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Madame CJ Walker Product Review & Curly Hair Chat
Hey guys!  I was one of the lucky recipients of the Madame CJ Walker giveaway held a few weeks ago on BT.  I received 4 products and would like to share my thoughts and results with everyone.  Hopefully all the winners will drop by and report how they like the products.  I'll start with my thoughts on the products before use and update once I get a chance to try them.   About my hair I have curly hair that leans more towards coily, especially with the right products.  On the curly spectrum I'm between 3B & 3C. I also recently had highlights done so my ends have been very dry and damaged.        Initial thoughts General: Each bottle is clearly labeled with which hair type it's best suited for in addition to being color coded.  Purple is for all hair types, pink for heat styled, blue for wavy/curly & yellow for curly/coiled.     Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment: For all hair types.  This is (obviously) a pre-wash treatment.  It smells slightly floral in a clean way.  The ingredient list includes shea butter, some oils and "fatty" alcohols which are apparently good for the hair.  Who knew?!   Jamaican Black Castor Oil: For curly/coily hair.  This is new to me.  It's very thick and has a strong-ish scent.  You rub this on your scalp to moisturize the hair.  In my initial test it seems nice but makes my hair appear oily. The instructions also suggest using it as a pre-wash conditioning treatment.  I will most likely use it for that.     Ultra-Moisturizing Co-Wash: For curly/ coily hair.  If you don't know what co-washing is, the quick definition is washing your hair with only conditioner.  Loved by curly girls (myself included) it's a great way to prep your hair for styling without drying out your curls.  VERY excited for this one!   Defining Butter Creme: For curly/coily hair.  I tested this out a little this morning on my second day hair.  It left some residue on my hair and I can still smell it, 12 hours later.  Hopefully I'll like it more on wet hair.     Please share your thoughts on these and any other curly hair products!  I know there are a lot of us curly girls roaming about BT and it's always helpful to hear what works & doesn't work for others!
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HALL OF FAMER vegchililover78 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Your hair is beautiful!  see post
I'd love an advice on hair products for air drying
I have thin, frizzy wavy hair and not a lot of time in the morning to blow dry. I'd love to get some hair products that would help to reduce frizz, add texture and keep the wave in my hair without a use of a blowdryer. Right now i'm using Redken soft right now, but it's not working for me anymore
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New Trend - "Women Shaving Facial Hairs"...Let's Discuss
I’ve been hearing lately the new trend “women shaving their facial hair”.  As for me, I am Indian and have been dealing with dark black hair for years and years.  I have been waxing for several years.  But lately I have come across things like Dermaplane which you get done at the salon which is pretty expensive or you can buy a Brow Razor and do it at home on dry skin.  I have watched so many Beauty Guru’s who have been just recently started doing this or have been doing this for years.   And the myth of it growing back thick and coarse is totally untrue.  I wax my facial hairs…my sideburns are probably the worst and I have always had issues with them.  Many of the women use the Brow Razors for peach fuzz.  I certainly don’t have peach fuzz on my sides but yes on my cheeks and stuff.  I know there are alternate options like laser hair removal, but not a lot of us can afford it.  And this seems to be a cheaper and inexpensive option.   I have been researching and am looking into buying those Brow Razors myself.   Just wondering what everyone’s take on this is.  I would love to hear everyone’s feedback and comments if they are currently doing this, what the pros and cons are and if its beneficial to you.
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I started shaving my face about a month ago after I found out that my sister has been doing it for years.  I've always dealt with peach fuzz all over my face, and I'd tr... see post
splurge on hair dryer or flat iron?
my flat iron just busted out after 4 years. i plugged it in overseas and it smoked even though it was dual voltage. my hair dryer is also wearing out after 10 years. Both were drugstore brands. now that i have some more money, i was wondering if i should splurge on a hair dryer or flat iron? and what are recommendations for each? my budget total is less than $300 if possible....i can go over too    i have thick wavy hair and wash my hair every other day. so i would be using both products a few times a week.    thanks!
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I own the T3 Featherweight blow dryer and the T3 Singlepass hair straightener.   Which do you see yourself using more? Which is more important to you?   With thick w... see post
How do I dye my hair like this? Help!   I would like to dye my hair like this but I don't know where to begin.   My hair is black and very thick. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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Now that I'm FINALLY (after tonight) back to the color where I was before the hair debacle (ALWAYS CHECK THE INGREDIENTS IN YOUR PRODUCTS!) I have ZERO plans to dye it a... see post
All Things Blonde!
A place for all who love blonde hair! Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay!
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Yeah.  Not to mention the blonde angel line is so pigmented that using two products that pigmented doesn't seem necessary. see post
Shampoo for Hair Fall and Dandruff
Hey,    My hair has been braking a lot and i need a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Also I am prone to dandruff so something that doesn't cause that.   Thanks. 
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Sometimes I feel a bit like a hair preacher, but the only real advice I'd offer is (if at all possible) wean yourself off of a lathering shampoo.  If it lathers, it drie... see post
shampoo and conditioner for oily roots but dry ends
Hi everyone, I'm looking for help in choosing a new shampoo and conditioner. I have long, thick, straight hair that has oily roots but pretty dry ends. I already go 3 to 4 days within washes, and I do use dry shampoo to try and rid my scalp of the oiliness. I hardly use heat on my hair at all anymore and I dye my hair at home every few months, but it's not really something I'm concerned with when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I just really need something that keeps the ends of my hair looking hydrated in between washes but also keeps the roots less oily. Any other tips on what I could do in addition to changing shampoo and conditioner are also appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Before you plan to wash your hair, you should try doing a coconut oil mask. You basically buy a jar of coconut oil (I use organic virgin coconut oil from Trader Joe's), ... see post
best thing for extremely dry brittle hair?
My hair is very dry, especially at the ends!!!! It looks like someone took a rake to it. I have colored my hair in the past and it is colored now as a auburn with blonde highlights, my hair is very wavy almost curly and weird texture thats not thick but also not thin, it is hard to manage but i do want it to grow to a nice length and at this rate it will never happen ! SOS 
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Hi !    You might want to try Christophe Robin's Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender and the Cleansing Mask with Lemon.   The products work as a duo and were created... see post
Oily scalp (day 2 greasy), dryish ends, thinning hair question
Last year about this time I moved into my sister's in between a buy & sell. I assumed that the change to her well water changed up how my hair behaved.  Well, I moved into my new home a few weeks later, and my hair problem didn't stop.  I started having really greasy looking hair (not just roots) with more hair loss than normal.  I got the greasy part just isolated to roots again on day 2, but I'm still having the thinning problem.  Over the past year I have tried going to every other day shampoos, switched up products, taken vitamins, had my thyroid checked (no issues).  I'm still dealing with a hair loss conundrum!   Shampoo & conditioner - when problems started I was a devoted Biolage user for a decade.  Now using Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.  Heat - blow dry maybe 2-3 times a week, mostly air dry.  Tools utilized: wide tooth comb pre & post shower, round brush when blow dry Treatments -    leave-in biolage spray on ends only    tried Living Proof Overnight conditioner but I wasn't impressed    Phyto botanical balancing treatment- only used once so far Vitamins - Evening Primrose Oil & Biotin    I'm at a loss.  Anyone have any thoughts?  On my lunch break I am considering buying the Phyto serum, shampoo & vitamins, but I'm curious to see others have done before I invest in this option.  Nothing seems to make my hair happy these days!
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Hi!    Oily roots can often be a result of many different factors: stress, pollution, accumulation of styling products and so on...   You should try Christophe Robin... see post
Need help with my fine hair
So my hair is fine but I have a lot of it (that's what I was told). I don't believe I have dandruff but my scalp is itchy, so I scratch it often. I know there is no miracle product that can promote new hair growth but I was looking into maybe some scrub or other treatments. I'm definitely going to cut my ends since they seem to thick and heavy. I usually twist my hair before I got to sleep (when I wash my hair) so that it adds volume. Does it damage it, I do not know.
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Your hair seems a lot like mine. I stopped using shampoo about a year and a half ago and only wash my hair about twice a week just with conditioner. I use Head and Shoul... see post
Best Styling Product for Thick, Naturally Wavy Hair (Normal to Semi-Coarse Texture)
I have very thick, brown hair with some natural wave in it. Prone to dryness. Texture-wise, it is semi-coarse. It holds curl easily and gets BIG in humidity.    I am getting my hair cut shoulder-length, with a fair amount of layers. I'm pretty low-maintenance, so I would plan to style it wavy be either (a) using a diffuser or (b) letting it air dry. While I want to encourage wave, I am  really worried about avoiding the "triangle effect" (which my hair is definitely prone to!).    What styling products are best for preventing frizz, but creating some definition and separation when I diffuse or air dry? People have alternately suggested that I use mousse, cream, or a gloss - so confusing! I am also open to using a combination of styling products ( i.e. spraying with a leave-in conditioner and then using a styling product).    Please help!!
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Ouidad heat and humidity line. For one product, it's the gel. There is, or used to be, a trial kit of this line..other places sell this brand as well. Edit: Ulta has the... see post
Best "beach waves" spray for thick, coarse, straight hair?
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray wasn't the right product for me... and I USED to love the John Frieda Beach Waves (original formula, years and years ago), but the re-released formula wasn't as good. Sad! My hair WILL get wavy if I don't brush it, let it air dry, and scrunch with the right product, otherwise it's straight, thick, coarse, and color treated.  Any recommendations?
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Davines has a spray that I really love.  It has a really nice vanilla & musk smell to it.  Though I will say I like the results of these sprays best when I also put othe... see post
Bumble and bumble Leave In/Rinse Out Conditioner canI
I can't believe Bb discontinued this!   I used it for well over 10 years and I'm having a real problem finding a replacement.  All other Bb conditioners are filled with silicone, and my hair does not do well with silicone.    Is there anyone who used this and has now found a good replacement product for it?    On the Bb page on FB there are some posters who are asking for Bb to bring it back, and I hope they do!
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 I know you posted this a while ago, but I'd like to comment that I too LOVED the old B&B leaven/rinse out conditioner.  I didn't even care that I had to buy it often  f... see post
Hair loose or braided at night?
My hair is finally getting to a longer length and I'm wondering what everyone does when they go to bed.  Do you leave your hair loose and flowing or do you braid it or put in a scrunchie?  
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BEAUTY GURU allegrissima / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
I have very long hair.  I used to leave it loose, but then I would wake up with my hair all scrunched up forcing me to blow dry it straight every morning.   Now, I put i... see post
does the caviar products really help with dry damaged hair
BEAUTY GURU allegrissima / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Yes!  Especially the '10 in 1'.  Use at the ends either on wet or dry hair.  It moisturizes very well and the product lasts a very long time.   see post
I have a (dog) beauty question: who sent Johnny a wig?
I know it was someone from BT!  It arrived today from China. LMAO     Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Anybody ready to claim credit yet? ;) see post
THE BEST Flat Iron at Sephora
Hello my fellow beauty addicts! I have had a GHD since 2007 and I LOVE this flat iron! Sadly, I've been rough during my frequent traveling here lately, and while the flat iron itself works great, the plug in portion is falling apart ... and I can see the innards of the giant box thing that plugs into the wall (ouch!) I figure it's not the safest thing to continue to use it, as I can potentially electrocute myself, BUT before I go out, I was wondering if I should stick with the beloved GHD brand, or if there is another flat iron out there that is just as, or more, fabulous??   PROs of my GHD - aside from lasting forever - is that it styles my hair quickly, I can curl my hair with it, it shuts itself off if I leave it on forever (SAFETY is key!), it heats up CRAZY FAST ... I honestly don't have any cons.   For reference, I also have a DryBar Buttercup Blow Dryer and a T3 Micro Curling Wand Trio.   Thanks in advance for any/all the help! You all have a beautiful day!
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I almost bought this one until I saw the 40% off for the GHD! Thanks for the suggestion! see post
Hair product curling hair
I recently decided that my hair needed a change.  It was long and I never used any product or anything.  I just flat ironed it.    It's really thick with natural curls but they're not cute so I make it straight.    So I got it cut.  It's now a "lob" just below my shoulders.  I really want loose/beachy waves like the lob pics here: r-spring.html   I got a 1 3/4" curling iron but I think it's way too big so I'll try a 1 1/4".    But I need help with product.  Obviously I shampoo and conditioner but then what?  Should I use something before blow drying?  Before using the curling iron?  After?  One thing I recently got was a root lifter.  I used it for the first time today but I wasn't impressed.  (It was Aquage... I don't think I used enough).    I feel like a need a heat protectant and something to set the curls but I don't want a really stiff hold.  Help!
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Tape-In Hair Extensions
  Hello,   I am interested in getting extensions and wonder if ya'll can share with me any experiences you've had with Tape-in hair extensions.   I bough clip in but it felt heavy, gave me headache and kept sliding down my hair. I wonder if the tape-ins would be better since the weight is distributed across the tape, instead of focused on the clips....   Any input would be much appreciated!    
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Styling gel/cream.
Hi everyone   I'm Scott, I'm growing my hair out and need some product recommendations please. My hair has a slight wave to it and is prone to dryness and slight frizz if I leave it to its own devices. My current routine: I shampoo and condition with Pureology Precious Oil and then apply one drop of Josie Maran Argan Oil and one drop of john masters Organics Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer (mixture of natural oils) to wet hair and leave it to air dry. This works well right now because my hair is still quite short. However, when it gets longer, I would like to incorporate a styling product. Is there something available I could use that will quickly set the style in place when it's still wet but that I'm able to brush out and still retain a natural but set look? If that makes sense. I've already come across a product which I think might be suitable called AVEDA Confixor Liquid Gel. Does anyone have any experience using this product or any of AVEDA styling products, particularly the gels and creams? Also, I'm not adverse to using products that contain silicones and/or quats because I think the shampoo I use has the correct combination of surfactants to remove and prevent build up. Do you have any product recommendations please in any price range? I'm looking for a gel/cream to use as a leave in on wet hair that will work without heat and will not cause stickiness or flakes but still hold the style in place. I'm also open to any other suggestions or advice. Thanks
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Clipless curlers?
Hey guys I  want to buy a clipless curler, I want something not too expesive but not really cheap either. Also it would be great if it came with multiple barrels.  Do you have any favorites or suggestions?
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Hair brush brands
  I have straight hair and would like to replace the current brush I have. I just blow it out straight before I use my flat iron. The current round barrel brush I have isn't very good. The bristles keep falling off. Any suggestions of brands I may try.
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I agree on the Wet Brush. I now have it in the original, paddle and shine brush. I got a nicer Denman paddle brush to try and it detangled easily, but split my hairs cau... see post
Does anyone know any good hair products for curls! I have curly hair and I'm looking for products that will enhance my curls.
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I so agree! see post
Q. I bleached my hair
So, I bleached my hair 1 week ago and I don't like the results. Now I want to dye my hair dark brown. When will it be ok for me to do this without it damaging my hair? Also because of the bleach my hair dried even more and I don't know what products to use. What will work for my hair? I just bought this product by Wella, it's a reconstructing mask. Will this help my hair?   Thank you!
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A. Hi anavivi,   I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with the results! ): @Asche provided you with some really helpful information. As Asche mentioned, it is best to go... see post
Good hair products
My hair is pretty straight with a slight wave to it but more straight. It has always been oily on the roots to the point if I wash it it in the morning then it will get really oily by the next morning. Two years ago I went to go from dark brown to gray (bad Idea) and the stylist didn't know what she was doing and tried bleaching it to platinum in one day and fried the ends of my hair. Since then my hair has gotten more healthy and not fried as much anymore except when I go out into the heat & humidity it still gets super frizzy which I have never had frizzy hair until the stylist fried it.  Any suggestions of products I can use to help my problems?
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HALL OF FAMER xmychanelscalpel / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
There's a new Living Proof Split End Mender that may work for your ends. It's a temporary fix, but may help your hair appear healthier.    I really love Kerastase for ... see post
Flat iron and heat protectant
I need flat iron suggestion and heat protectant suggestions! Right now I use just a regular chi but I think it fries my thin highlighted hair. Im not sure if I should use titanium or ceramic. I also use hot off the press since I do normally flatten my hair dry but think its a little stiff.
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Kenra has an amazing one, but if you are on a budget, I suggest Got2Be guardian angel. see post
Lightening or bleaching henna
Sorry for the duplicate post but I couldn't edit my original question is about bleaching or somehow lightening hennaed hair. I have shoulder length hair and haven't hennaed my hair for a couple of months. I usually do to cover gray which is currently > 50% and my natural colour is a cool dark brown.. but I have reached a point where I no longer want the hassle of the up keep and think my hair will look great once it's grown out. Has anyone here ever tried lightening henna with successful results either at the salon, at home treatment, or using natural substances (honey, lemon..). I've been using the Lush Caca Brun which I believe doesn't contain metal salts.  However, I have read all kinds of horror stories so just interested if anyone has had personal experience with this and can offer some advice. Trying to decide..can I grow it out and possibly make the grow out less painful with highlights or should I just grow it a bit more and go pixie.  My stylist said she did some research and is scared to do anythign to my hair. Thanks  
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Hey! I don't have experience with this myself, but have you ever heard of the Long Hair Community (LHC)? They have a lot of information from people with tonnes of henna ... see post
Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner.
I'm currently using Pureology Precious Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and then I add two drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil to wet hair and leaving it to air dry. I was wondering if anyone has tried the Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner? Thanks. 
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I use the smooth perfection. I haven't used the other products mentioned, if you're looking for a comparison.   I have very thick curly hair, smooth perfection works w... see post
Hi, I have like a lot of really long and curly hair, wich flat iron do you recommend me to buy? I don't want something super expensive and professional bacause I don't straight my hair regularly... something affordable
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I bought my flat iron on line via Amazon after it was recommended by my hairdresser. He has used it on me before I made the purchase and I am so glad that I did. Here is... see post