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I only wash my hair once or twice a week and am looking for the best shampoo and conditioner for that. I have really thick, dark hair.  It usually feels very dry the day I wash it.  By day two or three it starts to feel soft, is more manageable, and looks shiny. I use very little product, mostly because I want to prevent buildup and looking greasy and I don't dye my hair.  I do use dry shampoo between washes when necessary.
I have really curly hair (like Lorde) and wanted to know what products I should use to keep it friz free and not so huge. Also, any suggestions on how I should style it?
I'm not sure I should trust those pesky bloggers, they seem to be biased about curling irons   So I am asking you, which one is your favorite for loose beach waves? I have a Hot Tools that works really well, but it's not a wand.
Just purchased the AgaVE Smoothing Trio & cannot wait to use it in the morning! I've been using Living Proof No Frizz & Perfect Hair day but went on the suggestion of the Sephora rep. Anyone out here in BT land try this set? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts  
So my mom is visiting and she wants to buy some Kerastase vials that are supposed to help new hair grow (he has lost some hair in the last years and she used to love the super full head before...)   I'm looking it up and it looks like what she needs are the Densifique vials. Do you guys know them? Do you know if they word? Any other ideas for avoiding hair loss and helping new hair grow?   Thanks!!!
Hi all! I am creating a spa kit basket for my good friend's birthday this week, and a couple of the products included will be hair products (shampoo and conditioner). Normally, this would be super easy but my friend is allergic to metals. I was browsing a few products on the Sephora site and I noticed some of them contain metals. I am not an expert on ingredients when it comes to hair and makeup products so it has been strenuous going through every single ingredient and googling if they are metals/toxic/etc. Are there any high end or low end shampoos and conditioners that don't contain any metals? Especially those with zinc and nickel in them? I prefer getting products from Sephora because they are more high end and tend to work better. Thanks for any help/advice/etc. as always!
What stores in Virginia carry Rita Hazzan Root Concealer; Tysons Corner does NOT my zip is 22030
My hair is super dry, damaged, and extremely prone to tangles. I have used so many different shampoos, conditioners and different types of brushes. I get my hair cut regularly. I have struggled with extremely tangly hair since I can remember. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and can suggest some products to use that can breathe some life back into my hair and ease the tangles!
So after trying to color my hair with a demi permanent that did not work    yesterday I picked up the Rita Hazan Root concealer at Sephora (I was there for the Wen shampoo, that I want to try, but that's another story).   The sales girl said wonders about the root concealer but, after trying it on a tiny section, I'm under the impression that it will completely ruin any shine I might still have left...   Do any of you use this? What are your feelings about it?
Hello. So my hair seems like it has completely stopped growing and I don't know what to do. I've bought masks and shampoos to help but it doesn't seem to work.
does the hair chalk work on brunettes
Hello, how do I order if I am from Romania?
I'd like to color my hair at home to cover up white hairs (never did it, as my hairdresser is great, but I won't be able to see him for a couple of months so I need a solution for the meantime). Any hints or fool-proof products? One of those that are like coloring shampoos, maybe? I have no clue! I have dark brown hair. Thanks a lot
As yall may know Ulta is having a sale on jumbo shampoo and conditioners. I want to take advantage of this. Does anyone have any suggestions on which ones I should try?   I'm looking for a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner since I do dye my hair(I've striped twice and bleached it once in the last 4 months & in the next couple of days I'm dying it to go back natural) and use hot tools on it.   Thanks in advance!
Hello, lovely community members!  I am in search of a boxed hair dye that will give me a bright and vibrat but natural-looking, coppery red color -- one without too many cool/burgundy tones.   The pictures I linked to show approximately what I have in mind.  I am a natural auburn and have already been dying my hair red (the product i was using has been discontinued), so I don't intend to bleach my hair before coloring it.    Recommendations would be appreciated!  
My friend has thick, wavy, coarse hair. Her sister stole her Chi straightener to take to college and she was asking me if I knew of any better straighteners to cut down on the time it takes her to straighten her hair.   Features she likes: -heat control -gentle-ness on hair (not too much damage, but she does use heat protectant) -lower than $150 in price   She also likes to curl her hair with it.   I'm kinda out of my league here, so thanks in advance!
Hi ladies I am looking to switch up my hair from drugstore brands that I have tried in the past and was looking for some advice. I currently have medium length hair that I am growing out over the summer.   My hair is constantly dry no matter what I am using to clean it and lately has felt always greasy too. Recently I have been switching between different brands once they start to leave my hair so greasy and lacking in moisture. I also itch a lot on my scalp which seems really weird. I have gone between Paul Mitchell, Garnier to the Loreal line and at this point I am ready to get something better. I have tried everything so I am thinking it is time to have a salon quality routine now. I have thick, coarse, dry hair that I do color twice a year at most. I would really love shiny, healthy hair that doesn't look so dry and damaged all the time.
Hi guys!  For starters, I don't really do much of anything to my hair. I'm not good at it, and I am lazy. I love doing my makeup but spending a lot of time on my hair is just so tedious in my mind.  I have really, really oily hair (or, let's say oily scalp). I also have very oily skin, which is all due to genetics. Diet may play a role, but no matter what, I will always have to deal with more oil than most people. So because of that, I use a clarifying shampoo daily. This may sound like too much to a lot of you but I assure you that it is completely necessary to not look like a greaseball. I use random conditioners because I haven't found one I really like. I use that from just below my skull and down. If I do use it any higher, it only makes the situation worse. In any case, my hair usually looks like crap. It gets like poofy,or when it's less humid, almost kind of stringy? It's just not soft and smooth. I have fairly straight hair but if I air dry (which I always do) and don't touch it too much I can keep decent waves. But I just want something to keep it smooth but not greasy. Just soft and not frizzy or poofy or like I've been standing in Florida heat all day. Please help!
Ladies! (and men!)   I'm the MOH in a wedding this Saturday and finally decided how I'm going to wear my hair. My question for you is how much of a difference does a 1/4 inch make in curling irons?   I have a 1 1/4 curling iron as well as a chi flat iron that I use to curl my hair. I'm going to buy another smaller curling iron so that I can have a little variety in the curls and so they last longer (my hair is super long). Would there be any point in buying a 1 inch iron, or should I go for the 3/4 inch to notice a difference in curl size?  
I currently use the Alterna which I do love, but I'm always looking to try new products. Would love some opinions!  My hair is thick, course, highlighted and can be dry if I don't use product. 
So I am ready to bite the bullet and purchase a high end blowdryer since I blow my hair for work and school almost every day. I've been pretty overwhelmed by all the  options and reviews, any suggestions? I was thinking of purchasing from sephora but I am open to other suggestions...  Thanks <3  
protein cream.jpg
It's been a year since my last cut. My hair is a virgin, and its long. I do not dye, blow dry, or use many products on my hair, except this dry hairspray which is only spray where my bangs are (like bumble and bumble drysprun.) I rarely get split ends.And lately I noticed that my hair is now really rough at the ends and knots are formed quite often. I love my darn hair, but now I have know idea what to do. I use the brand alterna- bamboo abundant volume, both shampoo and condition. I always/usually tie my hair in a bun. Is there any suggestions of a good hair product that I could use that'll resolve it or should I go ahead and get it cut? Any good bumble and bumble products?
Can anyone suggest a hair care line for hair that has become dry/brittle from medications??  I have color treated hair & I flat iron but since I started on cabergolline (pituitary tumor)& off/on HRT & testosterone gel because my levels are low. Menopause & lots of hormonal things happening.    Looking forward to any suggestions
I know this may sound silly but I can't figure out what my face shape is:/. I wanna get my hair cut and want a haircut that will flatter my face but regardless of all the sites that tell you how to figure out your face shape I'm kinda lost.  I guess I'm not good at shapes?  
Hi! Does anyone know if Sephora ( or any company) sales a product that helps hair grow when you have lost it due to Chemo? Not looking for a miracle product but a product that might help speed the process up and doesn't cost a Arm and Leg, I can only afford to lose one limb  at a time! lol!
Hey Everyone, I've been diagnosed with PCOS about 8 years ago. Hirsuitism has always been  major problem for me. I have thick, coarse facial hair with a fair skin tone whack makes it worse as its extremely visible. I am so sick of trying various methods in vain whether its waxing, shaving, or threading.I have extremely sensitive skin, and whenever I try any of the above stated methods it always results in a rash that refuses to go away for at least a few weeks! Laser would not work for me as my  hormones are out of balance which would not provide me with decreased  hair growth let alone permanent hair loss.I'm at my wits end and have only one option left which is epilation..has anyone in a similar situation tried it without resulting in breakouts or redness? I'm not too sure as to whether I should purchase one as I'm not sure whether it would suit my skin. Any advice is welcome let me know if there are any other methods I can try
I want to purchase some hair care on Amazon since it is almost half the retail price on the company's website ($70 vs $150). However, I've heard before to not buy any hair or skin care from amazon because the sellers replace the real product with things like Suave or Dawn and sell that to you. What do you think, do you purchase from Amazon?
A friend of mine (no, seriously) underwent chemo a couple of years ago and her hair has been growing back, as she describes it, thin and with limp curls that just fall and stick to her head. She's at a loss for what to use to give more lift at the roots and more body and manageability to the rest. Any thoughts?