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Can anyone tell me from personal experiences about products that have causes regrowth in their hair?

My sister  is losing a lot of hair, she has bald patches now. She is a doctor herself but has also visited specialists and they are stumped since her hormones, vitamins, blood levels, diet and nutrition is all in check.


Her hair was very thick growing up, almost like a horse's tail. Right now it in very thin, I am too scared to braid it in case it comes out. She has tried aloe vera gel, many vitamins, and oils. She is trying flax seed oil for a month now and hopefully that helps.She takes good care of her hair (treatments, hair protectants, minimal heat and styling, daily oil massages, etc)


However can anyone attest to something they know has worked?

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I have actually had the same experience due to medications I took and it was tough finding items that worked.


A vitamin B supplement definitely does help to keep the hair (and nails!) strong with less breakage and fallout. Adding a daily dose of Vitamin B may help, or even a supplement (Like the Phyto caplets) are a great addition for extra nutrients and they worked great to make my hair stronger and grow faster.


I also found that heat damage and coloring can play a huge part in the hair strength as well as regrowth.  Using a good heat protectant spray or even a conditioning oil will help protect and soften the hair. The Couture Colour Pequi Oil smells great and doesn't weigh down fine limp hair. Sulfate free shampoos are nice as well to keep the growing hair healthy and less prone to damage. Try a nice volumizing one like the Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo. As everyones hair growth and loss is individual to their own self, check with a doctor for more specifics or possibly even medications that may be needed.  I hope this helps!


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