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dry shampoo - does it work?

I have very thick, coarse, curly hair and like to straighten it occassionally.  However, due to how course and dense it is, straightening it takes a considerable amount of time and I am looking for ways to extend my style before washing because my hair tends to get oily after a day.  I have never tried any of the dry shampoos and want to know if they remove the oil well.  Also, if anyone has any suggestions on brands they like, that would be much appreciated!

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I have thick hair and washing and drying it takes FOREVER. I have recently been going 2-3 days between washings because it is such a daunting task. I feel for you!


Using dry shampoo definitely helps keep my hair from getting greasy looking or feeling. It helps to use dry shampoo on the first day the hair is clean as well to help soak up oil as you produce it. I went back to blonde a few months back, and since I have been blonde I have been using Dove's dry shampoo, which runs about $3 or so a can. When I was a brunette, however, I felt like my hair got greasier faster so I invested in Ojon's dry shampoo. Worked wonders on my dark hair!


Again, I'm not entirely sure if hair color affects how well a product works, but I can tell you with my current blonde head, day one (clean) hair is down, day two hair is down, day three hair is curled and put either half up/half down or in a messy pony/knot. If you plan on wearing your hair down the whole time, I would probably go with the Ojon.


Hope this helps!

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