frizz at crown when I blow dry...HELP

I need some help..

I have fine naturally wavy hair, that I usually let airdry and the frizz stays to the bottom which is easily managed for me, however, I do like to try to blow dry it somedays, but when I do it goes FRIZZ CRAZY at the crown and my hair looks AWFUL I then have to use a thermal spray and straightner and even then it's only manageable. I have tried all the anti frizz products from Living proof, which made my hair feel like straw ( literally) Ouidad....too heavy and the smell was horrible, Fekki which I won't even justify wit what that did, Phyto ....Alterna Bamboo gave me okay results till I blow dried, Wen, great again till I blow dried, but I really like how much thicker this makes my hair shaft, so It has to stay. I have tried blow out creams, oils and everything else I can pretty much think of and I am at my wits end. I was thinking maybe I could try a Keratin product, but they are so expensive and I thought they were for people with more coarse hair.

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