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While I don't normally put too much stock in beauty "rules," I have read a few times recently that if you have brunette hair, your eyebrows match your haircolor or  be 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. I have very dark brows naturally. Right now, both my hair and brows are natural, and as you can see, my brows are several shades darker than my hair color.  Does this look too harsh? Should I look into lightening my brows? (Honestly, the thought kind of terrifies me.) I have a hair appointment today and I am also going to get thoughts from my stylist, but thought I would also throw it out to the ladies here. What do you think? Thanks!
I have long, thick, dry, curly/wavy, color treated hair. I have been blow drying it for quite sometime bc i cannot find any products that will reshape the curls/waves and hold. I have tried so many products. My hair winds up frizzy and looking crazy lol . Any recommendations? Thank you.
I have very thick hair and it takes a very long time to blow dry my hair. I need some sort of spray or balm to put in it to make this process go faster. I know it's out there I just don't know what it's called or where to find it. I was hoping sephora would have something I'm looking for but I can't seem to come up with anything. I don't have the time to let my hair dry naturally. Thank you.
I am completely new to hair extensions and need some help! I recently cut my hair just above my shoulders, which I am not fond of. I have been thinking of ordering hair extensions.   Has anyone bought from My Fantasy Hair? I like what they have thus far as they have different lengths. I want either 14" or 16". Would 150 grams be enough? I obviously would not want it to look tacky looking like I do have extensions in.    If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it as I am a COMPLETE newbie!!!! Thanks
So, my Chic Week purchase is likely to be a new curling iron. I have not owned one in years (I'm an old school hot roller girl when I don't just go au naturel with the waves). It's time, though.   Looking for someone larger than 1", ideally more like 1.5". Was considering the Amika Switch Starter Kit with the 1.5" barrel added on. Seems like a good way to get different sized curls from one product, more or less. (Might eventually get the Beach Waves barrel, too.) Thoughts? Suggestions of alternates in the 1.25" - 1.5" range?  
So I have a question that is sort of gross... We are all told to wash our hair every other day, maybe less... When you exercise everyday and get all sweaty what does everyone do? I'd like to know, please and thank you.
I have long, thick hair but it is also pretty fine. I am in need of a good shampoo and conditioner recommendations! I need something that wont make my hair fall flat and keep it clean longer (I wash my hair about twice a week)
Can't decide between the Dry bar curling iron and bombshell wand! What are the pros and cons for each? I have long thick hair.
help? i am 38 and have been told by several doctors over the last several years that i most likely have lupus, but i won't agree to have the "official" tests done until i can obtain life insurance to protect my daughter. I am 99.95% sure the doctors are right since every time my body does something weird, i look it up and it is listed as a lupus related thing.  I have never been vain, and have pretty low self esteem, with the exception of my hair.  Of course, it has almost all fallen out over the last 2 years, ever since i almost died from pancreatitis (most likely lupus caused). Now, i have maybe 1/4 the hair I had, and every time I get stressed, i loose more.  Is there a product that can help reverse this, or am i better off trying to find a wig or extensions? any advice is welcome and really, really appreciated.
I am naturally blonde but have been coloring my hair a mahogany brown for a couple of years now.    I've always had issue with my hair looking and feeling extremely greasy the day after I wash it. I've tried dry shampoos but none seem to work.    What is a really good shampoo that cleanses and keeps my hair soft that is good for my color. Bonus if I don't have to keep washing my hair at least once a day. 
i've had the same ceramic hair straightener since 2006. at the time CHI ruled the market of ceramic hot tools. now it's broken (finally. good run, old girl... ) and i'm seriously at a loss. i know there are plenty of hair straightener tool threads, but i'd love to get a bit of personalized recs from my peeps here.    a little about my hair: i only wash it once or twice a week, so i don't use a straightener on my hair every day, unless for occasional touch ups. my hair is short, but growing. very naturally curly that i straighten while it's short, still.    i'd like it to be effective, not fry my hair (obv) and if it's known for quality, i'd love to make another near-decade long run with it.    any ideas ?   (i also have a text out to my hair dude, so if he recommends something that people don't mention here i'll fill you guys in, too !)  
Hello! I have super curly hair naturally, pictured below.     I normally keep my hair pretty short, even a little shorter then this photo, but I grew it out for my wedding.     My hair stylist straightened it and then put loose curls back into it with a curler.   I am wondering if I can acheive curls like this without a straightener and a curling iron. I prefer to have my blow dryer as the only heat element on my hair. I want to keep the health of my hair as intact as possible. Also, straightening takes more than an hour by myself. I thought maybe larger curlers could work, but I do not know where to begin with that. All I have really ever known is air drying my curls (which I haven't done in 10 years) and my blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. I did have a stint for three years where I only wore my hair straight, but that wasn't nice to my hair and I couldn't spent all those hours doing something better then straightening my hair.   Please help this curly girl out!   Also, this is ultimately what I would love to do with my hair
I know there are lots of heat protection sprays to use on dry hair before using flat iron and curling wand But can some one recommend a liquid or cream heat protection product that could be used on dry hair. For reference I have thick long and color treated hair.
just wondering if the blow out dry bar kit is still available too buy!! 😩🙌
Hi ladies, anyone have an idea how to treat oily hair? I usually wash my hair every other day, but it looks very oily on the second day. It also feels heavy and streaky. I would like to avoid washing my hair everyday since I tend to lose a lot of hair when I shower even though I'm only 18 . Another weird thing is the ends of my hair are usually really dry and I use a Moroccan oil recommended by hairdresser near the ends. I'm so confused as to how my hair can be oily and dry at the same time ;(
Does anyone have any advice, or know enough to compare different types of flat irons? I'm wondering if all of the tourmaline/ceramic irons with adjustable heat settings are created equal.   After about 8 years of faithful service, my trusted Chi straightener appears to be on the fritz. I did a little research on flat irons, thinking that I was going to get a T3 (I bought the T3 Whirl Trio curling wand recently and it is amazing). After consideration, I ended up buying the Rusk Heat Freak Str8 iron, thinking it's also tourmaline/ceramic, and it should work the same. Plus, my sister got it for Christmas and loves it. After using it for the first time this morning, I'm underwhelmed. It took me a long time and a lot of passes to get my hair straight. I don't have that kind of time in the mornings (my makeup application suffered greatly at the expense of my hair, haha). I'm just a little afraid to spend the money on the T3 if it is going to basically be the same as the Rusk.
I have been using Wen for about three years and have always atuck by the brand. I use the cleansing conditioner in all the verities and the re-moist and his styling cream and volumizing spray. It's been so long since I used anythingv else that my hair has just gotten used to it and I was thinking about trying Living Proof. What do you all think? Is Wen worth the cost that we pay? I am spending aboutv159.00 a month for all his products. I know that there have been many questions about this product but not one like this that I could find. Thanks in advance , Dan 
My hair is thin and flat. I blow dry it upside down, have tried several thickening sprays (Bumble and Bumble, John Frieda to name a few).  Everytime I try them it seems as though my roots just look greasier and I see no volume advantage.  Other than teasing the roots (which I end up doing often)- does anyone swear by a product that helps?
Looking for something to freshen up my hair after hard workouts so I don't have to wash my hair everyday (I usually wash it every 2-3 days but workout more frequently that that). I use dry shampoo but I still think my hair smells and looks greasy. Wasn't sure what my options are as far as a no-poo or some other method. I'm not opposed to getting it wet and restyling it, I just was to keep shampoos and cleansers to a minimum. My hair is long and thick with no artificial coloring. Some natural curls but the weight/length of my hair keeps it just wavy. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
Any know any products or home remedies on how to grow my hair out faster and heather. I currently use biotin and heard about fish oil. But I want to know more options to know which is best. Also I need advice for frizzy hair.
Looking to get a new hair dryer. The one I currently have is a decent one. I think I got it like 5 years ago at a salon for $65 or something. My main concern with mine now is drying time. Along with it being heavy and has no attachments (or maybe I just lost them). I would really like it to have different heat settings, a cooling button I don't have to hold onto, just turn on. And a long cord. Non damaging too!  Let me know if any of you have a hair dryer that you just love.  Thanks  
I want to bring the dry conditioner spray on a plane to avoid the fly-away hair that comes with plane travel.  The bottle is 4 ounces.  Is there a sample or smaller bottle that can get on a plane with carry-ons?
I have always been curious about the Hairfinity supplements but never felt I could shed 24$+shipping (to Canada) for one bottle that is supposed to last only one month. But if it REALLY works, it can be worth trying... Has anyone taken the Hairfinity Supplements ? What are your thoughts ? did you have any side effects ?   Thanks
I'm curious about the Drybar buttercup blowdryer and specifically looking into getting the new set with the dryer, the dry shampoo, and heat protecting serum...It's a total of 205$ which is like unthinkable for me, can anyone share their thoughts with me on the dryer, is it worth the price? Also, if you use the dryer do you like their products as well, have not tried those either?? A little history: I have really fine and pretty thin hair, i really don't do much heat styling to it because it is naturally very dry and prone to damage. I recently tried to quit blow drying to see if my hair would improve (look less dry/frizzy/dull/damaged) it did look much healthier letting it air dry but it then would be so limp and just hang so i was conflicted, it looks bad when i don't blow dry and it looks un healthy when i do....Also i use moroccan oil on my damp hair mostly in the ends to smooth and moisturize and i really like that, recently i got into shine serums so i now use Kenra silkening gloss i think it's called and i LOVE that, its more weightless than my moroccan oil so i can use that on the areas closer to my scalp and around my face and that helps to smooth down my natural waves around my face. SOO using both of those i'm pretty happy now with my blow drying results but i still feel like it could be better, so what better than looking for some wonderful thoughts or advice from the lovely BT'ers  
I have thin, fine, color treated hair.  What shampoo do you recommend to preserve my color while giving me more volume?
Need recommendations on a blowdryer and diffuser combo for naturally wavy hair.  I'm looking to maximize my natural wave/curl, and I have very long hair.    I tried the Deva deryer & Diffuser combo but I'm not loving it. For the price ($160) it's not light or quiet.  And while I LIKE the Deva diffuser OK, the dryer doesn't seem to make my hair particularly shiny like other previous ionic dryers did.   Additionally, while I get this is a risk with any dryer: the Deva dryer seems to magically keep sucking my hair into the intake/fan/motor part on the back like no other!  Seriously, this used to happen once in a great while with my other drugstore (gasp) dryers, but since I got this one it's multiple times a session and I have to cut my hair to free it.  Sigh.  I'm contorting to make sure to keep my hair away from the intake as I'm drying but it's getting ridiculous.   Do you have a favorite dryer or diffuser for your curly or wavy hair?  Anything that seems powerful enough to dry the hair, benefits from ionic or other neat technology, or something you love because it's light or quiet?  What else do you look for in a dryer? Diffuser advice welcome too!   Thanks!        
Can you recommend a shampoo sold by Sephora that is safe for platinum seamless tape in hair extensions?
Hey ladies,   I'm looking to buy a new flat iron/straightener. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy. I straighten my hair every day (I use a heat protector, no worries!) and I've previously only used a Chi, but all the ones I've had have broken or don't help me get the silky straightness I get when I go to the salon. Suggestions?   Thanks!