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Does anyone have any recommendations for products - particularly heat protectors or styling products - to use prior to curling dry hair?    In order for my fine, straight hair to hold any curl, it has to be at least 2-3 days old, so I'm rarely putting products in wet or damp hair and am looking for something that won't weigh my hair down or leave it feeling greasy prior to curling. Are any products geared specifically towards applying to dry hair?    I tried searching and all I came up with were threads from people who had dry (as in not oily) hair.  Spoiler (Highlight to read)
Yep, 3rd post back-to back! lol I am trying to put myself back together again! lol SO, I am doing the detox, eating diff., taking supplements & vitamins, and working out ( and yes it hasn't been that long)..... but I am over this whole hair thing'e.   I went and saw my derma today & he said it could take a year b4 my hair bounces back (gets out of shed mode, & it has been 10 months). He had my blood taken to check some things, did a "pull-test", and took some hair to look at under a scope (or whatever). In the meantime he said I could go get Men's 5% Foam Rogaine (not sure what the active ingredient is yet) & massage it in my hair everyday.  So, here are my main questions: -Do y'all think I should wait for the test to come back? -Do you know of another treatment w/ the same active ingredient(s) that may work better & maybe make my hair grow faster (think I am gonna grow it all the way out again & NOT cut it for a hot minute ) lol ?     Any input would be great! Thanks! 
I have extremely thick just past shoulder length hair. It's kind of in between wavy and straight (although I do straighten my hair a bit, never stick straight). All of a sudden in the last 2 weeks it's gotten incredibly frizzy! I'm assuming that means my hair is dry? I use a very conditioning conditioner (if that makes sense) but I just use whichever shampoo. Any suggestions? Please!
Hello! I'm looking for some easy healthy products to use. My hair is VERY thick and it is long and layered. I don't usually do much to it styling-wise unless I'm going out. I don't even really do it for work. I'm looking for first, recommendations for if I shower in the morning, that I can spray/rub/dab/comb through/etc on my wet hair to kind of give it an extra advantage. I usually don't blow dry unless I have hair has a weird wave to it and does tend to frizz, so I'm looking for a serum or something to help control that. I'd also like to find something to put on my hair when it is dry. I've used the paul mitchell heat protectant for when I style, but I guess I'm looking for something that can do the same thing, kind of bring out shine, tame frizz, give me a good look on the go. Hopefully that's not very confusing! I guess I will add the my ends are pretty dry and I tend to every now and then get dry scalp with the weather changing, but just taming my hair and bringing out the shine and trying to make it look healthier is my main concern. Thanks!!!!
After getting a demi-permanent glaze on my hair this week, I've been searching for a new shampoo and conditioner. I've got a long list, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas?   My current hair: long, fine, and the ends are overprocessed. I dyed my hair bright red for many years.  I've added an amber glaze (darker than my natural shade), and want it to last as long as possible.   What I'm looking for: Sulfate free: This should be relatively obvious (but I just learned, for instance, that Aveda's color preserving line has sulfates) Salt free: This is a new one to me, but my stylist insisted that sodium chloride is deadly for color Color preserving: I want to protect my color, especially since it's been processed so many times Hydrating: Bumble and Bumble, for example, technically meets the above criteria, but my stands are straight-up parched after using it.   Does this product exist, or am I asking for too dang much? Thanks for the suggestions/insight! Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
I'm looking for a hair gel that can give me slicked back boyish hair, kind of how you see during fashion week. It cannot flake. I don't care about the cost, or if its meant for men.   I've tried to google, but haven't found what I am looking for   Please help!   Thanks!
I'm 60. Have waist long, dishwater blond hair that is 1/2 grey. Thin, oily so I wash every day. Now it's falling out. I've tried everything. What do you recommend?   Thank you,   Debbie Travis
Hello ladies,   I really need an advice on how to stop my curly hair from falling off. I have tried everything to stop my hair from falling off, from using products to following a good diet and a stress free lifestyle...but nothing has worked.    If anyone knows of a product/ treatment that will help short my curly hair from falling off and actually gaining volume, please let me know! Help please!    Thanks Ladies Spoiler (Highlight to read)       sincerely, Ana
I've been using Shampoo and Conditioner from Living Proof for almost a year now and am very happy with it. Over the last 6 months, I'd tried to stray away from daily shampoos, and generally wash every other day. I have very thick hair, yet it's somewhat fine in texture. Over the last couple of months, I've been noticing something weird- the crown of my scalp sometimes itches and when I scratch, I get a white reside under my finger nails. It's almost granular, not at all flaky like dandruff. And you can't see anything when you look closely at the scalp. What could this be? And what can I do to stop it?   I've tried Medicated Selsan Blue and it really has no effect.
Has anyone ever used one of those? If so how do you like it? This company has a code available pretty much all the time for 160 off on 289.99$.. but shady part is that if you use the code that is advertised on their website you don't get product guarantee and NO exchanges and returns. And they charge you 40$ shipping.  Who pays 289.99$ full price when you see a shining code next to the product? such a **bleep** gimmick.   Are their products actually that good (Hot tools) that people overlook these things.  I just wanted to see what you guys thought about the brand, their products and if you think its worth it to buy their curling irons (I'm on a lookout for one).   
I have been using Wen for about three years and have always atuck by the brand. I use the cleansing conditioner in all the verities and the re-moist and his styling cream and volumizing spray. It's been so long since I used anythingv else that my hair has just gotten used to it and I was thinking about trying Living Proof. What do you all think? Is Wen worth the cost that we pay? I am spending aboutv159.00 a month for all his products. I know that there have been many questions about this product but not one like this that I could find. Thanks in advance , Dan 
Please Help. My hair is fine wavy/curly but flat on top. I cant seem to get any lift without it frizzing. Can  anyone suggest anything. Oh my hair is below my shoulders. And help would be greatly appreciated!
im kind of torn between which one to get..I have a GHD flat iron that i've had for 7 or 8 years.. the quality and durability is fantastic. but I hear Dry Bar is really good as well.. which would you recommend?
any recommendation on shampoo and conditioner for oily hair? I have thin oily hair flat hair.....and at the same time i have yet to find a dry shampoo to help to absorb the oil and not make it greaser.....
Hey everyone!    I'm looking for product recommendations to help calm my scalp psoriasis. To be perfectly honest, I've had these scaly itchy red bumps along my hairline and in my scalp for years and years and years... probably since I was 10, when I started breaking out with acne, too. For years I also thought this was a permanent thing and I couldn't get rid of it.   Then I heard about this thing called scalp psoriasis, and there are apparently ways I can soothe and treat it. I never would have guessed it were possible!   Anyway, I have fine, oily hair and a sensitive scalp. It is color-treated, so I would like my products to be safe for color-treated hair, too. I heard shampoos and conditioners with tea tree oil were good for people suffering from scalp psoriasis, but I'm not sure which brands to try or if it doesn't much matter. I also heard T-Gel is good for treating scalp psoriasis, but I was wondering if it would be safe for color-treated, fine, limp hair.   One last question before I leave it to the floor: STYLING PRODUCTS. Is there anything I should keep in mind regarding styling products? I want to see if I can ever get rid of this scaly uncomfortable skin condition... so should I avoid styling products, or is there a certain ingredient I should watch out for?   Thanks for the help, everyone!
My hair is down to my collarbone. I want to grow it longer, ideally down to my shoulder blades. However, when my hair gets to where it is now I have problems. My hair gets easily tangled and it's sometimes hard to run a brush through. I also will get some split ends and a bit of breakage even if I don't heat style my hair much. When all this happens, I tend to throw my hands up, go to my stylist, and have her cut off a few inches to make my hair healthy again. I currently use a keratin conditioner and, two or three times a week, use a sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair. I use a serum after I straighten my hair.    What else can I do or use to get my hair growing healthy? My hair is fine, naturally wavy, and I color it at home ("stop coloring" is not an option for me). 
i was on the sephora website and saw two products looks interesting and was wondering if anyone has tried them peter thomas roth has two types of shampoo and then there is phyto im not sure which one would work better if anyone could help that would be wonderful thanks.
So after trying to color my hair with a demi permanent that did not work    yesterday I picked up the Rita Hazan Root concealer at Sephora (I was there for the Wen shampoo, that I want to try, but that's another story).   The sales girl said wonders about the root concealer but, after trying it on a tiny section, I'm under the impression that it will completely ruin any shine I might still have left...   Do any of you use this? What are your feelings about it?
So i'm so curious to know, which one every one use? and i just want to know, why you prefer?
I love Lana's hair from her ride video and I have always wanted to get curls like that.  Anyone know how to get that hair style?        
So I'm off to get my hair colored tomorrow (yahoo!) and I'm going for a dark violet red. I know red tones fade fast and I want to try and preserve the color as long as I can. Any tips on how I can keep it from fading? Thanks
Does it hurt? I get my eye brows waxed occasionally but waxing your neck sounds really - REALLY - painful.   I have a lot of hairs on my neck and chin, and they're long, not like peach fuzz unfortunately (I could deal with that) and I think my only option is waxing. Does the hair grow back lighter after the first waxing or do you need several sessions for it to start growing slower? I don't know why I have facial hair like that, but if it's hormonal will waxing even work? Or will the hair grow back within a week?   Thank you!
My hair has became every thin compared to what it used to be from a couple years of heavy hair coloring and processing, wearing hair extensions and heat styling. My hair also seems like it wont grow past my shoulders anymore it just gets to one length and quits. i have tryed the wenn hair care and other moisturizing treatments that you can buy at Walmart and i use sulfate free shampoo, what should i do to help get my hair back?!?!?!?
Hi there,    I seem to have the chronic problem of having relatively dry wavy hair but without the payoff of voluminous roots - instead, my roots are always greasy on day 2 and I rely on dry shampoo without fail!    It just seems that this shouldn't be the case given that my hair is pretty dry.    Any tips, ladies?    xo Grace 
Any one know how to get a perfect shine for thick dry hair that does not make you hair look oily or ruin the hair style by making hair straight?    Also, any advice for freeze puffy hair?
Hello lovies!!    I need a recommendation for a good heat protectant for my hair, preferably drugstore, but you can also mention high end ones too! Also which ones do you not like at all??   Thanks! 
Please suggest me best flat iron, my budget is $200, i don't want to spend more than that. I'm confused between GHD and T3. Which one is best?
My 9 year old daughter has very fine hair and it gets stringy quickly. There was a drugstore shampoo (just a Dove brand) that worked well for her for a couple of years but I can't find it anywhere anymore so I think it was discontinued, and we've gone through quite a few inexpensive brands without finding anything else that works very well. I use a few different professional hair care products and I tried those on her but I have hair color and more heat damage so all my products are too heavy for her. We do blow dry her hair a few times a week. If anyone can recommend a lower to mid priced product line that will clean well enough to get out all of the sweat from gymnastics and playing in the dirt without stripping her hair, and a conditioner that will really condition without feeling heavy, I would really appreciate it! I think what we are using now is the worst one we tried all summer - if we don't find something better before school starts our early mornings are going to be terribly unpleasant as blow drying hair that is dry and sticky with residue is not going well!
Hello, fellow Sephora devotees. I have a question about a product that Sephora doesn't sell, but I was hoping some of you may have tried it in the past (or use it currently) and will thus be able to answer these questions. The product is the KQC Thermal Shine Spray, and I'm debating over purchasing it. So, let's brass these tacks, shall we? I have read that you can use the spray on wet AND dry hair, but what I can't find out is if the spray only works (i.e. makes hair glossy/shiny) if a heat tool is used on said hair in conjunction with the spray. Essentially, I want to know if I could use the spray on wet hair, let it air dry, and still get the wonderful glossy results as if I had dried using, say, a hairdryer. Or, if I could use the spray on already-dry hair and get the gloss without using a heated styling tool as well. Anything you all know about this spray would be greatly appreciated information! Thanks in advance.