how to transition from relaxed to natural hair
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I've relaxed my hair for about 5 - 6 years and now I want to go back to my natural hair but I've been told that I have to shave my head. I know there's a better option. Any suggestions?

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I'm a little over a year into transitioning and although some days my hair seems so unmanageable, I keep my eye on the prize! Like the last post said, protective styles and keeping your hair moisturized are very important! 

I am not doing the big chop. I think in about a year or so I should be back to the length I was when I had a relaxer so I will cut those ends then. Good luck!

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Wen Hair Care. Seriously. That's all you need. I actually think Sephora carries it now. 

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Hey there ElyseMarie487! 


You do not have to shave your headd! Smiley Happy Lots of transitioning women do go for the Big Chop because it can be alot easier than dealing with the two hair textures. Where the natural hair ends and the relaxed begins is very fragile and very weak which is the cause for the excess breakage. 




*Keep the hair proctected. Wrap it up at night, don't let it blow in the wind (windows down!), try to keep the styling to a minimum, keep the heat styling to a minimum. For the most part, be as delicate and gentle with it as possible. 

*Keep the hair moisturized. Spritzing with water and sealing it with a light oil (coconut, grapeseed, jojoba) will keep the hair from becoming dry and brittle. Sephora has brands that I love that will can help. (Bumble&Bumble, Ouidad, and Carol's Daughter are really good)

*Make sure to deep condition at least once a week and trim your relaxed ends little by little. 

*Please know that it is a process and a journey. You WILL get frustrated at times. Allow plenty of time for wash/style'll need it! Find a style that fits your personality and work it!! 

*Every product will not be right for you but experiment until you find what fits. Sephora stores are happy to give small samples of products so you don't have to spend big bucks until you're ready.

*Check out popular natural hair websites/blogs for more info.


Hope this helps!! Good luck! Smiley Happy

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