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How often do you wash your hair?
I am curious. I washed my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY for most of my teen years and early 20's. Now into my early 30s I am washing every other day. Which for the most part, helps extend my highlights that i pay entirely too much for every 8 weeks! lol
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HALL OF FAMER chocopudding / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
My dog chews my hair too. Hahah. And then sneezes in it. :P see post
I have thick shoulder length brown hair that is straight. Every time I use the curling iron the curls never stay for too long. I've tried hairspray  but it makes my hair feel like dry straw. What could I do to make the curls stay?
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Try a product like living proof style extender first, then use a large barrel curling iron and curl small sections, spraying each section lightly with Paul Mitchell's ho... see post
Haircut and Style
Do any of you guys know what kind of haircut Diana Madison has?     She is an entertainment entrepreneur...and i love her new haircut she recently got.  I have been wanting a different cut and came across this.  Looks similar to Kim Kardashian's just not sure...
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Hi Melissa,   thanks for the tip. i will definitely keep that in mind.  i still yet to have to make the appointment lol.  see post
Q. Which Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry?
Hi! I'm currently deciding between two Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry products. The first one is their Straight Blow Dry: kuId=1376318 The second one is their All Style Blow Dry: skuId=1668037 I have coarse hair that's on the frizzy side, and has been dyed (think thick/coarse asian hair) and was just wondering what you guys recommend. Thanks for the help!
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A. Hi Flyte! Deciding between these two will depend on what type of style you are going for! If you like to wear your hair on the wavy/curly side, and like to achieve this ... see post
Q. How can I make my hair grow faster?
Back in late October I cut off 9 inches of my hair to donate to cancer patients for new wigs (locks of love program). I'm happy that I did this but I want my hair to grow long again. Any suggestions or tips on how to get hair to grow faster? Help would be much appreciated . Thanks!
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A. That's really nice of you! I thought of donating my hair too, since its waist length now, but my friend told me since I bleached my hair before, I cant donate them... ... see post
Flat Iron Recommendations
Does anyone have any advice, or know enough to compare different types of flat irons? I'm wondering if all of the tourmaline/ceramic irons with adjustable heat settings are created equal.   After about 8 years of faithful service, my trusted Chi straightener appears to be on the fritz. I did a little research on flat irons, thinking that I was going to get a T3 (I bought the T3 Whirl Trio curling wand recently and it is amazing). After consideration, I ended up buying the Rusk Heat Freak Str8 iron, thinking it's also tourmaline/ceramic, and it should work the same. Plus, my sister got it for Christmas and loves it. After using it for the first time this morning, I'm underwhelmed. It took me a long time and a lot of passes to get my hair straight. I don't have that kind of time in the mornings (my makeup application suffered greatly at the expense of my hair, haha). I'm just a little afraid to spend the money on the T3 if it is going to basically be the same as the Rusk.
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I think the hard thing about flat irons is I've personally had to try them to see if I liked them.  Many seem to tout the same technology, yet the experience of using th... see post
Create texture/waves with fine, straight hair
I recently chopped off my long hair to a layered bob in order to donate it. However, due to my hair's natural texture, I'm having a really difficult time styling it because my hair is so fine and stick straight and I'm trying to achieve the messy, beachy look to make the bob look more modern. I've tried some mousse and salt sprays from Aveda, Redkin, and Lush and within an hour my hair falls flat with just the ends curling up. Anyone with a similar hair texture-- have you found a salt spray that works well for you and actually lasts? Or is there another type of product I should be looking into?
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My pleasure, I adore twisting hair into buns or even making varied braids to add shape and body to hair. To help cut down on drying time for styling, after washing eithe... see post
Anyone know when Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion will be available for Non-VIB members?
You can buy it on Bumble and Bumble's website. I'm a VIB Rouge member but by the time I got around to ordering it was out of stock. So I've got it on the way along with ... see post
What is the best flat iron ever invented??
Im looking for a VERY GOOD flat iron to straighten my fine course hair. Suggestions anyone?
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ElizabethM3 / NEWCOMER / replied
I love Karmin! <3 see post
Need non crunchy gel for thin wavy shoulder length hair to enhance volume and waves
I am a s-wavey girl and went to Devacurl 8 weeks ago and LOVE it.  It is not crunchy but when my hair dries, I scrunch it a few times to break any residual 'crunch cap'.... see post
Best Daily Shampoo for fine/oily/straight hair.
Hi everyone. I have fine, natural (never been dyed/highlighted) shoulder-length hair which tends to get greasy and flat by the end of the day. I cannot go without washing it everyday because it looks completely greasy from root to tip the next morning.   I have used a variety of shampoos (most with a clear formula as opposed to the creamier versions), make sure to only condition my ends, and use “It’s A 10 Lite” on my ends before blow drying. I also use dry shampoo mid-day to combat the oilyness on my scalp but nothing helps in the long run.   I have tried sulfate-free shampoos before and they weighed my hair down (maybe due to them being too much moisturizing?) and am wondering if there is a gentle, daily shampoo that anyone can recommend.   Thanks in advance!
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MarilynF4 / NEWCOMER / replied
Pro Naturals is the best! :) see post
silicon hair elastic bands
I am looking for the Silicone elastic hair bands I used to buy from Sephora USA. Is this product still available and if yes is it also available at the Sephoras in EUROPE?
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Lindsayjp / FRESH FACE / replied
Yes!! I have been searching for the Magic elastics everywhere!!!!  They are the only thing that works for my hair.  Can't find the same quality anywhere!  I need them in... see post
Drybar, buttercup set...?
I'm curious about the Drybar buttercup blowdryer and specifically looking into getting the new set with the dryer, the dry shampoo, and heat protecting serum...It's a total of 205$ which is like unthinkable for me, can anyone share their thoughts with me on the dryer, is it worth the price? Also, if you use the dryer do you like their products as well, have not tried those either?? A little history: I have really fine and pretty thin hair, i really don't do much heat styling to it because it is naturally very dry and prone to damage. I recently tried to quit blow drying to see if my hair would improve (look less dry/frizzy/dull/damaged) it did look much healthier letting it air dry but it then would be so limp and just hang so i was conflicted, it looks bad when i don't blow dry and it looks un healthy when i do....Also i use moroccan oil on my damp hair mostly in the ends to smooth and moisturize and i really like that, recently i got into shine serums so i now use Kenra silkening gloss i think it's called and i LOVE that, its more weightless than my moroccan oil so i can use that on the areas closer to my scalp and around my face and that helps to smooth down my natural waves around my face. SOO using both of those i'm pretty happy now with my blow drying results but i still feel like it could be better, so what better than looking for some wonderful thoughts or advice from the lovely BT'ers  
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My husband just bought me the DRYBAR hair dryer and hair products set a week ago. I can say from my experience that it was worth the purchase! I have only used my hair s... see post
lupus related hair loss help
help? i am 38 and have been told by several doctors over the last several years that i most likely have lupus, but i won't agree to have the "official" tests done until i can obtain life insurance to protect my daughter. I am 99.95% sure the doctors are right since every time my body does something weird, i look it up and it is listed as a lupus related thing.  I have never been vain, and have pretty low self esteem, with the exception of my hair.  Of course, it has almost all fallen out over the last 2 years, ever since i almost died from pancreatitis (most likely lupus caused). Now, i have maybe 1/4 the hair I had, and every time I get stressed, i loose more.  Is there a product that can help reverse this, or am i better off trying to find a wig or extensions? any advice is welcome and really, really appreciated.
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paddler / RISING STAR / replied
I'm sorry that your unhappy. I have lupus and also get hair loss. Most doctors will treat you with plaquenil and it can help a lot. The tests that are run are very expen... see post
best products for curls
I have long, thick, dry, curly/wavy, color treated hair. I have been blow drying it for quite sometime bc i cannot find any products that will reshape the curls/waves and hold. I have tried so many products. My hair winds up frizzy and looking crazy lol . Any recommendations? Thank you.
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Thanks Randee! see post
Shampoo for thin, fine, color-treated hair - need volume.
I have thin, fine, color treated hair.  What shampoo do you recommend to preserve my color while giving me more volume?
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Larissa, I have never tried the Alterna hair line!  I will check this out!  Thank you so much!  I'm doing everything I can to let my hair grow out & still look fab not f... see post
I have fine/wavy hair, that i constantly struggle with, because of the fact that i struggle with heat damage and breakage and trying to combat an extremely oily scalp. I've currently cut down to washing my hair two or three times a week. I am looking for a shampoo and conditioner that will help me deal with my oily scalp and heat damage without weighing it down. Dry shampoo recommendations also. high end or drugstore.
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I have had a lot of lucky with tea tree shampoo. I cannot think of who makes it for the life of me. But for my hair it seems to dry it out TOO much if i use it too often... see post
Hair Extensions.. HELP!
I am completely new to hair extensions and need some help! I recently cut my hair just above my shoulders, which I am not fond of. I have been thinking of ordering hair extensions.   Has anyone bought from My Fantasy Hair? I like what they have thus far as they have different lengths. I want either 14" or 16". Would 150 grams be enough? I obviously would not want it to look tacky looking like I do have extensions in.    If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it as I am a COMPLETE newbie!!!! Thanks
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Hi, Ambrose!   By chance have you considered going back to the salon or beauty establishment you visited for your hair cut and seeing if any of the stylists are famili... see post
Shampoo: B&B Surf vs John Frieda Beach Blonde
Has anyone tried and compared Bumble and Bumble's Surf Foam Wash shampoo to John Frieda's Beach Blonde Cool Dip shampoo? I have tried B&B and know I like it, however it is a tad pricey. I love their new Surf Infusion spray compared to the original, so I'm not so interested in John Frieda's spray, despite it being a cult classic in its own right. 
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How long do the Flash&Go cartridges last
Hi Paulagu! Sephora has now released a new "Long Life" cartridge that is going to give you 120,00 flashes.  How long that will last you depends entirely on what areas yo... see post
Best shampoo & conditioner for bleached/damaged curly hair?
Soooo... I recently bleached my hair blonde (result pic below) and I washed and dryed it and my naturally curly hair appears to be wavy now like the curls are gone? And it's very dry and I want to start getting it healthy again and still maintain my blonde hair. Does anyone have any recommendations on what products I should use?      
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alicelacefield7 / RISING STAR / replied
Pro Naturals makes the best in my opinion! <3 see post
Best shampoo, conditioner, and products for thick, wavy, frizzy, blonde hair?
I have very thick (at least for a blonde) hair.  It's wavy, frizzy, and seems to break easily.  It tends to be more on the dry side.  Does anyone have a good idea of products I should be purchasing to keep it soft, smooth, and happy.   Also, I know that with drier hair I shouldn't wash daily...but then my dry scalp itches like crazy all day long.  Any ideas?    Lately I've been using Healthy Sexy Hair Shampoo, but it builds up really quickly in my hair.  I need something else.
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marywallace2 / FRESH FACE / replied
Pro Naturals is the best! <3 see post
Q. Hair Straightener Recommendation for thick hair? :)
shainelawlor2 / RISING STAR / answered
A. Karmin makes the best in my opinion!! ;) see post
Has anyone dyed their hair with henna?
I'm thinking of trying Lush's Caca Rouge Mama.    I have some gray and I'm wondering if it covers gray?  
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Hi, Red242! You may consider personal messaging ShinyMagpie and asking her directly (even copy and paste this thread so she can have a refresher on the image) or even cr... see post
home made masks ?
Anyone know of some good home made hair or facial masks ??   I've been putting olive oil in my hair and my hair is loving it!! Since I recently bleached my hair I've been giving it a lot of TLC and was wondering if there are any other home remedies I could try. I wanted to add some egg to the olive oil, I heard that is good but I wasn't really sure how to go about doing it and putting it in my hair.. should my hair be wet, or dry? and has anyone actually tried putting mayonnaise in their hair??      thanks in advance! <3
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Ledix / FRESH FACE / replied
I have VERY dark brown hair that doesn't lift well.  Which means lots of chemicals to get the blond highlights I now sport:).  My hair got totally killed but I turned to... see post
Q. In search for the best hair mask, hands down!!
I got a pretty good tip on a homemade hair mask, and although it sounded nice, I barely have time to whip something up in the kitchen to eat, let alone whipping stuff up for my hair.   So, straight out the store...fresh out the bottle, what do you think is the best hair mask, and why??   More than 1 answer would be great.   Thank u!!
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Femin / RISING STAR / answered
A. As I only found great masks to be very very expensive, I prefer to sacrifice my time to make homemade hair masks instead of spending a lot on masks that have natural pro... see post
Q. Very very dry scalp
I have very fine hair and a very very dry scalp. What are some products to help with the irritation and itch? Thanks!  
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Femin / RISING STAR / answered
A.  I believe you can find your answer in this article as it is written by real Doctor! see post
Brow Color in relation to Hair Color?
While I don't normally put too much stock in beauty "rules," I have read a few times recently that if you have brunette hair, your eyebrows match your haircolor or  be 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. I have very dark brows naturally. Right now, both my hair and brows are natural, and as you can see, my brows are several shades darker than my hair color.  Does this look too harsh? Should I look into lightening my brows? (Honestly, the thought kind of terrifies me.) I have a hair appointment today and I am also going to get thoughts from my stylist, but thought I would also throw it out to the ladies here. What do you think? Thanks!
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I think your eyebrows are fine the way they are. I've never looked at your photos and thought, "whoa, her eyebrows are too dark." If anything I think their color provide... see post
Make my hair dry faster
I have very thick hair and it takes a very long time to blow dry my hair. I need some sort of spray or balm to put in it to make this process go faster. I know it's out there I just don't know what it's called or where to find it. I was hoping sephora would have something I'm looking for but I can't seem to come up with anything. I don't have the time to let my hair dry naturally. Thank you.
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This:   see post
Bio Ionic Onepass
I'm just wondering if anyone has personally tried this iron? n-P393316?skuId=1693027   I'm interested in getting it but would like to know how it performs first.. I have very thick, somewhat coarse, super curly 3B/3C hair. Ty in advance    
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