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I have the double whammy of hair genetics. Very fine and not a ton of it, so I really need a hairbrush that detangles without breakage (as my hair easily gets tangled) and gives the illusion of volume or maybe a good shine! Thank you!
Hi,    I have extremely thick, dry and naturally curly hair that literally looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter if I don't style it correctly.  I have been trying to grow out my hair so I have been using the Mane n Tail shampoo for about a year and  I think I have developed an allergy and have been getting a really bad rash on my neck.  I am looking for a hair product that is hydrating for curly, damaged hair.  I usually wear it straight because it is extremely hard to manage when it is curly and it hates any kinds of blow dryers so in the winter it is almost never straight.  Does anyone have any recommendations 
I've noticed basically every time winter comes around my hair starts to get super oily and my scalp starts to get itchy in spots. I always think it has something to do with dandruff but I haven't had dandruff problems for years. Then again I'm still using dandruff controlling shampoo but its not helping with my winter hair problems. For the rest of the year my hair is perfect after I wash it and I only wash my hair every other day. Is there any shampoo products that I can use to help control my oily hair and itchy scalp during the winter months?
As of the last month or so my hair gets oily very fast. I have always only washed my hair every 3 or 4 days and have had no problems. Now it seems my hair is oily 1-2 days after washing it. I have not changed anything in my routine. Any suggestions? 
Is the bumble and bumble hairdressers invisible oil primer a good product to help straighten hair?  Can it be used with a straightening iron?  or is there something else to use to help curly hair be straight with out going to a hair dresser?
hey guys, so i was talking to my dad and he's been trying to get more hair regrowth. he always had a full head of hair (he's why my mane is so lustrous lmao) even after chemo a while back, but he still wanted to try to get more regrowth if he could. the only thing is that he's the opposite of me and wants to keep things natural with no "chemicals". are there any products anyone could recommend that won't scare him off by sounding too sciencey? lol. even stuff like hairbrushes would be great.  i've never needed to delve into the world of hair growth because i've always had too much of it tbh .
So, most posts I've seen on BT are a little older, and I wanted to get updated opinions/recommendations from everyone. I'm in search of a curling wand or iron that is a 32mm barrel or 1.25 inches. I have a NumeTitanium wand (which is a piece of junk). My Nume does awesome curls, but they die down and just give my hair a slight bend by the end of the day. I want to maintain the beach waves for at least two days. I have long thick hair. Most curling iron's I have tried just don't cut it- my beach waves/curls are gone by the end of the day. I don't want to spend more than $150 (unless it's from Ulta because I have 2000 points I want to redeem which equal to $125). Thanks in advance!   EDIT: I also live in Miami where humidity is 100% year-round.
I bought this last week, and was so excited to try out the new curler and especially to use the 3 Amika minis that are supposed to come with the kit. To my surprise, I never received the 3 hair minis and called customer service to they said that it is actually NOT included in the set?! But it's shown in the picture and they are listed in the "what comes with this set" in the description. I am seriously shocked with Sephoras deceitful advertising. I am just wondering if anyone else purchased this product and if so, did you receive the Amika 3 minis? Thanks!
Hey guys, I have short, straight brown hair which gets oily way too quickly, and I'm getting tired of washing it daily. Im looking to choose between the  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and the  Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. What are your experiences with them? Which one would you recommend? Thanks!  
What can i do to get rid of little white stuff on my hair? It is not dandruff and i do not use any hair products
Clear hair of your shoulders and neck
I have naturally wavy/slightly curly and very frizzy hair that tends to get oily at the roots. My usual routine at night is to shower right before bed and blow dry my hair straight (I shower my hair every other day and blow out my hair only on those days). Once I’m done, my hair feels fully dried, and looks frizz-free, but as of the last few months, I wake up to a very wavy frizzy mess and then I have to straighten it again which defeats the purpose of straightening it at night (to save time and not wake up others in the morning).   I don’t feel like I sweat much in my sleep, but I’m guessing that could possibly be a reason why this happens or maybe my hair isn’t fully dried even though it feels as it is. I almost always leave my hair down when I sleep and avoid putting it in an elastic because my roots tends to feel oily when I put it in a ponytail and I don’t want to leave an indention in my hair from the elastic. Sometimes I sleep with a clip in my hair, but that’s not always comfortable.   Any idea what I’m doing wrong, or what I can do to keep my hair straight and frizz-free overnight? Any tips or product suggestions would greatly be appreciated!  
Hi! I don't really use any hair products but I was wondering what everybody's holy grail products are? I have very thick curly/wavy hair that trends greasy. Any suggestions?
A place for all who love blonde hair! Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay!
How is it in comparison with kenra texture taffy and bumble and bumble sumotech? I like both for the texture but not so much for making my fine short hair greasy. Does this feel less greasy and provide more volume? I would love to know. Thanks.
Hi,   I'm interested in the Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush.  My goal is to achieve soft curls with volume.  Would that work for this purpose?   Cheers! P396012?skuId=1703560  
Hi there, Does anyone know of a drugstore red/auburn hair color that actually looks red indoors? Any dye I have tried looks black indoors, but a lovely red in sunlight. I am hoping to find a semi-permanent dye at the drugstore that looks red all the time, indoors too. I have tried the Loreal Casting Crème Gloss, but I have the same problem. Dark brown/black indoors; lovely auburn shade outside. I could probably find what I am looking for in permanent dyes, but I only want semi-permanent. Also, I am not looking for a bright red (like Ariel), but a natural medium/dark auburn shade.  Thank you for reading this.
  I have wavy, curly hair.  The sides of my hair seem to hold curl much better than the back of my hair.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get the back of my hair to stay curly?
I have naturally curly hair that I let air dry and inevitably the top is flat while the bottom is bigger like a triangle lol.  I want more volume near the roots.  What would you suggest is the best product for this?  I know dry shampoo works but I would rather have a volumizing spray instead.
So I have naturally curly hair, but some days the frizz takes over and it doesn't look so curly. I've had the hardest time finding products, I bought Sexy Curly Hair Cream but it makes my hair look wet all the time, like it doesn't dry and it doesn't define them at all for me. I would say my curls are 2C. Every time I look something up on Pinterest or YouTube, the only tutorials and tips I can find are for black women. That obviously doesn't work for me, a Danish/Latina mixed girl, because my hair type and texture is completely different. So does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you so much!
My usual routine is to shower right before bed and leave my hair down to air dry while I sleep. In the past I had no issues with it until recently. On the nights when I do this, the next morning when I get up I find my hair is extremely greasy on the roots. Do you recommend any products or tips to help
I have very fine, thinning straight hair. I can't style my hair as no style will stay long enough and hair sprays make my hair very oily. Any suggestions?
I am searching for  affordable, sulfa-free shampoo and conditioner for fine,oily, henna treated hair
  I need help deciding between Devacurl Decadence products and Qhemet Biolgics. I have Coily, thick and VERY DRY hair my hair type is 3C/ 4A. My hair  is most likely somewhat damaged as well. I have gotten samples of Devacurl Decadance products and even the coconut curler and loved it however, when on the website I see really great reviews for Qhemet Biologics products for Afro dry thick and curly hair. The only thing is Qhemet Biologics is online only so I cannot sample it so I do not know which will truly be best for me. What will moisturize, bring shine, lessen frizz, help with split ends  and bring health to my damaged hair?
So, i have SUPER thick hair.. when i say super thick, think of someone you know with thick hair and double it. I am not joking.. my hair is also super coarse and has a wave to it. I would love to let my hair down more often but my struggle is no matter what products i have tried to put in it, i end up looking like i walk off of lion king on broadway! The bottom of my hair isnt really the issue. its the top front of my hair that just frizzes out and gets really big... any help?!!?!?!?