how do i get fast, easy curls in the morning? (suggestions like a spray or shampoo) Thanks!!!

Thank you! and may your styles be beautiful ladies!!! Smiley Happy

Im wondering if yall know how to get easy fast curls in the morning? (like suggestions like spray or shampoo)

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What is your hair type naturally?


In terms of getting fast curls, if your hair isn't curly or wavy to begin with, "fast" might not work, especially if your hair is long and you're trying to work with heat styling tools.


Give us some more info on your hair and the type of curl you're trying to achieve and we can recommend products/techniques more tailored to suit your perameters.


JenBlush did great mentioning salt sprays to get beach waves, salt water adds texture and body to hair as salt naturally helps to draw out excess moisture to keep hair from just laying flat. Of course formulas are fortified with conditioning ingredients as to not dry it out to an excess, but if your hair naturally has some wave or curl to it, salt sprays can enhance that, if your hair is naturally straight, you might mist some spray into your hair when it's damp, and let it air dry, scrunching portions while it's drying to add more texture, or do a dry scrunch, where you'll have to saturate your hair with more product. Brands like Bumble & Bumble, Frederik Fekkai, KMS, Oribe, Sally Hersberger, and plenty others make salt sprays.


Another option that doesn't involve heat styling tools is to wash your hair the night before, and work in a styling cream or gel and braid or twist your hair into buns and sleeping with it overnight and taking your hair down when it's dry. You can add a bit of salt spray when dry to further enhance and bring out shape and form, and even finish with a light setting spray.

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