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great smelling hair spray
I'm looking for a finishing spray for light to medium hold; I have other products for the heavy duty stuff   I'd love something that has a nice scent, to be part of the experience. I was using Ojon color sustain Gloss Finishing Hair Spray, but Sephora doesn't carry it, and I like the Ouidad Finishing Mist & Holding Spray ing-spray-P242151?skuId=1200138&icid2=products%20g ...  but it is unscented.    Thank you for sharing your experiences. 
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Drybar (strongest scent but strong hold- u may be able to lighten hold by using lighter hand), Moroccan oil brand, living proof   I remember these scented hairsprays b... see post
What is the correct way to re-dye hair?
My friend has been using boxed dye on her hair and she says that her hair won't take dye anymore or the dye seems to wash out quickly/fade. She has been using permanent boxed dyes. After using numerous boxed dyes the hair seems damaged and she wants to cover greys.   I don't dye my hair so I couldn't offer advice. What is the correct way to re-dye/refresh hair colour? Example: If she has dyed hair is it correct for her to keep using dye over dye with developer etc? I was googling and found that people refresh/tone their hair in certain ways. After dying with permanent is it correct to keep re-dying with permanent dyes and developers or are you supposed to use a semi-permanent overtop (or a less intense developer)? I'm lost here lol please help!! (also trying to cover greys here so please keep that in mind)...   Thanks!!!! =D
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naturtint has a line that is especially crated for covering gray hair, i believe it's the number with a letter N. for example 7N, rather than a G or A,C,M. I've found it... see post
Best product for hair flyaways?
So I've noticed lately that my flyaways and "frizz" have become more bothersome in my opinion. For reference, I have super thick brunette hair (chest length), and actually very minimal volume at my roots. Rubbing lotion in my hands or shine serum or other drugstore products don't really work, and I don't like to use gel or anything in my hair because it's easily noticeable. Are there any holy grail products out there for frizz/flyaways? It doesn't help that I'm in the middle of a humid, hot, Michigan summer, but my hair has been bothering me for a while lately. Any advice would be appreciated! 
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Hi Stephanie.  I just bought this product last week and used it for the first time today.  I went extremely light with application because I was terrified to overproduct... see post
Q. hair previously dyed red
Hi! So I previously dyed my hair auburn for about 4 months, then burgundy for another 3, until it faded. I then cut my hair shorter (it had been long) and decided burgundy did not look as good anymore, and wanted to go back to brown/my natural color. The brown looked nice, however, the red was still present. Is there anyway to remove the red? 
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A. I'd recommend going to a hair salon... red can often be a very difficult color to remove, especially without professional grade products. see post
Hair loss caused by LIving Proof - What products help repair and please help!
I used Redken Color Extend Magnetics for a while and noticed increased hair loss, so I tried Nexxus Color shampoo/conditioner. The Nexxus caused very little hair loss, but it didn't clean my hair and left it weighed down and feeling dirty.   So, I tried Living Proof products and my hair is majorly falling out , so much that other people notice and I can see my scalp! I'm freaking out and looking to try new shampoo/conditioner (obviously) but am afraid yet another product line/ingredients will make it worse. Seriously, as in clumps of hair stuck in the drain, on the floor, and falling out while I am just sitting at my computer at work...OMG. I'm probably sensitive/allergic to something in it and no, allergy testing is not an option (too expensive).   What products will help my hair regrow and look less thin, and also help it look volumized asap? I know it will take a while to grow it back. My hair in general is very fine, straight, and tends to hang no matter what I use, so I don't really mind just want my hair back. I am so sad and self-conscious about this.   ************** UPDATE   I have a happy update!   I did more research about my issue and decided to try Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner and after the first wash, ZERO hair was in the tub! Even after I combed it, the difference was dramatic. I know for sure I am either allergic to the silicone-related chemicals (silicones also make my face get little bumps) or the sulfates. It is probably silicones since I use sulfate free hair products for the most part. So, am  quite happy to have halted the hair loss with Yes to Carrots until I see my doctor in the future.   Really, a huge difference. My boyfriend and I did a little dance of joy when he saw the hair-free tub   Hooray! Thanks for your support when I was freaking out. Hugs to all of you.
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Yup it get itchiest at nape of my neck where my hair ends and I get bumps there too...bad bad chemicals! see post
Madame CJ Walker Product Review & Curly Hair Chat
Hey guys!  I was one of the lucky recipients of the Madame CJ Walker giveaway held a few weeks ago on BT.  I received 4 products and would like to share my thoughts and results with everyone.  Hopefully all the winners will drop by and report how they like the products.  I'll start with my thoughts on the products before use and update once I get a chance to try them.   About my hair I have curly hair that leans more towards coily, especially with the right products.  On the curly spectrum I'm between 3B & 3C. I also recently had highlights done so my ends have been very dry and damaged.        Initial thoughts General: Each bottle is clearly labeled with which hair type it's best suited for in addition to being color coded.  Purple is for all hair types, pink for heat styled, blue for wavy/curly & yellow for curly/coiled.     Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment: For all hair types.  This is (obviously) a pre-wash treatment.  It smells slightly floral in a clean way.  The ingredient list includes shea butter, some oils and "fatty" alcohols which are apparently good for the hair.  Who knew?!   Jamaican Black Castor Oil: For curly/coily hair.  This is new to me.  It's very thick and has a strong-ish scent.  You rub this on your scalp to moisturize the hair.  In my initial test it seems nice but makes my hair appear oily. The instructions also suggest using it as a pre-wash conditioning treatment.  I will most likely use it for that.     Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash: For curly/ coily hair.  If you don't know what co-washing is, the quick definition is washing your hair with only conditioner.  Loved by curly girls (myself included) it's a great way to prep your hair for styling without drying out your curls.  VERY excited for this one!   Defining Butter Creme: For curly/coily hair.  I tested this out a little this morning on my second day hair.  It left some residue on my hair and I can still smell it, 12 hours later.  Hopefully I'll like it more on wet hair.     Please share your thoughts on these and any other curly hair products!  I know there are a lot of us curly girls roaming about BT and it's always helpful to hear what works & doesn't work for others!
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I tried the prewash treatment.  It was very heavy and sticky to apply, but my hair looked good afterwards.  There is no way it would have washed out with the included co... see post
styling prducts/shampoo/conditioner for breakage and damage
I have wavy hair that is cury around my face and the nape of my neck, my hair is also extremely fine and prone to breakage. Use a lot of heat to deal with the unruliness does anyone have any advice for shampoo conditioner and styling products?
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Q. Can you help me tackle my frizzy, dry, unmangiable hair?
I find myself constantly fustrated with my hair- it's an absaloute nightmare and I can't do anything with it! It's not curly or wavy but it's not really straight either- it has a few kinks/waves in it which look quite strange. It's incredibly thick and coarse and very dry as well as extremely frizzy and puffy. I get really stressed out putting it in a pony tail or bun because my hair just won't do as it's told and falls out and sticks out everywhere! I've tried so many high street anti-frizz products I've lost count, but none of them really seem to do anything to my hair- I'm under the impression that they're really aimed at people with finer hair than me who just have a few flyaways. I used to straighten my hair every day which was extremely hard work, and even though my hair is so thick and strong it could handle it, I've noticed that it's in slightly better condition in it's natural state. All I do with my hair nowerdays is just wash it, every 5 days or so, with whatever shampoo and conditioner my parents have bought and put a bit of coconut oil on the ends of it as it's drying (which does absaloutely nothing but it makes me feel better :') ). I let it dry naturally as it turns into a giant puff ball when hair dried. My hair would look really lovely and voluminous if I could just tame it; I'd love to put together a hair care routine suitable for my hair but I don't know where to start! I feel like it would be nice wavy, like it does have a few waves in it which can look nice on the right day. I'm also vegan so it would be great if the products reccomended could be cruelty free. Any ideas? I'm so sorry for babbling on, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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A. I think you should embrace your waves! I have frizzy, wavy hair as well.   I would recommend looking into the DevaCurl 3-step process. Essentially, you will wash and c... see post
Q. dying hair grey
Hey guys i am new to this website i have medium dark brown hair i want to dye it grey but under no circumstance will i use bleach. A few months ago i bleached my hair golden blonde and then died it back brown and now i want it grey without bleach could i maybe use color oops to take the brown out and then color it or just put grey color over it ive seen people take regular black hair dye and dilute it grey but what do you personally think is the best grey hair color brand im on a strict budget i hack thick hair and its maybe a inch past my shoulders im not looking for a very vibrant silver hair dark greys fine  thankyou for help .
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A. I have never heard of diluting black dye to make it grey, but I'd be curious to know what colour hair anyone who has done this started with. Dye does not colour hair lik... see post
products for damaged and colored hair
Hey, what kind of products can you recommend for color treated hair that is damaged (also from letting it grow the last two years). and I'm also looking for volume products but I'm a little overwhelmed. right now i use a volume spray in wet hair from loreal, mousse from loreal, loreal conditioner and shampoo, sometimes a mask. and some oil in the wet hair (from garnier). thank you!
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Hi rsebastian,   You might like Living Proof's Restore Line it really helps damaged hair start to feel like new again - works fine with color treated hair as well!  ... see post
Southern Hair Products
I recently moved to the south and my hair is behaving badly! I have long, layered, average hair with a slight wave when I let it go natural.  Any suggestions?
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Hi irishskin,   I'm assuming that you moved to somewhere humid in the south, correct? Out of curiosity, what was the environment where you used to live like? And how... see post
whats your haircare routine?
So, I'm noticing my hair care routine is almost as many products as my skin care routine (well, not quite) but it got me wondering what everyone does for their hair in the morning and night.   In the evening, when its a wash night, I will use a tad of hair oil on my ends and leave in conditioner.  Then I will put in a heat protectant and blow dry my hair straight.  I love to finish it with a shine spray, LOVE the Oribe  texture shine spray I sampled recently.   OR I will put in a curley hair product and let my hair dry naturally at night.   ** this is the part I am still needing help with, as my wavy hair usually ends up frizzing on the ends, and looking so blah without added help from a curling iron in the morning.  Then I am dumbfounded as to what to do for my hair in the morning.     My morning routine usually consists of a bit of dry shampoo and some texturizing / shine spray.     Once a week, I wash my hair with a purple shampoo and deep condition my hair with the purple Aussie conditioner.  LOVE.
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I wash my hair about 3x a week. I cannot wash any less, otherwise my hair gets really oily and my scalp gets itchy. I try to use as little products in my hair as possibl... see post
All Things Blonde!
A place for all who love blonde hair! Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay!
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A sample is a great idea, I'll try that before committing. I'd love to try the Blonde Angel wash but it's a little out of my price range for the time being unfortunately... see post
Dry limp hair
Hi. I'm in need of a new shampoo and conditioner.  My hair is fine, limp, chemically treated and does whatever it feel like doing.  Help 
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Hi mzhawley,    I highly recommend the Keranique line. I have fine hair and this whole line has really made a difference. My hair feels more full and overall it feel... see post
I recent got blonde balyage in my dark brown hair what products do you recommend to keep my hair healthy and moisturized
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Hi bharden,   I highly recommend the briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask! You can use this mask once a week to r estore essential hydration and en... see post
Hair fall...need help
Hey! I have recently noticed that I have severe hair fall and I'm really worried. What can I do to prevent my hair fall? Please help!!
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Get your thyroid level checked too. Hair loss is sign of hypothyroidism. see post
New haircolor and how to take care of it?
Hello! So, I'm going to be dyeing my hair for the first time ever soon. I'm kinda scared, really. I have very thick, dark brown hair that's fairly long. When I say it's thick... I'm not kidding. I've broken who knows how many hair ties and brushes and combs. I'm very pale with a cool undertone and blue eyes, but I have central heterochromia; green around the centers of my eyes. I'm trying to figure out what haircolor would be best, and how do I take care of my hair?
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Thank you so much! I'll definitely get those. I want the color to last as long as possible and my hair to be as healthy as possible. Thanks again. see post
Oily scalp (day 2 greasy), dryish ends, thinning hair question
Last year about this time I moved into my sister's in between a buy & sell. I assumed that the change to her well water changed up how my hair behaved.  Well, I moved into my new home a few weeks later, and my hair problem didn't stop.  I started having really greasy looking hair (not just roots) with more hair loss than normal.  I got the greasy part just isolated to roots again on day 2, but I'm still having the thinning problem.  Over the past year I have tried going to every other day shampoos, switched up products, taken vitamins, had my thyroid checked (no issues).  I'm still dealing with a hair loss conundrum!   Shampoo & conditioner - when problems started I was a devoted Biolage user for a decade.  Now using Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.  Heat - blow dry maybe 2-3 times a week, mostly air dry.  Tools utilized: wide tooth comb pre & post shower, round brush when blow dry Treatments -    leave-in biolage spray on ends only    tried Living Proof Overnight conditioner but I wasn't impressed    Phyto botanical balancing treatment- only used once so far Vitamins - Evening Primrose Oil & Biotin    I'm at a loss.  Anyone have any thoughts?  On my lunch break I am considering buying the Phyto serum, shampoo & vitamins, but I'm curious to see others have done before I invest in this option.  Nothing seems to make my hair happy these days!
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I have 2 recommendations for you. Usually hair loss comes during stressful times, weather change, or after giving birth. If it persists, try seeing a doctor, but here ar... see post
Best Products for Fine Hair
I have posted a conversation asking for advice about my fine hair. I got a haircut recently and I told the hairstylist that I suffer from itchy scalp. She said that it might be because my scalp is oily. I have done a coconut oil mask. I usually don't have the time to style my hair. I usually let it dry naturally and I always have frizz. It also looks flat. I have been eyeing the Living Proof Oil for frizz prevention. My sister decided to try some products on me last night since I will need someone's help in doing my hair for my graduation. She used Bumble & Bumble powder (dry shampoo?) and Moroccan Oil spray before she curled it. It feels nice. But any other products that work well? For itchy scalp and frizz?  
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For itchy scalp, you want to try Dicalabria leave-in scalp spray: it's amazing and you'll see it will stop itching instantly. If you want to get to the root of the probl... see post
Hair Tools: Blow Dryer vs. Straightener
Hi everyone,   I am looking for some advice on whether to get a blow dyer or a straightener. I have shoulder length hair and all I really want is to look presentable (read no frizzy mess). I hear a lot of good things about the Drybar dryer and the straightener, so I am debating on getting one or the other. I do not have naturally straight or fine hair.   If you have both tools regardless of brand, please share which you think is more beneficial to your hair routine.   Thank you!
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I work in the hair industry, and I definitely recommend getting a flat iron instead of a dryer. Here's what you can do to get frizz free straight hair: after washing you... see post
Curly Hair, Cold/Dry Weather.
I live in the northeast, which means cold dry winters and hot humid summers. The latter really works for my hair - I love my natural curls in the humidity. However, it is May now and it's still cold/ dry out. My hair in the winter turns into this haystack of flat static-y waves that I can't style without hot tools. Any product suggestions on keeping my summer curls in this cold/dry weather?    Thanks!!
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 I also love the DevaCurl line! I use their Decadence conditioner and the coconut styling cream and they work great with my hair! see post
My hair doesn't grow!
  Please please please help!!!! I am 24 years old with fine, straight, blonde hair. I am a natural blonde, but I started highlighting my hair only 3 years ago, and my hairdresser is very conscious of my problem and concerns with hair growth so she isn't bleaching my hair off. I only get my hair done maybe every 2 months, and its mild highlighting. I only style my hair maybe once to twice a week, and I only wash it about the same, once to twice a week.  When I was 22 I was hired to be a model in a hair show and the artist colored my hair to be platinum blonde and cut it into a blunt bob by my shoulders. Since that time my hair HAS NOT GROWN AT ALL! it dry and breaks off at the end. It feels full and looks healthy on the top but is stringy and spare towards the bottom. The pieces around my face are about 2 inches shorter than the pieces around the neck/shoulders. Ive tried letting it breathe and grow but nothing worked so for the past year I've been wearing tape-in extensions to hide what I am so frustrated and embarrassed about. Ive asked a lot of hair stylist as to what I should do and 98% the response I get is "oh wow thats weird, just use heat protectant." That isn't going to solve my problem, I need a regiment or something to stick to and be consistent with that WILL work! Ive tried, (for a short while because I just grew frustrated, for about a month): Ovation Cell hair therapy Olaplex Biotin Natural exotic Oils as hair masks Pureology and just not doing anything with it at all..   please help me! i am sooooo clueless when it comes to hair!
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bossladyshruti / RISING STAR / replied
yes you should def get your blood test done. i too have low hemoglobin count and low iron content which used to cause massive hair fall and stunted growth. now i am ta... see post
New Trend - "Women Shaving Facial Hairs"...Let's Discuss
I’ve been hearing lately the new trend “women shaving their facial hair”.  As for me, I am Indian and have been dealing with dark black hair for years and years.  I have been waxing for several years.  But lately I have come across things like Dermaplane which you get done at the salon which is pretty expensive or you can buy a Brow Razor and do it at home on dry skin.  I have watched so many Beauty Guru’s who have been just recently started doing this or have been doing this for years.   And the myth of it growing back thick and coarse is totally untrue.  I wax my facial hairs…my sideburns are probably the worst and I have always had issues with them.  Many of the women use the Brow Razors for peach fuzz.  I certainly don’t have peach fuzz on my sides but yes on my cheeks and stuff.  I know there are alternate options like laser hair removal, but not a lot of us can afford it.  And this seems to be a cheaper and inexpensive option.   I have been researching and am looking into buying those Brow Razors myself.   Just wondering what everyone’s take on this is.  I would love to hear everyone’s feedback and comments if they are currently doing this, what the pros and cons are and if its beneficial to you.
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AlisonNWndrland / FRESH FACE / replied
  It's not a myth... I just think you don't have all the facts (: When you shave, it WILL grow back thicker, darker, and faster. When you wax/pluck/ anything else where... see post
Coarse hair finds relief!!!
I recently tried a sample of Rita HAzan's new weekly recovery remedy, 2 step treatment to be used weekly. Is there any reason I could not use it with every shampoo?  I wash every 2 -3 days and have well water as well as am menopausal, with colored red hair.   This is the first product that has consistently given me swingy, shiny, soft hair , much like I get at the salon.  I plan to use it regularly unless I hear otherwise,   Thanks!  DrMom14
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I would contact the brand directly for that.   From brand's site: RITA RECOMMENDS Use 1x week for damaged hair, use 2x a week for severely damaged hair. see post
Staticy hair?
Any advise or product suggestions for staticy hair?
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Thanks! I will try them out :) see post
What is the best flat iron ever invented??
Im looking for a VERY GOOD flat iron to straighten my fine course hair. Suggestions anyone?
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kristellozano / RISING STAR / replied
Definitely Karmin :D see post
Shampoo for Hair Fall and Dandruff
Hey,    My hair has been braking a lot and i need a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Also I am prone to dandruff so something that doesn't cause that.   Thanks. 
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I suffer from itchy scalp and I have frizz. Do you think that a non-lathering shampoo will work for me? see post
I'd love an advice on hair products for air drying
I have thin, frizzy wavy hair and not a lot of time in the morning to blow dry. I'd love to get some hair products that would help to reduce frizz, add texture and keep the wave in my hair without a use of a blowdryer. Right now i'm using Redken soft right now, but it's not working for me anymore
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I tried Don't Blow It recently and didn't have good results myself - it did reduce drying time, but it left my hair lank and more apt to tangle.   One of the John Frie... see post
Bleach Damage! Help
A couple of weeks ago I got my hair done- three months prior i had had a hacked ombre hair experience and was ready to fix it.  So the color looks fantastic but my hair is so frizzy! I typically use Frederic Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner as well as moroccan oil after washing.  I have been doing treatments but I feel like nothings really helping it.  Does anyone have any suggestions on shampoo/conditioner, treatments, leave ins etc that can help rescue my hair? I am graduating nursing school in one month and want to look and feel fantastic! 
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Redken's "Extreme Strength Builder Plus" is a HG of mine. I've coloured my hair for years, and nothing works as fantastic as this treatment.     A leave-in I love ... see post
splurge on hair dryer or flat iron?
my flat iron just busted out after 4 years. i plugged it in overseas and it smoked even though it was dual voltage. my hair dryer is also wearing out after 10 years. Both were drugstore brands. now that i have some more money, i was wondering if i should splurge on a hair dryer or flat iron? and what are recommendations for each? my budget total is less than $300 if possible....i can go over too    i have thick wavy hair and wash my hair every other day. so i would be using both products a few times a week.    thanks!
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I own the T3 Featherweight blow dryer and the T3 Singlepass hair straightener.   Which do you see yourself using more? Which is more important to you?   With thick w... see post