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Macadamia Flawless
Just curious to see if anyone's used Macadamia Natural Oil's Flawless? It's supposedly like Wen. Wen didn't work for my oily scalp and dry ends, but I'm still drawn to trying this with the promise of bouncy hair (just did some bad damage to my hair this week from coloring). Anyone have experience with it or heard good things?
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Q. Curling Iron for Shoulder Length Hair?
Hi Everyone,    I've decided to invest in a quality curling iron, and I've narrowed it down to the Drybar 3-DayBender Curling Iron. I have medium thickness, shoulder-length hair, and I need ceramic tools to actually get it to hold it's shape. The problem is, I don't know whether I should get the 1" or the 1.25" iron.    I also plan to grow my hair out, but I'm curious which one would be preferred with my hair the length it is now? Which one offers more versatility in styling (curl shape, changes when used with products, etc)?   Thanks in advance for the help! <3 
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Bumble and Bumble - Let it Shine vs Thickening
Hi! I am looking for a new shampoo and conditioner. I have a few items from Bumble and Bumble and I love them so I would like to stay with that brand.   I am debating on the Let it Shine one or the Thickening one. I've been recommended both and just can't decide.   What is your opinion on them? The length of my hair is roughly to the shoulders.. brown with some blonde highlights.   Thanks
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summer hair products
When you're getting out of the pool or just came back from a day at the beach your hair isn't always the prettiest.  Here are my top product to keep your hair beautiful after you finish swimming: 1.  Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil  This product adds moisture and softness to your hair when the chemicals have dried your hair out  2. Bumble and Bumble surf foam shampoo and conditioner  gives your hair nice beachy waves when its really flat  3. Wen replenishing treatment mist  This product restores your hair after all of the salt and chemicals  4. Drybar detox dry shampoo This product just makes your hair feel clean again  5. Bumble and Bumble surf spray  This product gives you great waves and covers up the dry flat hair that the beach gave you 
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Balayage: Brunette to Blonde ... Eventually
So I did it.  I got about six inches lopped off my hair and, while I wanted to go blonde right away, the lovely and skilled stylist suggested we take a multi-stage approach to keep my hair healthy, and lightened it up using balayage.  Evidently, I won't need to have the color revisited for about eight weeks, at which point we'll add in more blonde.   I'm new to balayage so was wondering if anyone else has experience with it and can I really wait eight weeks?  I love the fact that my hair doesn't scream 'highlights!' and I just want to ensure I maintain this in the best possible way!  
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living proof restore mask safe during pregnancy?
Is this product safe to use while you are pregnant?
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Favorite Hair curlers?
I have straight hair, and it gets super boring sometimes. What's your favorite way to curl your hair? I just don't really want to use curling iron, because my hair is thin enough and I don't want to damage it.  Brands names are welcome too
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straightening spray !
I really want to use the straightening spray has anyone tried it? does it work ?
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Universal Voltage Hair Straightener/Flat Iron
Just brought a T3 compact Singlepass. The Ultra Chi was an option, but I wasn't sure if the Australian voltage would kill my Chi.  What do you guys recommend for a universal voltage hair straightener?  Australia voltage: 230 V 50 Hz I am not staying at a hotel, I will be in my family home.   
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Has anyone tried the Phytospecific Relaxer? I'm thinking about relaxing my hair. Thanks
I am half white/half black with slightly curly hair. Let me know what you think.
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I have curly hair with no root volume
So I have naturally curly hair. I use the Deva Curl 3 step and when I got my hair cut by a DevaCurl specialist (he did a dry cut) he did a great job of putting volume at my roots with the duckbill clips. When I try to replicate the process I can't seem to get my roots to work with me. I was wondering if I should use a volumizing product to help with the volume or just keep using the clips? Even when I straighten my hair and try back combing I still can't get any volume in the crown. Anyone have any advice? 
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Should I get the Silk'n Hair Removal Device?
20% off is a big incentive for me to get this thing that I've been debating over for what seems like forever. I have pale skin and dark hair, which is supposed to be best for these sorts of devices. I'd love any input if anyone has tried it. Enable me or unenable me! al-P379503?skuId=1539659
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Home laser hair removal
Anyone ever tried any of the home laser hair removal systems? I'd like to not have to bother shaving my legs/armpits/bikini area anymore. I'd love to hear your experiences!
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Has anyone used the Caviar Clinical Starter Kit by Alterna
Hi,   I was wondering if anyone had tried the Caviar Clinical Starter Kit?  How did it work for you?  Did it make your hair look fuller?  Is it a very intensive kit?
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Waves V Curls?
I have a TON of hair (like... a lot.) I want to curl it for prom but it gets BIG when I curl it. Would curls or waves bring volume down a bit? (In the shaft, not at the root) I have fairly long hair, down to the middle of my back, but my hair just gets so big when I curl it, it doesn't look that long. I want it to go on for days, while still having some style. So would curls (would a smaller barrel or a larger barrel produce less volume?) or waves (how would I make waves...) have less volume in the shaft itself?
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Drybar Products @ Sephora - free hairspray with curling iron
I am personally terrible with styling my hair, so I love to treat myself to blowouts @ DB!  Have not tried their products yet (they have always used Loreal and Moroccan Oil at the salons) but am looking forward to trying some volumizing products! I may not be getting the curling iron, but for those interested in this super-cute yellow buttercup one, there is a promotion right now    
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NuMe vs KQC Flat Iron
I am looking into a new flat iron and have heard great things about the KQC Flat Iron and things about NuMe too.  I was leaning more towards the KQC at first, but then when I saw many beauty youtube guru's using NuMe, it made me think again.    Just wondering which one is better or if both are just the same? Any tips on which one to get? Any pros and cons?    
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Top Chef Hair Envy
Anyone have any idea what product Kristen on this season's Top Chef ()season 10) uses to get the awesome motion and hold in her hair? Or suggestions of products and routines to try?   I love the wave she gets but it still holds and looks natural.
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Q. phytokeratine shampoo
should i use phytokeratine shampoo with another shampoo, too or should this be the only shampoo that i use?
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Q. Is the T3 Ombre in Bloom iron the same iron as the Singlepass sold alone?
Is the T3 Ombre in Bloom iron the same iron as the Singlepass that is sold by itself? And does it not come with the mat/cloth to store it? Is it really just the Iron,a scarf and a comb? I would just like to know because the Singlepass does come with a storage cloth....Also,does the T3 no longer make 1 3/8' irons? is this a big difference from the one inch?
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Q. Phyto Relaxing Balm for curly hair
Can i use this product just to tame the frizz. not planing on doing anything to my hair just wear it natural but without the frizz.
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Q. Hair dryers!
What's the different between the T3 Veloce and Featherweight hair dryers, besides the $100 price difference? I have very long, wavy hair, and it easily gets frizzy when I blow dry it, plus it takes forever to dry!! I've only ever used cheap drugstore hair dryers, but I promised myself if I passed my summer school course, I would treat myself to a quality hair dryer, and I've heard that T3 is the best! Any input?
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Q. growing out hair
Hi, I am a teenager and I have gone through 4 to 5 years of getting my hair relaxed straight. I have recently starting to try to grow out my hair because I am tired of relaxer and I have really pretty curly hair. However, I have been having trouble with growing it out because I have very dry , thick , breaking hair . I have used sooo many different products but I don't know what to do.   Could you recommend a shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer for my hair that would also make my hair manageable with the thick natural hair at the roots and the straight relaxed hair at the ends for everyday styling. The moisturizer would also have to be lightweight and easy because I hate moisturizing my hair because all I have used have been heavy and greasy. Also could you recommend any products to help with the growing process.   Oh yea and I happen to be a swimmer too, so could you recommend something for that and what to do with it, thanks.
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Q. keratherapy products
I just had the Keratherapy hair treatment done on Tuesday night. My hair feels, looks great, but I am not going to assume these are the results until I finally wash it on Saturday morning and see for myself! The stylist said I didn't need any special hair care products once I did the treatment, but once I got the treatment she said I had to use the Keratherapy line of shampoo, and conditioner to maintain results. :@ urgh so frustrating. They were about $25 each and I was skeptical to buy right away. Can anyone vouch for this? Or let me know a cheaper substitute? Thanks so much
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Q. Hot Tools 2179 Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver HT2179
I am looking for a deep waver and the one I really fell in love with is the Hot Tools 2179 Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver HT2179 .  I saw this Hot Tools one on YouTube from jlovesmac1.  She does a tutorial on crimping hair and she uses that exact same waver.  I was just wondering, is there a comparable one for that product and something that is cheaper but works just as great as that one?  I live in Canada, and I don’t think they sell Hot Tools in Canada or Manitoba even.   Any suggestions?
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