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Let's talk curls! Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls. Curly hair is also complicated and we get it. We’re here to guide you in your journey to loving and embracing your curls.   For the last 20 years, our products have been born from the salon, through the conversations we were having with our curly clients. Our product lineup is designed to make all hair textures—wavy, curly and super curly—feel healthy and look gorgeous. The easiest thing you can do to get gorgeous waves and curls is to ditch your shampoo. Without the harsh chemicals found in most traditional formulas, your hair is transformed. Say bye to dryness and frizz! All that's left are beautiful curls that can rock any style.   No matter where you are on your curl journey, we have your perfect routine. Are you wavy, curly or super curly? What products work best for you? Not sure? No worries - we're here to help. We’ll be checking this thread frequently, so go ahead, ask us anything. We’d also love to hear your success stories! Do you have your curl routine locked down? Share your tips, tricks and favorite products to help inspire your fellow curly girls.
I would like to do something with my hair. I have always had my hair pulled back (which may be the cause of my uneven hairline) and tied up all my life. I don't like my hair down because of how frizzy it becomes. I have tried many antifrizz products and am using shampoos and conditioners (Shea Moisture products) so that there are no sulfates to strip my hair of moisture but none of it seems to help the frizz. I live in the Caribbean and daily temperatures are normally around 33-34 degrees celsius A little bit about my hair: I have to apply oils as soon as I wash my hair or else the frizz is much worse when it is dry. When I sleep and wake the next day my hair is dry like I never applied anything. I don't really blow dry my hair. I let it air dry and I don't use heat tools on it at all. I like low maintenance. Hair is naturally wavy to curly and is flat at the top of my head and gets wider below ( like a triangle). Please consider I wear glasses all the time. It never feels greasy unless I put too much product on it. I am of Indian descent by the way. Here are some pics. I can't get the pics to rotate when I add them here. sorry If you look closely at the pic above you can see shorter hair sticking out of my head and looking wiry like. It is like this no matter how much hair product I use. (Shea Moisture style milk or moisturizer) What style do you suggest? How can I style it so I can maintain it? Really sorry about the photo orientation guys.
a thread to talk about your hair goals / experiments / fails / wins / products etc. consider this a RANDOM THOUGHTS: HAIR thread   when i joined BT years ago, i was at the beginning phases of growing out a shaved head, after a decade of cropped pixie cuts and avant garde styles as well as defying my natural texture. my hair is past my shoulders now, and am fully immersed in this world of hair care and styling that i had been absent from for so long.    this thread can be about anything. thoughts, questions, anecdotes that you feel like sharing but for whatever reason don't want to start an independent thread about. cheers !
My hair isn't in the best shape. I like its a ten deep conditioning mask, best ive tried so far. Is there anything better? I want moisture and "damage repair" i just got alterna shampoo and conditioner and it left my hair super dry. i prefer luxury products but am open to anything which will make my hair soft 
Hi,   I have blonde curly hair. I was wondering what a good shampoo/conditioner would be. Or any additional hair products would be.    I'd prefer nothing with coconut oil, as that just makes the outside of my hair feel greasy and waxy, but does not actually provide the moisturizing qualities needed. In addition, Argon oil tends to be more drying.   More on my hair: it gets knotty, and obviously can only be brushed when wet. I've tried most store brand conditioners, and most are too heavy and weigh down my curls. The only one that seemed to work was "Beach Blonde - detangling conditioner" by John Freida. However, like most hair products my hair "builds a tolerance" and that no longer works.   TLDR; Need hair product recommendations for curly hair.
Hello all!   I have been using drugstore shampoo/conditioners, nothing expensive or too fancy for pretty much my whole life. I have tried more expensive shampoos/conditioners but have never seen a significant change in my hair to fork over the extra money. It's funny because I spend a lot on styling products, but cringe for some reason over the high prices of salon shampoos! I think it's just because I want to make sure they actually do something for me. Do you all think that the higher end shampoo and conditioners are actually worth it? If so what do you like? Or what do you like from drugstores?   I have very thick, wavy, blonde hair that I wash 2-3 a week. Would love any recommendations!
Hey guys, I have short, straight brown hair which gets oily way too quickly, and I'm getting tired of washing it daily. Im looking to choose between the  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and the  Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. What are your experiences with them? Which one would you recommend? Thanks!  
Is Keronique Deluxe Regrowth Treatment D&G Deep Hydration Kit OK for colored hair?
A place for all who love blonde hair! Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay!
Can someone recommend either a conditioner or a hair mask for dry and damaged hair? must be color safe for I have blonde highlights.On a budget so no luxury items unless highly recommended please. Thank You!
I have very fine hair and need a light weight styling cream that won't weight it down .  Something to add when hair is wet to control flyaways.  Any suggestions? Thanks
Does anyone know of any no-shine / matte hairspray that you'd recommend for men? Drugstore or high-end, don't care, just hate the shine! Thank you! x 
I feel like I am losing a fraction of my hair daily! I think its a combination of the heat (shedding), prescriptions I am on, and diet. I don't blow dry my hair or straighten daily, just occasionally. My roots are weak, so I lose strands every time I flip my hair or run a hand through it. Would a scalp oil help? Recommendations please!     
Best sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. 
looking for some hair product recommendations: my hair gets oily at the top throughout the day and looks especially oily when it air dries- looking for a product to leave in hair without needing to blow dry, as well as one to use when blow drying--hope thats specific enough!
Hello, I am in desperate need of some suggestions. My hair is naturally very dark, and past my shoulders. I get bored with it (like every girl does) and switch it up. I've had highlights, balayage, my hair bleached. You name it, I have done it. I recently got a wave perm.( I thought it was going to be a good idea for summer so I can just get up and go) It absolutely fried my hair. I am currently using Redken for my shampoo and conditioner. After the perm my hair needed some TLC so I purchased Mudslide by Drybar and it has helped some. Some parts of my hair are frizzy from the damage, and it just doesn't feel healthy anymore. The curls  from the perm aren't even there anymore, so I end up straightening or curing it everyday. I need a good everyday shampoo and conditioner to bring my dry damaged hair back to life. 
I have fine hair that I'm required to wear up for my job.  It's still semi-wet when I put it up because it takes forever to dry and I'm not going to blow dry it everyday just to put it up into a bun.  Yes, I try to make it loose but it can't be messy.  I'm also outdoors a lot so my hair sees the sun, wind, rain, etc.   I'm looking for a product that will protect my hair from the elements and the constant up do.     I'll admit, due to how fine it is, I even wear it up on my days off and especially to the gym.
I've had long hair all my life (I'm 23) and have always wanted short hair, but never had the courage to do it... until a couple of days ago! I cut all my blonde hair off and got a short pixie cut with some bangs.   Today I realized I have no idea how to style it. When I had long hair, I literally did nothing to it. I let it air dry and I never used any styling products in it. Not even hairspray.   I went to Target and Sephora yesterday and bought the following stuff on a whim: Blowdryer (my first one ever!) Bedhead Manipulator Bumble & Bumble thickening hair spray, styling creme, straight blow dry, and sumotech   So far I'm enjoying the messy, just woke up look but I'm looking to experiment. I'd like to get some ideas from women who have had pixie cuts about their favorite styles and/or products to use. For the record, my hair is a step above fine but not super coarse and it was naturally wavy when it was long but not so much now. I also have a really severe cowlick which makes the front of my hair stick up in a poof (you know Conan O'Brien's famous hair? my cowlick was like that with long hair).   I'm just in really new territory here and would love some advice!
hi my hair is thin and above shoulder length. can i go for Hair smoothening process. wil my hair look more thin after smoothening? please suggest.
I LOVED Wen, but I see Sephora no longer carries it.  Is there a replacement for it that works like it does?  I have never been as happy with my hair as I have been with Wen, so I'd love to find something very similar.
Hi, Currently I am using Ouai Smooth Shampoo and Condition for my hair but so many times I feel my hair isn't clean well. Also, when I use oil before shampoo, my hair has oil after the wash. I feel my shampoo isn't mix well with my hair, but not sure about it. P reviously i was using Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner.      Also, I feel after start using Ouai shampoo, I have more hair fall. I have tried to use pantene shampoo to see my hair reaction and I feel that shampoo mix well and clears my hair.But that one have sulfate in it. Could you please recommend me best shampoo for my hair?   My hair type: I have frizzy hair (Frizz sticks only for wash day) Little bit curly (Waves in hair) Lots of hair fall                    
My current L'Oreal shampooo & conditioner are almost out and I'm looking to get something that will actually help my hair look better. I've tried many hair products over the years, but have never fallen in love with anything.   My hair is a little longer than shoulder-length and very thick. It's pretty dry and I have a lot of frizz and static, as you've probably noticed in my WCC photos. I've never dyed my hair so I don't need any products for color-treated hair. You should probably also know that I use Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo about 2-3 times a week for my seborrheic dermatitis.   Here are a few of the S&C I've tried: Bumble and bumble Thickening - I've bought this before and it did nothing for my hair. Alterna Bamboo Shine - also wasn't impressed with this one. Carol's Daughter Monoi - really liked this and it foamed a lot for a sulfate-free shampoo which was great. I only had a foil packet though so I'm not sure how I would like it after multiple uses  Ideally I would like to find a S&C without sulfates and parabens.   Do you have any recommendations on what I should use to help my dry and frizzy hair?
I am looking for a good heat protectant to apply to my air dried hair before straightening or curling.  I have long, wavy, thick hair.  It is color treated.  I am currently using Living Proof spray but am not a super fan of the spray. 
I initially requested ombre highlights with a "funky" color.  The salon I went to told me the only way to do this was to bleach the hair first, then to color.  I agreed accept the highlights came out looking more like two giant skunk stripes.  I also had to re-color my hair weekly because the color kept fading from a deep plum to a washed out pink/red.  It drove me nuts so I decided to do something natural and permanent. I went to a different salon and they assured me that my hair would not be further damaged.  I had more highlights put in with bleach to blend out the thick stripes and then color was applied over the lightened hair. That washed out after 2 shampoos and my hair is completely damaged.  I'm so confused because I thought permanent hair color would not wash out, let alone in just 2 washes!  Did I get ripped off?  Also, is there a way to color hair without bleaching first? Thank you!!!
And tbh, what is this mist anyways? Is it like a conditioning spray...? 
I have such straight fine hair that never wants to do anything!  I'm looking for products to add volume/texture to my hair that makes it more lively, rather than so dull and boring!   Any suggestions would be wonderful!
Been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now but don't know any good salons. Any suggestions??? Thinking about getting this hairstyle...!  
Just an FYI for curly hair girlies. They have curl bars popping up in many places that specialize with curls and help you figure out the right hair cut, tools!  
my curls will not hold for the life of me. I have the T3 whirl trio. I prep my hair with Bumble and bumble invisible oil primer and B+B  flexible hold hairspray, and I also add a bit more spray when I'm done and my curls still fall out by the end of the day. It's so frustrating! Any tips on what other products to use that won't make my hair crunchy from hairspray?