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Would hair conditioner or coconut oil hair conditioner work for heat protectant?
So I have VERY thick hair, and I feel like I have tried so many different things to make it less frizzy/poofy and straighter. Nothing seems to work for me. What would you recommend trying?
i have been putting heat on my hair since the 4th grade every day i know that is not good for it anyway i am in the 10 grade now and i now have split ends and it is so damaged no matter what i do to help it nothing works. i have gone from drug store to high end and nothing works for more than like 3-4 months what should i do.
I've been dyeing my hair for years now... and every now and then, I get trigger happy and throw some Vidal Sassoon purple dye on. And I'm thrilled for a couple weeks and then with a sigh, I use color oops, go to brassy, and then dye it dark brown again.   But I'm tired of that. I need a new era. And this new territory leaves me clueless... I want to go all the way up to blonde/light brown somehow. I figure this will require salon work and some professional bleach. So how do I approach this and what do I ask for? I want an all-over solid color, no streaks, no ombre..   I'd rather have some legit advice before trying something new, because my hair can't be crazy due to work restraints. Thanks!
Hi BT! I took the plunge today and went from my platinum pixie to a bright purple/violet all-over color. I know this will fade quickly... Does anyone have any recommendations for shampoos/conditioner to extend the life of purple hair? My stylist recommended that I use a sulfate-free shampoo with toner. Right now I only have Clairol's Shimmer Lights, and that worked fine for the platinum, but I'm not sure if it'll keep my purple. Any advice helps! Thanks!
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Today after I showered and washed my hair (I used the new Pantene my mom bought... lol), I blew dry it and it was EXTREMELY greasy. Greasier than I've ever seen my hair even after a few days of not washing. I only put the conditioner at the very ends of my hair, so I know thats why it wasn't greasy.  My hair normally doesn't get greasy looking for two to three days after last wash.  I was so embarrassed about how greasy it looked! If I had time I would've showered again with another shampoo. I'm assuming maybe it's the formula of the shampoo. Or maybe its just not a good match for my hair. Has anyone had this problem before? Do you know what caused it or any products that help avoid getting greasy hair?  What are your favorite shampoo and hair products? 
short hair 2.jpg
Hey everyone! this afternoon I am going to get a brand new cut and color! I'm pretty excited because it's going to be a big change. I'm also a little nervous for the same reason My stylist is a friend a co-worker. He does a great job but there are times he can forget that i'm not just a model head, and get a little too artistic with the hairdo. Currently my hair is in a boring chin length bob and kind of just "blah" brown. Below is the cut I want. I want to take my color to something really dramatic though, like Christina Hendrix copper!
I have thick curly hair but the actual strands are surprisingly fine.  I'm looking for heat protectant suggestions that I can apply to wet hair and then let it dry before straightening it.  I'm currently using CHI iron guard (sp?) and although it smells good and makes my hair nice and shiny it says to apply to dry hair (so basically I either have to blow dry or walk around with no product for a few hours) and it causes my hair to become greasy after only one day!    Thanks for any suggestions! 
So, lately I've been in such a routine. It feels like everyday is the same, which is fine! But I'm in need of a change! Something to spice it up. My hair has been mostly the same my whole life. It touches the top of my low rise jeans now! It's long, thick, but fine, medium brown. I've had a blonde ombré before, I've gone about a shade darker before, and I've gone red. I want to change my hair but I don't know what I want to do! I need help!!!!! Howrver, I'm only open to color change. My hair is the longest it's ever been and I LOVE the length. I would be fine with angles or layers (right now it's all one length), but I definitely am not cutting it. I just want a different color or style! I NEED A CHANGE! Does anyone have any suggestions?! Here is a picture of what me and my hair look like lol THANK YOU
what are some tips to make my hair smell like shampoo for longer??   I use Redkin collection a lot, but the smell doesn't last very long   I know this girl that makes her hair smell like shampoo for HOURS but would not tell even her closest friends...  but Im super curious
Good morning.   This last weekend I went through the "bangs or botox" conundrum.   I'm a big weenie about the thought of cosmetic procedures, so I'm now sporting medium thickness, choppy bangs that hang to just beneath my eyebrows.   The look works for me . . . and bye bye forehead wrinkles and "elevenses."   The solution has, of course, brought about another issue (as solutions so often do).   I have fine, thin hair with a very loose wave. I also have a widows peak, which results in all sorts of ridiculousness: caused by the cowlicks that accompany my widows peak.   I'm "wash and wear" when it comes to my hair. I wash my hair every day (a virtual requirement of having fine, thin hair), and a blow-dryer and flat iron are too much trouble on a daily basis. The 1980s consumed virtually all of the time I'm willing to dedicate to my hair. Water and hairspray isn't working.   Does anyone have a product recommendation? Something I can put in my wet bangs, give 'em a comb, and run out the door with: without making my bangs crunchy or causing an acne breakout?   Thanks muchly.
I'm going on a long camping trip and I need biodegradable products to comply with the site rules. I have highlighted hair and I tend to use curl enhancing shampoo and fairly heavy conditioners. I've tried some of the traditional organic brands but I've never found one I like and that didn't make my hair feel greasy or like straw. Are there any decent brands that would be biodegradable or do I just need something sulfate/etc free
I'm completely product-savvy when it comes to makeup and skincare but I'm totally lost when it comes to hair care and styling. I have super long hair, slightly past my breasts. It's pretty much all one length now.   Part of the problem is that I desperately need a cut and being 25 and being recently laid off and not having any money saved up is a problem. I wasn't expecting to get laid off. The decision came rather quickly as I thought we would be around at least another year before making that drastic of a decision. I haven't had a haircut in like 2 years.  The problem is that my mom is not willing to pay for a haircut unless she likes it. And she does not like the idea of me having "alternative" hair. And honestly the style I picked isn't even that anti-conformist so what the heck is the problem. I wanted it cut shorter with layers, possibly with bangs. I had a few ideas about color: 1) blonde in the back, black bangs and front sides 2) half blonde half black, like cruella deville lol with no bangs and I'm sure I had plenty more ideas somewhere. Three months ago she said she would schedule an appointment when she's free. She said not waste her money on hair dye and bleach and so I didn't because I thought I'd get my hair cut. It never happened. She wanted me to hopefully change my mind about the hairstyle and colour I wanted. This turned into a bit of a rant but it's really annoying having long hair in the summer and I'm about ready to take scissors and trim it. Not going to lie, I got fed up and did it before when i was 16. It was a crooked mess but it actually made her move and do it since she was so embarrassed to go out in public with me.   So gah. My hair is super fine, thin and looks greasy as heck on day 2. It's all one length so I can't even do anything with it other than put it up and pretend like it's not there. I was wondering what kind of hair care products would be good for my hair type as well as for styling for whenever I actually do manage to get a haircut or cut my own **bleep** hair. So what's good in the shampoo/conditioner/dry shampoo/styling products/hair spray/etc?   P.S. While I'm here I might also be looking for a good black hair dye and bleach. And products for maintaining a white blonde colour. I've dyed my hair black in the past and there's one L'Oreal product that works great. I forget the name but I know what the box looks like. I've had friends bleach my hair in the past but I don't remember what they used and I don't talk to them anymore. So I'm not sure what products are good for bleaching and maintaining bleached hair. If I ever do get there, I'm just wondering what good products are to maintain the colour.   Here's some sample photos of what I want: images taken from google     Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Spoiler (Highlight to read) ^-- Like this or the blonde and black reversed. Not sure yet.   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) ^-- this kind of blonde.  still determining bangs vs no bangs.
Want product to hide white/grey root line? Comb rather than a wand easier to use. How do you keep product off of your scalp?
Hello...I have an allergy to both trees and tree nuts.  I have been searching for a shampoo and conditioner that will not make me break out in hives, yet keep my hair moisturized.  Any suggestions?
Hi!   I have medium/long hair that is pretty thin but super poofy when it air dries! It is naturally slightly wavy but because of the poof ends up always looking messy, frizzy, and kinky when I let it air dry. I feel like I have to straighten or blow dry it every day or else it looks horrible! I don't necessarily love the pin-straight look and I know it's not great for my hair but I haven't been able to find a product that controls the poofiness enough for me to let it air dry and go out in public without having to do anything else and as of now, straightening it is the only thing I can do to tame it. (I get a keratin treatment once in a while but I'm not sure if they are really worth it). Does anyone know of a good product that helps with poorness that won't require me to blow dry or straighten my hair? I want to finally let my hair air dry!!   Thanks!
Hi ladies! I am hoping to get some advice on reducing my hair drying time. I have long thick straight hair with a slight wave to it and it takes me about 25 min to dry my hair. I researched and purchased a T3 featherweight dryer which has helped a little. I am wondering if there is any products that I can use before blow drying to also help speed this process up. I also use the chi silk infusion daily which I love but it does not help with this problem.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you 😊
Hello all,  I'm looking for some help with my hair. It is long and wavy, and up until recently, was fairly thick. Within the past year or so I have noticed a ton of shedding and hair loss in the shower. My hair is about half the thickness it used to be and my scalp has become very sensitive. I'm only 18 so aging is definitely not a factor. I don't use any form of heat (curling, straightening, blow drying), have never colored my hair, and haven't had any major lifestyle changes recently that could cause this. I've heard it could be caused by stress but I am a very laid back person and the only stress I've felt is over the fact that all my hair is falling out. I've been taking biotin, a multi vitamin, and fish oil for the past few years. I also have been trying to use shampoos without sulfates for the past year or two. Any help is appreciated! 
I have naturally straight, somewhat thick, shoulder-length hair. It is impossible for it to hold a curl. Also, my hair does not have a lot of body. Is there a product that could help give my hair body and help hold curls? I just want to do all of the cute wavy hairstyles that are in style these days. 
I would be great if anyone can help.  I have hair to the middle of my back; I am 5"6.  or Longer..  I think I sat on it the other day..  Due to the length, I only wash it twice a week at most since it takes about a whole twelve hours to air dry.  Blow drying this is Ridiculous!  Besides it being long it is also very thick and heavy.  My scalp and hair to my ears is always extremely oily and very Flat due to a combo of the above mentioned factors.    
I have fine hair, but a lot of it.  I am looking for a beach wave spray for summer.  I have naturally straight hair, so I just want to use it to add texture and a cool finish when I curl my hair.  I hate it when my hair feels sticky.  Any suggestions? Thank you!
Has anyone tried the Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion ? does it work better then the original?
Well earlier today shortly after taking her bath my 4 year decided she needed another haircut and took it upon herself (of course she denies it)... She climbed up where I had placed them (up high) and went at it... Luckily I heard her say "ohh my haircut is so pretty" and stopped her before she did anymore damage...   I'm taking her to a salon tomorrow to get it fixed but I don't have any idea how to cut it... All I know is I'm going to cry when they do!   This is kinda like the time she stole my UD perversion gel eyeliner... and denied it was her...  
I have been using devacurl no poo, one condition, towel, and gel for the past week & a bit.  The product has made my hair shiner but have lost my curl and is way frizzier than before.
A little hair history:   I have dry, coarse, color-treated hair. I maybe color my hair twice a year, never lifting, only depositing. I try to avoid heat tools unless I'm going out, in which I will use a heat protectant before flat-ironing. I was my hair every 3-4 days using a Lush shampoo bar to control my dandruff and Macadamia Oil conditioner.    In the past year my hair began to shed more than usual.I went to my doctor in which we did bloodwork...all coming back negative. A couple months prior I was given a foam treatment for psoriasis. I have since stopped using it because I noticed the hair loss after using the product. My doctor thought it was most likely stress and potentially a poor diet.    Now, my hair shedding has slowed down and appears to be normal, but I am noticing more than ever before that the hairs on my temples are significantly shorter than the rest of my hair, almost broken off. They are also much thinner. I don't wear my hair back, so I've ruled out breakage from wearing my hair back too tight.   Has anyone ever experienced this and/or found a solution?
I need some help finding some good hair products for this summer!    About my hair:  - Medium thickness but with a full amount of hair  - Naturally wavy to straight  - It's color-treated  - Shoulder length    What I Need Help With:  - I'm going to be working as a zip-line tour guide this summer, meaning I'll be out in the sun a lot. Do I need UV protection for my hair? What products can give me that kind of protection  - I'm living on the beach this summer, I'll probably be in the water a lot, which can take a toll on hair. What products would I need to take care of hair that's been in and out of water a lot? - Recently, my scalp has been starting to be dry in small patches. Is this from using the same shampoo and conditioner for too long? What can I do to eliminate the dry patches other than just scrubbing hard? (Head & Shoulders had no effect when used on the spots, so I don't think it's "traditional" fungal dandruff)   Thanks in advance for your help! 
I last posted about my battles with shaving unwanted hair on my face.  Well, today I'm going to go back to waxing.  The only thing is, I'm wondering how it will be when growing out again?  Will my concealer keep the new growths hidden until they are the minimum length to be removed?  I have some Poetic Wax leftover from when I used to use it on a regular basis, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can be somewhat hair free especially for this weekend when I'm at the race!  It looks like the forecast is going to be filled with rain, and that's not ideal for having to conceal all this darn hair!  Thoughts??
So I have very thin curly/wavy hair, but its super dry !!! I only straighten it once a week and I either have it curly with a gel or in a bun. I rarely dye my hair, my hair is brown and I have never bleached it either. Does anyone know a good brand to restore back my very dull hair?  Please Help!!!