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a thread to talk about your hair goals / experiments / fails / wins / products etc. consider this a RANDOM THOUGHTS: HAIR thread   when i joined BT years ago, i was at the beginning phases of growing out a shaved head, after a decade of cropped pixie cuts and avant garde styles as well as defying my natural texture. my hair is past my shoulders now, and am fully immersed in this world of hair care and styling that i had been absent from for so long.    this thread can be about anything. thoughts, questions, anecdotes that you feel like sharing but for whatever reason don't want to start an independent thread about. cheers !
Hello all!   I have been using drugstore shampoo/conditioners, nothing expensive or too fancy for pretty much my whole life. I have tried more expensive shampoos/conditioners but have never seen a significant change in my hair to fork over the extra money. It's funny because I spend a lot on styling products, but cringe for some reason over the high prices of salon shampoos! I think it's just because I want to make sure they actually do something for me. Do you all think that the higher end shampoo and conditioners are actually worth it? If so what do you like? Or what do you like from drugstores?   I have very thick, wavy, blonde hair that I wash 2-3 a week. Would love any recommendations!
hi my hair is thin and above shoulder length. can i go for Hair smoothening process. wil my hair look more thin after smoothening? please suggest.
I LOVED Wen, but I see Sephora no longer carries it.  Is there a replacement for it that works like it does?  I have never been as happy with my hair as I have been with Wen, so I'd love to find something very similar.
Hi, Currently I am using Ouai Smooth Shampoo and Condition for my hair but so many times I feel my hair isn't clean well. Also, when I use oil before shampoo, my hair has oil after the wash. I feel my shampoo isn't mix well with my hair, but not sure about it. P reviously i was using Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner.      Also, I feel after start using Ouai shampoo, I have more hair fall. I have tried to use pantene shampoo to see my hair reaction and I feel that shampoo mix well and clears my hair.But that one have sulfate in it. Could you please recommend me best shampoo for my hair?   My hair type: I have frizzy hair (Frizz sticks only for wash day) Little bit curly (Waves in hair) Lots of hair fall                    
I am looking for a good heat protectant to apply to my air dried hair before straightening or curling.  I have long, wavy, thick hair.  It is color treated.  I am currently using Living Proof spray but am not a super fan of the spray. 
I initially requested ombre highlights with a "funky" color.  The salon I went to told me the only way to do this was to bleach the hair first, then to color.  I agreed accept the highlights came out looking more like two giant skunk stripes.  I also had to re-color my hair weekly because the color kept fading from a deep plum to a washed out pink/red.  It drove me nuts so I decided to do something natural and permanent. I went to a different salon and they assured me that my hair would not be further damaged.  I had more highlights put in with bleach to blend out the thick stripes and then color was applied over the lightened hair. That washed out after 2 shampoos and my hair is completely damaged.  I'm so confused because I thought permanent hair color would not wash out, let alone in just 2 washes!  Did I get ripped off?  Also, is there a way to color hair without bleaching first? Thank you!!!
my curls will not hold for the life of me. I have the T3 whirl trio. I prep my hair with Bumble and bumble invisible oil primer and B+B  flexible hold hairspray, and I also add a bit more spray when I'm done and my curls still fall out by the end of the day. It's so frustrating! Any tips on what other products to use that won't make my hair crunchy from hairspray?
A place for all who love blonde hair! Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay!
My current L'Oreal shampooo & conditioner are almost out and I'm looking to get something that will actually help my hair look better. I've tried many hair products over the years, but have never fallen in love with anything.   My hair is a little longer than shoulder-length and very thick. It's pretty dry and I have a lot of frizz and static, as you've probably noticed in my WCC photos. I've never dyed my hair so I don't need any products for color-treated hair. You should probably also know that I use Neutrogena's T-Gel shampoo about 2-3 times a week for my seborrheic dermatitis.   Here are a few of the S&C I've tried: Bumble and bumble Thickening - I've bought this before and it did nothing for my hair. Alterna Bamboo Shine - also wasn't impressed with this one. Carol's Daughter Monoi - really liked this and it foamed a lot for a sulfate-free shampoo which was great. I only had a foil packet though so I'm not sure how I would like it after multiple uses  Ideally I would like to find a S&C without sulfates and parabens.   Do you have any recommendations on what I should use to help my dry and frizzy hair?
And tbh, what is this mist anyways? Is it like a conditioning spray...? 
I have such straight fine hair that never wants to do anything!  I'm looking for products to add volume/texture to my hair that makes it more lively, rather than so dull and boring!   Any suggestions would be wonderful!
Been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now but don't know any good salons. Any suggestions??? Thinking about getting this hairstyle...!  
Just an FYI for curly hair girlies. They have curl bars popping up in many places that specialize with curls and help you figure out the right hair cut, tools!  
Hi, Everyone!  Does anyone have a recommendation for a shampoo/conditioner for sensitive scalp?  I've tried the "Jason" products and so far, they've worked well (and are affordable!), but feel that they're not the best for my hair.  I was also looking at the "Human+Kind" products, on the Sephora website...any feedback about these or any other products??  Thanks!!!
I feel like I am losing a fraction of my hair daily! I think its a combination of the heat (shedding), prescriptions I am on, and diet. I don't blow dry my hair or straighten daily, just occasionally. My roots are weak, so I lose strands every time I flip my hair or run a hand through it. Would a scalp oil help? Recommendations please!     
Do the Invisibobble hair ties leave dents in anyone else's hair?  I bought them to try them but they seem to leave dents in my hair!  I don't know if it's just the way my hair is or if I'm not using them right, but they leave dents in my hair.
I started using DevaCurl No Poo and One Condition in early January and used it until about a week ago. My hair was gorgeous but I wasn't able to get my hair really clean and developed some crazy dandruff which I've NEVER had a problem with before. I also noticed that I was shedding more hair than I was used to and that my hair seemed to be thinning a little. The shedding seem to get worse and that is the main reason that I stopped using it. When I switched back to Ogx coconut curls I was no longer shedding like crazy. Has anyone else had either of these issues while on these products? 
So I see tutorials on how to create gorgeous high ponytails with volume. I can not seem to master this.  When I pin the poof it always falls flat within seconds and the ponytail always sinks down and doesn't stay high.  Any advice?  I've seen stylist videos where they use this tool where it's like a hair band with bobby pins on the side. I'm so curious about this.    Thanks in advance
I have seen many threads about dry shampoos and which are best for different scalp and hair type, but haven't found anything regarding thin, color treated, especially red hair.  If anyone has a recommendation I would love to hear it, including pointing me to an earlier conversation a missed.  Thanks for your time. 
Is there synthetic tape-in hair extensions available? I have some ethical issue with the regular extensions and am even more so grossed out by the wearing some poor person's hair aspect :/
I would like to use clip in extensions for my wedding but do not know what to get.  Is there a good brand?  I have never used extensions before so I do not know anything about them!  I would like my hair to be slightly longer and look fuller
I have long, thick 3a hair that I really can't stand managing. My curls tend to be dry, frizzy, and undefined. Oddly, when I wear it straight it looks shiny and healthy. I've worn my hair in a wet top-knot for the last three months due to the heat and humidity and amount of time required to style my hair straight. Additionally, I wear a surgical hat all day; it leaves me no motivation to "do" my hair. I'd like to find a routine that allows me to style by diffusing or air-drying and will last 2 days with products that refresh curls. I can't skip washing more than one day since I have an oily scalp. I'm using Lush Curly Whirly shampoo but am open to a new conditioner. For me, Lush American Cream was lackluster. I prefer a conditioner that I can feel providing more slip and detangling. I've tried so many that feel like I put nothing on my hair. I've also tried DevaCurl, Ouidad (albeit, not all), and B & B styling products...all were disappointing. I prefer not to individually wind all my curls...considering my hair is under a hat all day anyway. I just hate looking homeless when I take it off. I know I'm asking a lot here  
Debating on which one to get, anyone have either and can give me their opinion on it? And yes, I do know it's like a $200 price difference, and yes I know it is an expensive purchase (hah...)
Which is better for color treated frizzy hair...Living proof No Frizz or Living Proof Perfect Day shampoo and conditioner?
IGK Consult Post.jpg
I am excited to announce our first ever Live Hair Consultation on BeautyTalk! Mark your calendars because this Wednesday, 3/22 from 10 am - 2 pm PST, the founders of IGK will be on BeautyTalk answering all of your hair questions.    This probably sounds similar to Live Chats and that's because it is. The difference is that Live Consultations are personalized to your hair and much longer than a Live Chat (FOUR hours). Because everyone's hair is different, we are encouraging participants to upload a photo of their hair along with their question. What we want is for you to feel like you're getting the (virtual) salon treatment so show them your hair and tell them about your hair type and hair goals for the best advice! The Founders of IGK are a group of four talented hairstylists who really know their stuff so they  can help you master your frizz, give tips on curling your hair or even give advice on the right cut for your face shape.      Be sure to follow the link below this Wednesday, 3/22! We'll be live from 10 am - 12 pm PST:   See you there!  
I've just recently cut my hair for random reasons, and I've added a little touch of grey to it, which I really liked, I want to do the whole thing a greyish tone, or maybe a light lavender grey tone. Yes, or no?
I had two balayage treatments 4 months apart and my hair has been breaking at the mid shaft since then.  My hair is fine and straight and my hair was lightened with bleach. I rarely use heat styling and use a UV protectant spray and Marrakesh oil after showering. I shampoo/condition every 2-3 days with Joico's KPak Colour Therapy shampoo and conditioner.  I need advice on a leave in conditioner or other treatment to help my hair stop breaking!    Thanks!
am planning to get hair lace wig since i have light hair and i want long curly look, for daily use for long duration. what is your recommendation? is it safe? does it affect my real hair? also can i swim in it? which ones/sites you recommend?