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What's your favorite hairbrush?   I currently have the Wet Brush and like it, but looking for new options. Considering the paddle version from Wet Brush, Denman paddle brush, Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra, Tangle Teezer Styling brush or just getting a new color of the original Wet Brush. Would love to hear what works for everyone else.  
I'm looking for new products to tame my hair once and for all! I have long hair (down to my waist nearly) that is very thick, curly/wavy, frizzy, and rather puffy! My hair is virgin and the only heat products I use on it are my straightener maybe once every two months.   I use Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner and finger-comb my hair in the shower. I let it air-dry and apply John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream on top and under my hair, trying not to run my fingers through my hair too much. I don't brush my hair besides the shower. I wash my hair everyday so I can reapply the products (my hair looks weird after I sleep in it and its dry).    I'm looking for products to control my hair and enhance my curls, without that crunchy feeling. The John Freida product I use works ok, but I have to apply large amounts of it throughout the day to get it semi-tamed. My hair gets especially poofy and I need to bobby pin sections back so I don't look like a lion! I would love to find a product that keeps it controlled. Any suggestions from ladies with similar hair types? 
My hair is right past my shoulders and I am a brunette....I consider it fine/thin (but have been told I have a lot of it)...I do not color my hair and I wouldn't consider my hair to be oily...heat from hair dryer daily and I try not to flat iron at all....I'm looking for any hair product suggestions.....I like my hair to be smooth, but full.
I loss a lot of hair daily. I find them in the shower, on my bed, on my car seat, clothing, and the floor... what can help with that?   No matter how much I wash my hair, it feels dirty and gets tangled. It is flat and my hair looks a mess. What can I do?
What is the best hair product shampoo and condition for hair that is dry on just the ends and frizzy? But other wise is really healthy. I have to use so many products afterwards to just get the frizz down, plus my ends always look like I need a cut. But thank you so much.
Okay, so I'm really looking for a product to use in my hair for air drying, and I was really interested in some of the Bumble and Bumble products, but they test on animals.   I have a LOT of long, straight hair, but the strands are really fine, so I hate to use heat. It also has a tendency to go flat and limp with heavy products.   I'd really appreciate any cruelty-free product suggestions. I'm horrible with hair, and I have no idea what to do with mine.   TL;DR - Light, cruelty-free product for airdrying hair, GO!    
I have pretty oily hair and what feels like tons of excess sebum plugs that I can just pull out at any given time (that's gross, I know, I'm sorry.) I've yet to find a shampoo or treatment that will help slow down sebum production. The only one I've seen that specifically mentions sebum is Jumping Juniper by Lush, but I don't have a Lush anywhere near me and I'm iffy on ordering something and having to pay shipping if there's something better or more accessible for me.   Does anyone know of any shampoos that help fight the oils that make the extra sebum?
I've been looking at different brands of flat irons all week. This is what I've narrowed it down to. Any thoughts on these?Any other recommendations would be great too. My hair is usually  around shoulder length. It's got a slight natural wave. My current flat iron is 2" and I like the wider plates but I know a lot of companies only make 1". My only concern with with GHD ins that you can't adjust the temperature. Karmin G3  GHD gold GHD Eclipse Chi G2
I'm new to understanding and creating healthy hair. I struggle, because I hear everyone's advise about how to maintain healthy locks, but I'm an athlete. I practice 1-2 times a day, and I'm nervous about not washing my hair after each practice session. Can someone please give advice about what athletes should do about shampooing and conditioning?
My hair is finally getting to a longer length and I'm wondering what everyone does when they go to bed.  Do you leave your hair loose and flowing or do you braid it or put in a scrunchie?  
My stylist has cut my hair in the 'lisa rinna' style. She told me to use a paste to maintain the piecey look - but I am not sure what to get as I have never used such a prod.  My hair is fine but I have plenty - I am sure there is a learning curve for using this! Thank you for your help!
  So my younger sister would like me to curl her frizzy, bra length, curly hair like the picture attached. Maybe even a little bit for curlier not ringlets though. I can do my own hair but i just can' do others especially hers. My question is what products can i use to tame the frizz. flyaways, make it smooth on top and have the curls last forever. Which curling wand would you recommend? I have a 25mm wand and a 1 inch i think curling iron, but they create a bit more loose waves for me.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!   I have fine hair (but I was told I have a lot of it). Whenever I was my hair or brush it, there are always a few strands that get pulled out. My concern is slight hair loss and I really want to promote new hair growth. Also my scalp is itching and I have the tendency to scratch it and I get flakes. I often feel little bumps (acne?) on my scalp. I recently purchased Cerafill Anti-Thinning Solution shampoo and conditioner. I also bought Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Oil Treatment and Wet Brush. I really like the oil and the shampoo seems to be doing its job but I am not sure. My scalp is this itchy (maybe it is just a habit I acquired?). Any ladies who can give me some recommendations? Should I see a doctor? Any opinions of ReTress?   
I bought a GHD Air hair dryer and used it the other day. It definitely cut down on drying time. I only rough dry my hair before I style it, but it probably took 5 minutes for my shoulder length hair. My husband even commented on how quick it was.The dryer is a little heavy though. I'm finding myself still wondering if I should have purchased the Drybar Buttercup or the Bio Ionic 10x. I happened to snag a limited addition color of the GHD, and I wonder if I'll just get used to the weight. whwnever i have an expensive purchase like this I have some doubt if I bought the right item. Any one have any suggestions?
So I recently went from a dark brown to a medium blonde, highlights my roots have pretty much stayed the same with the exception of small highlights thrown in there. I am getting regular cuts and everything as well. My hair is just really dry at this time. I know the bleaching damaged it so I need some thing to repair it and keep the color looking good.Also to remove some brassiness that occurs. I have medium length hair wavy/curly and frizzy.  Any help of recommendations would be great thanks!!! 
hello my loves....   I would love to say good morning but sadly it has not been. If those I have not met do not know me my name is Skye and I am a sophomore in high school, I am a shopaholic and makeup junkie to the max! Im just trying to trot my way through high school so I can move to L.A when im done, feel free to message me, I love new friends!   anyway lovelies, so it was a sunny south florida day and my mother and I drive to the local salon that I have been going to for several years. I was going to get a subtle trim to cut off any "dead or split ends" that might have emerged since I haven't cut my hair in a year ( an exact year ago a different hairdresser had F'd up my hair and cut half of it off). I was greeted by a hairdresser who I never met before but she was very welcoming and kind and walked me to a empty seat. I told her EXACTLY what I wanted ( subtle trim, no length taken off) NOW, my beauties I will insert a picture of what my beloved hair looked like exactly a day before it was cut.  I would also love to know if any of you think that there are split ends or noticable damage judging from that. okay so then she advised me to head over to the sink so the other lady could wash my hair and get it wet so it was easier to cut, I did, my hair was wet and I returned. At first the combed out then started subtly cutting off the little ends and tidying it up, I felt comfortable so I began looking through my phone as she was snipping and talking about her vacation. WORST MISTAKE EVER, within minutes of checking through instagram and texting my boyfriend where I was, I literally....literally..felt the wait of my hair had decreased and I looked up and no HALF OF MY HAIR WAS GONE, and she was still talking like nothing was wrong! I said " um excuse me, what happened to my hair?" I had like this sickening feeling in my stomach because it looked exactly it did a year ago when a completely different hairdresser cut half of it off. she looked up and her poor little face looked kind of afraid and embarrassed so I just said "Its okay,Im just going to go now" so my mother saw and was instantly shocked and I just waited for her to pay and then drove home. as soon as I got home I cried for two hours. anyway im not even going to start some little pity party im jsut looking fro the best pills/products to grow it out, please lovelies. I literally look the same as I did a year ago and all my lovely grown out hair is gone. *Picture*
Helloooooo! I'm thinking about purchasing a Mason Pearson brush. I've done some research but I haven't taken the plunge yet because of the price tag. The main reason I'm considering dropping that much $$$ on a brush is because I have an extremely sensitive scalp. I have large surgery scar on my scalp and whenever I brush my hair with my current brush I get chills down my spine! Not fun. I'm considering the Mason Pearson brush for sensitive scalp/fine hair. I'm wondering if any of you ladies have tried them? What are your thoughts on the "Rolls-Royce" (lol, read that in a magazine...) of brushes?
I forgot if they ever do this, but does Sephora have a 20% (triple points, or similar) on hair products? And if so when will it be? Thanks! p.s. I can't post this on Q&A for some reason  
Hi there. Just today I purchased and dyed my hair with the Clairol Natural Instincts hair color. Unfortunately, the color I chose was too light compared to what I wanted. How soon can I re-dye my hair? I'm thinking of waiting maybe 4-5 days. Since I'm going darker, not lighter, I'm hoping it won't be quite so damaging. Also, this was my first time ever dying my hair and my hair is usually very healthy as I rarely use heat on it. What do you guys consider to be a good wait time? Is less than a week too soon? Thanks!
I've searched through the BT threads and saw a few recommendations for this system, but no actual results or review of the system. I'm trying to address some hair concerns and have a few sample packs to try which I'm hoping will last 30 days. Does anyone have experience using this system? How did you like it? What results did you see and did it meet your expectations? Any information is appreciated.   Thanks!
My hair is thin at the crown, looking to strengthen and add volume to it. 
I am looking for a clarifying shampoo for my thick color treated hair and a hair mask. My hair is so dry and I can hardly put a brush though it after i shower even with conditioner. Once its dry it knots up so fast! I think it has something to do with my water. Any suggestions would be helpful.
I need a new blow dryer. My last one was over 10 years old(I know) so I'm sure anything will work better! I'm wondering what YOUR favorites are! My main concern is Frizz. I'm contemplating between the T3 feather weight 2, and the drybar buttercup. any help is really appreciated!!   
What would be a good product to make hair very shiny and healthy looking. I have short hair and would like to achieve this look.
I notice that Sephora is no longer carrying Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme. Is the product discontinued? I have used this product for years and have not been able to find anything else that works on my hair. I have extremely fine hair that goes flat with most products, but the defining creme gave me beautiful, bouncy curls. I tried the calming creme, but it is too heavy for my hair. Any suggestions?
My hair is very dry, especially at the ends!!!! It looks like someone took a rake to it. I have colored my hair in the past and it is colored now as a auburn with blonde highlights, my hair is very wavy almost curly and weird texture thats not thick but also not thin, it is hard to manage but i do want it to grow to a nice length and at this rate it will never happen ! SOS 
My CHI Flat Iron is slowly dying on me lately, and only works when it wants to.  I've had it for 10+ years and has lasted me a very long time.   My next purchase I am looking into and have been eyeing for a very long time knowing that my CHI will die on me eventually is the GHD Flat Irons.   There are like 5 GHD's:   Platinum Professional Classic 1 Inch Eclipse Gold Professional 2 Inch Gold Professional 1 Inch   I was interested originally in the Classic 1 Inch and have tried it before. I have thick, frizzy hair.  Do all 5 of these flat irons do the same thing?   I have read the descriptions and it just seems like to me the differences are that some have just 1 switch so it heats up to whatever temperature or others have the type of switch that you can adjust the settings or something.   I want a GHD that makes my hair soft and silky.  I have never tried any other one except the Classic.     So, for those of you that have tried the other ones, are they just as good?  And I have noticed there is a price difference in almost all of them.  I am investing in a GHD because I have heard amazing things about it.   I am not really interested in the other brands at Sephora, and the Sephora near me is 2 hours away in Winnipeg, so they may not even have some of these in stock when I go in to the City next weekend.  Even when I check the availability in store option, it does say "it was available in the last 24 hours" but most of the time it never really is there at the store.   Any suggestions and help on the differences would be awesome!!!
Hi everybody - I was hoping for some really quick help.   I just saw the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers on QVC, it is a set of 12 rollers, you can choose small or medium rollers, they are a TSV, which means it's only at the special price of $89.88 today, until 12A EST **with shipping/handling of $8.72**   I've been eyeballing these for a while and wonder if anyone has any experience, good or bad, with the T3 Rollers. I know it is a great brand, but it's just a big investment. Any help you can provide will be MUCH appreciated. I just wish Sephora had the set of 12, especially since it's CHIC week This purchase at Sephora would get me so close to VIB status!!!   Thanks in advance ladies!
my old, faithful hot roller set just died.  it's gone, and i'm sad.  i love playing with my hair (i have lots of fine, straight hair) ... spit curls, sponge set, braid, twist, tease, etc. but i absolutely adore hot rollers.  so now i need to replace mine.     does anyone else use hot rollers?  any recommendations out there?