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dandruff/dry scalp in one area

Hi I'm having this issue where in one area on my head-starting just above my temple and going basically in a line towards the back of my head- my scalp is dry. I don't think it's dandruff, it almost looks scabby or scaley, but it doesn't flake (until i pick at it...bad, i know!! but I want it gone!!). It is the same color as the rest of my scalp, it's not itchy...and when it does flake the flakes are huge!! not just little specks! I don't know what it is!! I tried putting vitamin e oil on it for a while before my shower, didn't help. I always make sure i wash the conditioner off my scalp...especially there now so I don't think it's build up either...any suggestions on what it is and how I can get it to go away? 


thank you so much  <3

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Sounds like some form of psoriasis or eczema of the scalp. You may need to see a doctor because if it is a form of the above you might need a prescription cream or oral medication. Or it could be that you're allergic or sensitive to the shampoo or conditioner you use (or even styling product). I know my scalp gets really flakey if I wash my hair too often because I have very sensitive skin in general (face and body) and if I wash it only once a week I never have any flakes. If it's along where you part your hair it could be sunburn too. So many things could cause it it's best a doctor takes a look. Hope you find a cure, xx
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Well. It's the summer. And your out in the sun. Your probably getting burnt. And when you get burnt. What happens? YOU PEEL! This happens to me every single summer! My scalp gets super burnt and starts peeling off in sheets! It stinks I know, but just hang in there! Mine usually goes awy within a week or so if you wear a hat when in direct sun. Hope this helped!Smiley Happy


Hi - you're not alone!


I recently went through this and spoke with my dermatologist, my stylist, and everyone else I could find who might have insights.


I'm not sure of your location but I live in NYC where there are significant differences in seasonal weather, humidity, and such, which impacts our hair based on our own personal shampooing and conditioning routines and styling products used.


I don't know what the technical term is but it seems that in an effort to not weigh down my thick hair I was shampooing too much and not conditioning enough (added to coloring every 5 weeks as well).


The BEST result I got was actually a more 'natural" / homeopathic one: tea tree oil.  It's a natural pseudo-exfoliant and is known to help calm and readjust skin and scalp to healthy levels. 


I did some research and decided on J/A/S/O/N brand shampoo and couldn't be happier.  I follow it with a regular everyday conditioner and Fresh Meadowfoam (makes your hair = cashmere, best product EVER) a few times a week.  I know Sephora doesn't carry J/A/S/O/N but tea tree oil is in many different products exactly for its fantastic abilities to give you back your great hair.  I'm sure a pro can advise on one that would work well for you.  Due to my coloring my roots, I use John Frieda brunette shampoo the two weeks after coloring and then the J/A/S/O/N one or twice a week interspersed after.  If I see spots while using the JF, I mix a bit of cortisone with a few drops of pure tea tree oil and massage it into my scalp in that place, sparingly (**PS, the last part is my own amateur creation so it may not be the right thing to do.)


Either way, tea tree oil is a magic ingredient and really does return all sorts of scalp issues back to beautiful, pH-balanced (?) perfection.  HTH.


Have a great day!


It sounds like seborrheic dermatitis. There's shampoos at the drug store especially for that but if you go to a derm they'll prescribe you a mild shampoo that'll cure it.

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It's oil buildup from dry scalp. I get it during the winter because I only wash my hair 3x a week max. The Bumble & Bumble tonic lotion helps calm it down. 

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It's probably excema or a sun burn.  I would try putting on some hydrocortizone cream (that really helps excema and other rashes), and if that doesn't do anytthing after a couple days, make an apointment w/ a dermatologist.

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