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I have very thick curly hair and It has always been the same length for over a year and half. What products can be used help help hair growth or hair treatments can be used to produce hair growth? 
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Pocket Hairstylist is HERE and making its big debut on the Sephora App and at   ! If you haven’t heard, Pocket Hairstylist is a step-by-step guide to creating different hairstyles specific to your hair type.   Because experimenting with new hairstyles can be tricky but oh-so worth it once you’ve completed your masterpiece, I thought it would be fun to attempt some of these looks with a new challenge! (or all of the looks, up to you!) Welcome to the Pocket Hairstylist Challenge!   Each week for the next month I’ll try a different look (see spoiler), snap a picture (or three!) and share to this thread. I hope you guys will join me! Feel free to mention any product or tools used, your hair type and any tips you have for achieving the look.   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Here’s the schedule: 9/14 – 9/20: Beachy Waves 9/21 – 9/27: Fishtail 9/28 – 10/4: Air Dry Style 10/5 – 10/12: Top Knot I left out Dutch Braids (I’m scared lol) but if you try it out show it off! Here’s the schedule: 9/14 – 9/20: Beachy Waves 9/21 – 9/27: Fishtail 9/28 – 10/4: Air Dry Style 10/5 – 10/12: Top Knot I left out Dutch Braids (I’m scared lol) but if you try it out show it off!  
Has anyone actually tried these? or any products like it (the IG famous: SugarBearHair, etc.? And had any luck? Lol.   A few months ago, I went through a phase where my hair was falling out like crazy. In the shower I would have huge hairballs and I would constantly clog the drains. I went to the doctor, and it was related to stress, not eating right, not sleeping enough, etc, etc, etc. But I'm a college student and all those things aren't always possible. So there wasn't really anything they could do but tell me "when your body doesn't feel like it's getting what it needs, your hair is just an accessory, it goes first.".   My hair fall has gotten better lately, but it's still not as full as it once was.   Has anyone tried products like these?   Oh and I read some Sephora reviews, but none really mentioned if these should interact with my medications. I take a daily preventative for migraines.
I'm looking for some advice about what to do with my hair while traveling abroad?  Normally I just go with the beachy waves look, but, right now my hair is color treated and looks awful unless I do something with it. The blow dryers that hotels provide are usually awful and don't have a diffuser.  I know that you can't plug in straighteners or curlers. Do you guys know if it's OK to plug in an hairdryer into a European outlet?  I have a new hairdryer and it's too pricey to experiment with.  Any advice is welcome!
For some reason I can't ask a question on the product page. Does anyone know if the Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam has thermal protectant for my hair? It seems like it would since it is a blow drying product, but the page doesn't explicitly say so. Thanks.
I have long hair that, with age, is becoming more coarse and wavy.  Is there a product that can embrace my waves and make them look more refined and less frizzy?
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,   I have fine hair that is a little below my shoulders. I have frizz at the top of my head. I do use oils like John Frieda's and I even used a sample from Reverie Milk Anti-Freeze leave in treatment but I still get frizz. Anything that anyone can recommend?
My old T3 featherweight bit the dust yesterday.  So now I'm in the market for a new hair dryer and figured who better to ask than you ladies!  I have very thick, long, color treated hair that is naturally wavy/semi-coarse.  For me it's key that a dryer help my hair dry faster, minimize frizz/damage (with help from styling products of course), and that isn't super heavy since it typically takes me a while to dry my hair.  Noise isn't a huge concern to me so I don't mind if it is loud.  Recommendations?!?
as you can see from my pic I have straight, thin baby fine hair. I've grown it to my shoulders now. I want to curl it (see the pic I got off Pinterest, I'm hoping something like that will happen!) but my hair doesn't hold curl all that well. I don't want sticky, crunchy hair. Any recommendations please? Drug store or higher end.    Akso, any permanent or semi permanent curl hairdresser can do to get this look? 
I have long, thick 3a hair that I really can't stand managing. My curls tend to be dry, frizzy, and undefined. Oddly, when I wear it straight it looks shiny and healthy. I've worn my hair in a wet top-knot for the last three months due to the heat and humidity and amount of time required to style my hair straight. Additionally, I wear a surgical hat all day; it leaves me no motivation to "do" my hair. I'd like to find a routine that allows me to style by diffusing or air-drying and will last 2 days with products that refresh curls. I can't skip washing more than one day since I have an oily scalp. I'm using Lush Curly Whirly shampoo but am open to a new conditioner. For me, Lush American Cream was lackluster. I prefer a conditioner that I can feel providing more slip and detangling. I've tried so many that feel like I put nothing on my hair. I've also tried DevaCurl, Ouidad (albeit, not all), and B & B styling products...all were disappointing. I prefer not to individually wind all my curls...considering my hair is under a hat all day anyway. I just hate looking homeless when I take it off. I know I'm asking a lot here  
I started using DevaCurl No Poo and One Condition in early January and used it until about a week ago. My hair was gorgeous but I wasn't able to get my hair really clean and developed some crazy dandruff which I've NEVER had a problem with before. I also noticed that I was shedding more hair than I was used to and that my hair seemed to be thinning a little. The shedding seem to get worse and that is the main reason that I stopped using it. When I switched back to Ogx coconut curls I was no longer shedding like crazy. Has anyone else had either of these issues while on these products? 
Just saw the IGK was launched on the website recently, but currently out of stock and it seems like only the U.S. site carries R+Co (but Saks has it for pre-order Oct 13). I've tried multiple brands but none seem to give me that texture with volume.   Already tried many many products over the years... Dry Bar Triple Sec (also not fond of the scent) Bumble & Bumble (Thickening Spray, Surf Foam, Surf Spray & Air Spun sprays, volume powder, thickening shampoo <- waay too dry) Oribe (both texture and beach sprays) Living Proof (Thickening mousse, Full Dry Volume Blast and Instant Texture Mist - mist is very sticky) Osis mat volume powder Shu Uemura Ample Angora mousse Alterna (volume spray and mousse) Amika (texture spray) Ouai (texture spray) Maybe I'm destined to never have that full volume textured look... I even crimp the bottom layer of my hair for volume For the record, I have stick straight Asian hair, not dyed and doesn't hold a curl for a full day.    Any suggestions? I'm a bit picky about the scents too, if I can smell it an hour after I use it, it's too strong.
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I have VERY flat hair. Only the front two pieces are semi-okay. I mean, I'm not sure what to do with it. I've tried flipping my hair and hair spraying the top to give volume, but is volume the problem? I have really thick heavy hair that's about shoulder length. I'm not sure what to do, or if there are even an products or changes in my hair care routine I would have to change to fix it.
I recently fell in love with the Mai Tai spritzer from a deluxe sample because it smells amazing, so I used the VIBDRYBAR promo on my last order.   Does anyone have favorite product or anything to say about their products? I wanna try something else
My daughter is 9, she has mostly straight but some waves in her hair. She refuses to put it up in a pony tail, she is not a girly girl right now, but her hair looks so, blah, for lack of better terms and she usually has frizz when she leaves for the day but to flat iron to smooth it she has no time for. I have finally managed to be able to put product in it after the shower but she does not wash it everyday, every other day.  I can brush it and 3 minutes later it looks like she just woke up. What can I use to make it look healthy, and brushed and frizz free. Something for wet/dry hair? The dry shampoo just dries it big time. It is horrible to brush after I use a dry shampoo.  She has thin hair but a lot of it.
My hair line around my forehead is oddly shaped so I would like to draw in some hair. Did anybody have recommendations for product that would do well? It should be smudge and sweat proof. I'm sure there are products formulated specifically for this but I don't know the brands and would love to know if anybody has had experience with these sorts of products!
I am using Oribe - Moisture & Control  shampoo and conditioner for my hair, but still I have dry and frizz in my hair. I loved my hair after using this shampoo and conditioner, but now I am planning tennis 4 times in a week and because of that I am losing my hair quality. Is any one recommend me any other shampoo and conditioner? 
So I have been growing my hair and dyed it twice in the last 2 years for highlights. I have also moved where I think the air circulation is poor and there is more humidity. So my hair is a hot mess. Before I could just let ie air dry and now it looks like straw- I just cut off an inch and I am prepared to cut off more- but I would like to try to save what I can. I changed my shampoo and conditioner to sulfate and paraben free- but haven't noticed a difference. Any masks or leave ins that may help?
I have seen a lot of questions on this board for fine hair, but not about hair with all the issues I'm dealing with. My hair is naturally curly (although I wear it straight or curling wand waves - i air dry my hair and then heat style with flat iron or curling wand 2x/week). It is fine, very dry, gets very frizzy, especially in humidity, and is very flat (no volume!) I also have balayage highlights.  I need suggestions of shampoos + conditioners + styling products. I need things that are very lightweight and won't weigh my hair down, but that are also very moisturizing and will help tame frizz. Everything I've tried either leaves my hair dry and frizzy or weighs it down and coats it in silicones. Please help me find products that work! 
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My hair is very long at this point and everyone always says things like, "That doesn't even look real!" and, "Is that extensions?" And I'm just about broke right now. Lol I've got about 12" that I could cut off, though I think I'll wait until I can't stand how much it hurts my head. Lol   I was just curious if anyone has had experience with this and if they would do it again. Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions you can offer. ^_^
So i t takes me at least 1 hour to wash my hair thoroughly with a 2-in-1 shampoo since I love keeping my hair at a long to a very long length (which is why I have part of my gorgeous locks cut off only once a year!!!), but yet, I also have thick hair (but not coarse though) that's naturally straight as well, so it'll take me 2x the amount of time (yes, 2 hours as I've been there and done that!!!) if I were to use shampoo and conditioner separately...='( So  the brand that I've been using for several years is discontinuing the 2-in-1 shampoo at every single store where it used to be sold at and at the store where I used to get it from (don't want to order it from other companies who only sell their products online without seeing it in-person because I don't want to risk with getting any expired shampoo just in case!!!) and I was wondering if I can make a 2-in-1 shampoo by mixing 1/2 shampoo with 1/2 conditioner together and/or use 1/2 shampoo and 1/2 conditioner at the same time when I'm trying to wash my hair? Any suggestions are much appreciated!!! =D Thanks in advance!!! =)
I have very fine hair and need a light weight styling cream that won't weight it down .  Something to add when hair is wet to control flyaways.  Any suggestions? Thanks
Let me start out by saying that for the past 2-3 years, I have been a devote user of my Chi hair straightener. Knowing that it can't possibly last forever, I had had my mind set on purchasing a GHD once poor "Chi Chi" did it's last cha cha.   Well, I'm in the process of moving, which means a lot of drawers are being cleared out, and I'm having to explore several beauty graveyards, including the plot dedicated to styling tools. One particular product caught my eye: my old Remington T-Studio Pink Tourmaline Hair Straightener.   At first, I put it in in the "throw away" pile, as I'm trying to de-clutter while in the process of moving. I figured I haven't used it since I bought my Chi, so I must not need it. But, the inner hoarder in me said, "no, wait...try it out one more time just to be sure..."     And so I did...and I LOVED IT! Like seriously you guys, I don't know why I ever stopped using it!!!! Comparing the final results to what I would get from my Chi is night and day. I actually tried to use my Chi again, and by the time I was half way done, I broke out the Remington.   So this brought me to my question. How many of you use, and/or actually prefer some of the less expensive, "drugstore" styling tools? I know we compare designer and drugstore makeup all the time, but what about our styling tools?!   I for one am now super curious as to what other styling tools I may have been missing out on by confining myself to high end, not to mention pricey, alternatives.   Share share share <3
Hi everyone! I just moved to San Diego and while the weather is incredible, the water is awful. It's been coating my hair with this disgusting residue, to the point where I can't even run my fingers through it. Any thoughts? Any shampoo or treatments (or shower heads) you've found to work with hard water? I'm in an apartment and don't have access to my own water heater so I can't add a water softener. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!
My hair is about shoulder length and is very straight and very fine (also experiencing some hair loss).  It does flip up at the ends if I don't blow dry it or flat iron it.  I like to wear it up/back every time I workout.  Ideally I would love to put it in a tight bun/knot, but I can't really get that to work (I'm pretty much hair-challenged).  Also, because it's so fine, I don't want to put increased tension on it, thus increasing hair loss.   The thing I've found to work the best are the Sephora snag-free hair elastics.  But I can't pull back every strand of hair with those because I do have some shorter layers in front (about chin length) that will come out of the elastic.   Any tips or accessories I should use??  I just want my hair completely back and out of my face in every capacity.  Want it tight, but not too tight as to cause damage and further hair loss.   Thank you!!
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Hey guys I  want to buy a clipless curler, I want something not too expesive but not really cheap either. Also it would be great if it came with multiple barrels.  Do you have any favorites or suggestions?
I need advice! I am naturally a dark brunette but a few months ago I went blonde. I cannot decide whether to go back to dark brown or keep the blonde. I worry that maybe I can't pull the blonde off as well as I think I can. Please give me your opinions!!