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  I have really bad eyebrows and I want to fix them! My eyebrows are really crooked and I was wondering if any of you guys have advice like should I tweez them to try to fix it or should i fill them in to make it match. I was also wondering if there is anything I can put on my eyebrows to make them grow faster.      
My GHD flat iron just burnt out yesterday   I've had it for ~4 years with minimal usage, but somehow didn't last.   I'm searching for a new iron and I need and would appreciate your help!    I'm looking for a good quality iron that will last and leave minimal damage to my hair.. GHD used to give me a smooth effortless results that didn't feel like it was "pressing" on to the hair, but glides so maybe something similar with a temperature control    I've read a few reviews on T3 and CHI, but they both have mixed reviews  
Sephora just tweeted:     Sephora@Sephora   ·   5h   #VIBs! You + a friend are invited to get styled by @Bumble at an exclusive event in Bethesda, MD, Sun 9/21. RSVP to 877-842-6659  
My hair has became every thin compared to what it used to be from a couple years of heavy hair coloring and processing, wearing hair extensions and heat styling. My hair also seems like it wont grow past my shoulders anymore it just gets to one length and quits. i have tryed the wenn hair care and other moisturizing treatments that you can buy at Walmart and i use sulfate free shampoo, what should i do to help get my hair back?!?!?!?
My 9 year old daughter has very fine hair and it gets stringy quickly. There was a drugstore shampoo (just a Dove brand) that worked well for her for a couple of years but I can't find it anywhere anymore so I think it was discontinued, and we've gone through quite a few inexpensive brands without finding anything else that works very well. I use a few different professional hair care products and I tried those on her but I have hair color and more heat damage so all my products are too heavy for her. We do blow dry her hair a few times a week. If anyone can recommend a lower to mid priced product line that will clean well enough to get out all of the sweat from gymnastics and playing in the dirt without stripping her hair, and a conditioner that will really condition without feeling heavy, I would really appreciate it! I think what we are using now is the worst one we tried all summer - if we don't find something better before school starts our early mornings are going to be terribly unpleasant as blow drying hair that is dry and sticky with residue is not going well!
Please suggest me best flat iron, my budget is $200, i don't want to spend more than that. I'm confused between GHD and T3. Which one is best?
I want to grow my hair naturally and stop relaxing my hair. I'm currently using WEN products but was wondering what would be best to use to keep my hair fom breaking to help the transition from perming to non perming my hair? Any products, recommendations or suggestions. Help me please 911 THANK YOU
I wash my hair every night, and I know that it is bad for my hair but I play volleyball and I have practice every night and my head gets sweaty (tmi sorry). Should I use a special shampoo or conditioner, or a different product to help keep my hair healthy? Thanks
I'm 60. Have waist long, dishwater blond hair that is 1/2 grey. Thin, oily so I wash every day. Now it's falling out. I've tried everything. What do you recommend?   Thank you,   Debbie Travis
I recently (on Monday) got 7-8 inches cut off and now my hair is in a long bob with layers and I can do nothing with it. It looks terrible and frizzy no matter what. My hair is naturally wavy/curl but all it wants to do is frizz and get fluffy.    How can I get it to curl nicely like it used to do when it was long? When it was long all I had to do was twirled my hair up into two buns and let it air dry. Now it's too short to do that and I can't get it to keep a curl.   I'm devastated because I loved it the first day, when the stylist had curled it, but I'm not a stylist. I'm regretting getting my hair cut. Please Help!
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I get my dark brunette hair highlighted (professionally) a few times a year (usually caramel colored or something close) and recently it has been getting very brassy in between.  I know that using purple shampoos can help, but is there anything else I can use, would like to find something that Sephora carries? Any specific brand?   I also need help with breakage, my hair is fairly dry as well.   Thanks for your help!    
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Hi everyone, so I don't have bad hair days, my hair by default since i was born has had no hope whatsoever. No matter what i do it's dry, puffy, frizzy, curly and thick. I don't blow-dry because when i do, my hair just totally poofs up and frizzes to astronomical proportions. I don't know the first thing about hair care, I've thought about "relaxing" it but don't know anything about the process.   but i would love to somehow someday achieve THIS hairstyle, any tips of how i can get there will be EXTREMELY appreciated
What are some effective ways to help hair grow longer, fast, with lots of health, and tame for the frizziness of curls!?   I have very curly hair, and lately, due to my addiction of straightening it, my hair has thinned miraculously, and also became a hot mess to style, and handle! underneath is VERY curly and VERY frizzy, making for a HUGE knot, and also a huge fro! The top of my hair is very chill and relaxed, and though I try to do just the same to the underneath, as the top, nothing seems to work! I am also finding that now that I have put down the hot irons for a while, and have gotten a trim, and taking prenatal pills to encourage the growth of my hair, NOTHING is working! I need help, NOW! I MISS MY LONG LUCIOUS LOCKS! They were so much easier to tame when longer, and not only that, but much more elongated!    PLEASE HELP ASAP!
Please help give me ideas on what fringe bangs, or just bangs in general, that look best on natural blondes. -Thank You
I had my hair done colored in May and the stylist had to bleach it because I have black hair and its been previously processed. I usually just use Pantene pro v conditioner, then I switched to Aussie 3 minute moisture conditioner. Recently I bought Its a 10 conditioner to see if trying a higher brand would help. I am looking for more options to test out which will help get my hair smooth.   Do you have any suggestions for conditioner for colored/damaged hair? My hair gets so knotty and tangly, especially when it is wet. I naturally have straight medium hair asian hair (not thick but not thin/fine either).
Hi all! I am completely a newbie when it comes to hair. First off, my hair is extremelyyyyy thin and extremely flat. Like it has 0 volume (NO KIDDING)   Also I do not heat style my hair at all. No blow dry or anything. However, I was wondering are there any products you ladies can recommend that can help add volume to my hair. I was searching some hair products on google but most need you to apply the product and then blow dry your hair. Are there any kinds of products that I don’t need to apply heat to my hair but I can still achieve volume. Like volumizing sprays or powders that work without a a blowdry???? I would be nice to just apply it to my hair, toss my hair around and then poof volume lol! Your recommendations would be much appreciated - whether they be products from the drugstore or anywhere!  
Recently had bike accident and along with road rash lost a big portion of hair from the roots.  No major injuries but not sure if there is something I can do stimulate hair grows back - the scalp is healing fine and not infected.  
I need to find a fairly non-toxic aerosol hair spray. My husband & I were using Sebastian & the fumes were awful. Switched to a pump (Kenra) & we hate it. Have used Kenra aerosol in the past, but it constantly clogs. Any suggestions? Thank you!
Wow! I just opened a sample of Devacurl styling gel and I gotta say I'm amazed. My normally frizzy curls are now defined, shiny and not crunchy! I have thick shoulder length hair and used a nickel sized amount following the application instructions. 
Hi all. At one time I purchased a Phyto shampoo from Sephora that smelled like Coca-Cola. It was a dark, clear liquid and worked great. I didn't save the bottle so I only know the manufacturer. Can anyone help?
The other day I went to my local sephora and they had new things on the To Go section, they had a Wen Hair kit for $22. If you live by one, and you love this line or want to gift it or try it out for yourself, I'd recommend swinging by and checking to see if they have any or if they'll have any. Or you can also call and ask. Thought I'd mention it since I don't see it online.  
any recommendation on shampoo and conditioner for oily hair? I have thin oily hair flat hair.....and at the same time i have yet to find a dry shampoo to help to absorb the oil and not make it greaser.....
Has anyone tried CHI hair products? I am thinking of trying their oil conditioner, but am also looking at their regular conditioner, shampoo, or treatment. I'm wondering if their products are decent. Anything you have tried from them that you like?
best straightener for very curly hair? my hair never gets straight when I try
I just recently cut my hair short as it was very long, and i just want to get the length back but also to strengthen it while its growing out. I just really would like my long hair back. It was very brittle before and i cut it so it would get rid of the damage on it because i was curling and straightening it, but it has almost been a year since i put heat on it before i cut it so it was getting a little better with not applying heat. Since i have cut it i have used heat once or twice. But also i've mostly been having a french braid in or a high loose bun. So is that good to be doing or just keep it down in hopes of growing it longer. I normally wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week. The shampoo i use is tresemme keratin smooth and also that conditioner, and after i sometimes will put a moroccan oil in it. Also my hair is very dark brown almost black in color, semi thick. Please help me! It would be greatly appreciated!
I have very thick, frizzy hair, and I like to air dry it sometimes. Does anyone know any products you leave in to smooth it, and leave it frizz free without my hair looking and feeling oily ?
This has been a Holy grail hair elastic and now i cant find them on the site. I guess they're being discontinued and i was wondering if there's something similar that wont break my super curly, fine hair.
I have fine just past my shoulders straight hair and am looking for a mousse to volumize. I'm torn between Alterna and bumble and bumble thickening mousse. Which will work best for my hair type?