how do i get the frizz out of my hair?
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how do i get the frizz out of my hair?  i use products that claim to be anti frizz, i have my hair trimmed every three weeks.  what can i do?

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The best thing you can do is make sure that you are hydrating your hair.  I use John Freida's Smooth Start shampoo and Phyto's Phytojoba conditioner, and my hair no longer frizzes.  Be sure to use good serums, like Phytodefrisant, or a silicone-based serum (I like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum).  If you need more help, try a good hair mask like Ojon's Restorative Hair Mask or Phytonectar.  And if you are flat ironing, a good heat protectant is a must.  Redken's Iron Silk is by far the best.  Also, dry shampoo you hair so that you can go longer between shampoos - shampooing too often is not good.

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