home made masks ?

Anyone know of some good home made hair or facial masks ??


I've been putting olive oil in my hair and my hair is loving it!! Since I recently bleached my hair I've been giving it a lot of TLC and was wondering if there are any other home remedies I could try. I wanted to add some egg to the olive oil, I heard that is good but I wasn't really sure how to go about doing it and putting it in my hair.. should my hair be wet, or dry? and has anyone actually tried putting mayonnaise in their hair?? 



thanks in advance! <3 :smileyhappy:

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Plain yogurt with crushed aspirin and a squeeze of lemon juice is an excellent mask for acne-prone skin.

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I tried the egg and avocado hair mask as well - while at the same time trying an avocado and oatmeal mask for my face. Eh. Didn't see any benefits from either. And the egg was kind of gross! I put it on dry hair and washed it out in the shower about 30-45 minutes later. I color my hair as well and use coconut oil.. probably the same effect as olive but smells SO good :smileyhappy:


I think I'd be willing to just try the avocado again, sans egg just since it was a little weird to me. But since you haven't tried it before maybe give the egg/avocado mix a shot? And maybe look into a face mask as well since you probably won't need a whole avocado (I used half and half).

Re: home made masks ?

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Hi Amynadinexo,


I have really bleached ends! My hair dresser told me to mix an egg with avocado. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference:smileysad: If you do decide to do that mix, make sure that the avocado is really soft and maybe put it in a blender.

<3 Melissa
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