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Here is my current hair     sorry its flipped !   I kinda wanna dye it to this color     I also want to grow out my bangs which makes me liek this photo even more. I also have naturally brownish hair so itll be easier upkeep than the red.   OR I was thinking of going even LIGHTER! to this old color I used to have (Please ignore my tiny eyebrows haha! glad they grew back. Also ignore my irish 'tan' haha! it was the summer.)     Help?!
How do you curly haired girlies maintain your curls the next day?   I wash and condition my hair and if I leave it down naturally, I get really nice loose crimpy waves. If I leave it down like that without any product then the next day my hair is pretty straight/wavy. Not sure what to use.   I like to use minimum products though and breakout easily
My hair is a little past shoulder length and fine.  Although I've been getting my hair colored for years, it is very healthy, not dry or with split ends.  The past several years now, after I shampoo it gets quite nicely wavy/curly, but even if I air dry it or carefully diffuse dry it, my hair dries flat and poufy.  What can I use to preserve that nice wave?  Most products for "curly hair" appear to be for girls with heavy curls who want to eliminate frizz, and those products just weigh my hair down.  What should I try to preserve that wave?
I feel like every styling product recommends applying to wet/towel-dried hair. Occasionally some say "or dry" as well, but for the most part, it seems like most products are recommended for wet hair.   Has anybody used any styling products that they have had good experiences with when applying to dry hair?   (Obviously not including hair sprays or dry shampoos.)
Hi all!   So I'm looking for your recommendations on a line of drugstore shampoo/conditioners that are actually good (or at least NOT bad) for your hair. I know, I know - professional/prestige brands are supposed to be a lot better for your hair, but I'm in medical school and this girl can NOT afford fancy shampoo! I already use nicer styling products (deep conditioners, masks, oils, etc.) in my hair & I only wash it 1-2x/week, so this is where I'm choosing to cut my budget.    I really don't know much about shampoos & what ingredients to avoid and whatnot (sulfates? maybe?! haha!), so here I am. I'd like something that I can buy at my local Walgreens/CVS/Target/Walmart, or even Sally's. Preferably not more than $10/bottle.    I have very long, fine, hair that's in between straight and what I called "frizzy wavy." I usually wear it straight. My hair used to be damaged and dry, but it's pretty healthy now - and I'd like to keep it that way! Any normal, hydrating, repairing,  volumizing, etc. affordable shampoo/conditioner lines that you ladies love - please, share!   Thanks everyone!  
Last night I went and got highlights because I'm beginning my transition back to blonde from red. Well, some of the highlights were overprocessed. I have a lot of hair and was getting a full head of foils so she used a lower volume developer on the bottom and a higher volume on the top. Well, it looks like the higher volume developed faster than we thought it would and overprocessed my hair. Some of the hair that was highlighted was falling out or breaking off. I'm trying not to freak out since my hair isn't falling out at the roots and it's not ALL the highlights. Thank god I have a crap ton of hair and it isn't noticable.   However, I now need a REALLY good moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. I normally use Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line but I want to get something that is extremely moisturizing because of the damage. Can anyone recommend something? I don't mind having to buy high end products like Pureology, Redkin, etc.   Also, if you know of any good leave-in conditioners/treatments for damaged hair I'll take those too. Thanks!!
i am having a bad hair losss. how can i stop it?
Ladies and Gents, I just got my first curling wand today and it works like a charm, but now I have a minor issue..   Once I am done with my curling wand, I turn it off, but what do I do while it is cooling down??   I feel so silly to ask, but I am afraid that it will burn and crack my fake marble counter top of my bathroom sink, and ruin my toilet seat and burn my bedding!
I'm interested in getting a setting spray and a thickening mousse/cream/spray. Both brands look amazing! If you have tried both, which brand do you prefer and any product is on your HG list? Thank you!
Hooray! That avatar of the dog dressed like Dorothy makes me smile everytime I see it!!!   Congrats galore!  
Looking to try out a new shampoo/conditioner. I'm almost finished with the Fekkai volumizing line, and loved it, but it still didn't give me lasting volume. My hair always gets so sad and limp by the end of the day. It's very fine and thin, like the diameter of a penny when I pull it up. I also wash it daily, or I get super greasy.   Now, to stop the people inevitably commenting that "you just need to wash it less and it will stop overproducing oil!", my hair gets greasy fast. I've tried not washing it daily for MONTHS, and it doesn't get better. I tried no-poo with the vinegar and baking soda cleanses, and it was gross and greasy.    So has anyone tried Drybar? I saw they have a 'texas tea volumizing' line, but can't find many reviews. Or is something like Bumble and bumble a good route to go?  
Hey ladies first time poster but long time lurker. I've been dying my hair for a few years now (6-7yrs) and have never had any damage. I recently jumped into the ombre trend and while I love the look it damaged my hair so bad . My ends are so dry (naturally a brunette but not my tips are blonde). I have evry thin hair and whenever I use anything too heavy it just weighs it down but doesn'y really give any moisture. Are there any masks, oils or treatments you ladies could recommend? I have tried the following with no luck:     Avanti Siliconmix hair treatment (HG before) L'oreal serie expert absolut repair(i used the whole line) L'oreal serie expert lumino contrast(again used the whole line) Aussie 3 min mask Olive oil as a treatment Terax original crema Schwarzkopf hair repair mask red one It's a 10 miracle leave in Phyto 7 daily hydrating botanical cream ojon rare blend total therapy oil Redken diamond oil Kerastase nutritive oleo-relax   At this point ladies I'm getting desperate summer is coming and with heat exposure, chlorine and ocean water I'm scared my hair will look even worst   Thanks in advance ladies!
This has been a Holy grail hair elastic and now i cant find them on the site. I guess they're being discontinued and i was wondering if there's something similar that wont break my super curly, fine hair.
I have shoulder length slightly wave thin hair, and a lot of it! I'd like to find a product that increases my waves without looking too messy and without residue. I have lots of layers too Any suggestions?
Anyone have any suggestions to manage fine hair that has a lot of new growths - which is also both curly (underneath) and straight (on top). I prefer the straighter style with my hair. Not looking for volume.
My hair is a nightmare! For as long as I can remember, my hair has always been a problem to deal with. My hair is curly, frizzy, and ridiculously dry. I'm talking Sahara Desert dry! My hair is also constantly getting tangled no matter what I do. I'm starting to think there's a gremlin hiding in my closet waiting for me to fall asleep, before it comes out to turn my hair into a bird's nest. In fact, if a bird happened to land in my hair, it would probably suffocate. Help me save the birds!! What products do you use to keep your hair from tangling? Also what conditioner do you recommend?    The birds need you!!
I was wondering if the eyeshadows in the Urban Decay Electric Palette could be used in the hair?   I've been considering trying eyeshadow in my hair and when I saw the new electric palette (and learned that some eyeshadows shouldn't be used around the eyes) I decided why not try it in the hair   But I was wondering, since I've never done it before, will the eyeshadow just wash out the next time I take a shower? I currently have no other dyes in my hair for it to stick to.   Any and all answers are appreciated, thanks so much. :-)
I have heard so much great things about bumble and bumble hairspray.Has anyone tried Dryspun hairspray, cityswept or surf spray? Are they similar? What's your opinion on them? Please share! Thank you!
Poll time, guys and dolls!   I am curious how often each of you wash your hair.   Also... do you prefer washing it in the am before work, or in the pm before bed?  I am NOT a morning person, so I definitely am an evening hair washer, and do so every 2-3 days, depending on certain factors.   Ok, I want your feedback as well... and, GO!!!
Has anyone used any of the products from the brand Curly Sexy Hair sold at Ulta? Are these products any good?
i've recently just started using coconut oil for my hair and i am OBSESSED. right now i can't stop playing with my hair because it is super duper soft and smooth but i've used it two nights in a row now and as much as i want to soak my hair in all that oily-goodness, i feel that maybe i should give my hair a break. do you guys use coconut oil or any other type of hair mask? how often do you guys use it and what others would you recommend?
There's been makeup, skin care and fragrance galore but I think we need a Sephora Favorites box that's just hair products to play around with.
For all you fine haired girls out there what do you use to add a bit of volume to your straight sometimes life less hair?
I need help with my extremely oily scalp and dry hair its oily enough that when I wash my hair the night before, I would have greasy hair by the morning.... (it looses all its volume, its flat at the roots as it can be) when I try washing it, my hair is so dry that its rough and it takes a while for it to get wet..   I've tried dry shampoo - tried Biaste, Tre semme, and Dove, but they all don't do much but to make my hair super grey no matter how much I brush thru or rub them in..
I have naturally curly hair that I like to let air dry and then add some curls to it with my curling iron. My hair is very dry and I use lots of thick creams and heat protectants that my hair just soaks up. After I add the curls, my hair looks great for the first hour and then it starts to look and feel fried/very dry, as if moisture is just evaporating from my hair. I'll add a finishing cream/oil which helps for about an hour and then it starts to look fried and dry again. Are there any products I should be using to combat this? I have tried Kendi Dry Oil (I spray on my finished hair and like I said it helps for about the first hour) and I use products like Moroccan oil intense curl cream and living proof nourishing cream on my wet hair. Thanks for your help!! P.S. I just purchased Ojon Revitalizing Mist with Ojon Oil which I figured I could spray on my finished hair to add some moisture but I'm not sure it feels moisturizing enough...?
josie hair.jpg
Lately I've been showering at night a lot to allow myself that extra time to sleep in every morning, but one thing that has changed along with my new routine is my hair.  Although I generally like sleeping on my hair because it seems to give my cuticle a chance to lie flatter, I don't always get the desired hair I want when I wake up in the morning.  Because for a long time I straightened my hair, I'm trying to avoid heat-styling as much as possible, and I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies knew of any hair products that were good for overnight use that don't grease up your hair for when you wake up in the morning.  I'd love to hear any suggestions, and I'm most certainly willing to go out on a limb and try something totally out of the box (considering there are any overnight products that could be considered out of the box!).  Thank you all!!
I have fine hair and I would love my hair to be full and thick!! It gets oily at the scalp, but can be a little more on the dry side at the ends.  I have super long hair, almost to my butt. So far, every product I have tried does not work for me. Any recommendations for shampoo, conditioner, styling products, etc?
2013-10-04 00.18.42.jpg
In December I graduated with my masters in Education.  A few days before the graduation I colored and permed my hair.  I've done this before on my own and had no issues.  I guess it was stress because patches of hair came out.  Thank God for my graduation cap that covered most of the damage.    Now I'm growing my hair back and it was doing so well for the last few months.  I've been drinking tons of water, taking GNC Hair, Nail, and Skin formula vitamins and eating better.  For some reason, my hair is breaking again...I notice more hair in my comb now than before.  I'm doing protein treatments and hair masks. Is there anything else that you can suggest, I would greatly appreciate it! ;-)
I have very curly hair and I am looking for a product to help relax the curl a bit to make it more manageable when I style it. Does anyone have a recommendation?