthy. I have asked my stylist for advice but she told me I should just keep doing what I'm doing.