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I've been experimenting with hair oils/deep conditioner the past couple months because the front of my hair REFUSES to grow. I've completely taken away heat all together for about a month now and I've seen a little bit of improvement but nothing drastic. My confusion however has to do with the after effect of the hair oil (i.e. Organix Smooth Hydration Aragon Oil & Shea Butter) After I put it in, whether it be at the ends, all over, while it's damp, right out of the shower (I've tried everything) it never fails to feel 10x dryer than it did before. I can't even run my hands through it. It has this gum-like feeling. It's hard to explain. Has anyone else experienced something like this? If so, how did you fix it?
I have fine, thinning hair that is color treated. I am looking for a new shampoo/conditioner, any suggestions? Thanks!
A couple of months ago, I went and got copper strips in my hair. I had never dyed my hair before and was very upset with the job so I bought a box dye of intense black red (or something similar) and it just developed a red sheen on top of my hair.  I want to dye my hair dark again, but will that get rid of the strips?
Hi, I have thick hair coarse Indian hair  and I LOVE it. But I always end up getting split ends at the bottom and I HATE IT. Any advice on how to treat split ends without having to cut them? I LOVE my hair and I want to grow it out! I would appreciate the advice.
I've been considering waxing for a long time, but feel very unsure about it. I'd like to just start with the basic bikini wax (everything that would show out of a swimsuit - sides and top).   I get INTENSE razor bumps after shaving and nothing I've tried helps. They get so itchy and painful no matter what kind of clothing I wear after or how many lotions/creams I put on (so you can imagine the embarrassment of swimming or "playing" after shaving, it just sucks). Has anyone cured their razor bumps with bikini waxes?   I read really positive things about how it lessens hair growth over time, but I'd love to hear from my Sephora ladies thank you!
OK ladies. This story could take a long time, but i am gonna condense it down. I went to a new hair dresser to get my highlights touched up. I have a brown base and I had some pretty blonde highlights. I tend to say- I want Gemma Teller hair, for my SOA fans out there! Anywho. Well to make a long story short, she left me with some orange patches. I went back to get her to tone it, and lo and behold, MY WHOLE HEAD WAS BROWNISH! REDDISH. COPPERISH. GREENISH. The blonde strands have a green cast, and the rest of it is just multi colored. Now it doesn't look as bad as i think it does, but it looks BAD. Any recs on what i can do to try and even it out? She won't even return my texts
I have coarse-thin hair that is pretty damaged due to bleaching & heat styling. Two biggest struggles are lack of volume & really dead-looking, unmanageable ends. Not sure if I should try the restore or full line, or maybe even the PHD...any suggestions from those who have used them??
Recently, I was told that my individual hair strands are very fine making them easy to weigh down.    I had never considered this before, because I have a lot of hair, it's curly, and I've always struggled with moisturizing the ends. So I'd never considered that my hair could also be fine at the same time.  So I'm looking for hair products to help. The water in my area is extremely hard, and it's doing a number on my hair. But when I use heavier moisturizers my hair looks greasy and loses volume.  I have no idea what to do!
I have colored my hair dark for years but decided to try and bring it back to my natural color (light brown) and put my faith in a salon who completely damaged my hair, changing the texture, health, etc. by completely bleaching my entire head and letting it sit for hours. Never in my years of coloring had I experienced such damage and never personally knew the damaging effects of bleach until this. Now over a year and a few months since I had the horrible bleach experience, I feel as if my hair just continues to break and split no matter what I do. I haven't even touched my color since (even though it is torture) because I just am dying to see improvements in my hair health and feel. I have looked everywhere online for tips and have tried everything and spent hundreds on products and nothing has helped. I use sulfate-free shampoo and only wash my hair a few times a week and am wondering if anyone has had an experience like this and have any helpful tips or products they have used that have made a difference. I know bleach damaged grows out over time, I am just frustrated because I feel as if I should feel like my hair has made some healthy progress since it has been a year since the bleach. Please if anyone has any input or advice I would be so grateful! 
  I normally use a GHD but the one I had for 2 years died, and I purchased the classic flat iron. The quality wasn't there so I decided to try something new and purchased the T3 single pass.    I tried it the minute I got home on dry hair with heat protector on from the morning.  It made "schh" sound but honestly, I thought it was their technology.. but then my hair started smelling funny and the iron started "steaming" (this is on the lowest level of heat too)   when I washed my hair the next morning, my hair was soo fried and damaged that I couldn't even comb through. I wore deep conditoning treatment for 2 hours, washed it, still the same. This morning, I put on conditioner on my entire hair... and still nothing is different.. no improvement whatsoever.   If its just the ends, I would just cut it off, but its the entire outer layer of the entire length...   In Korea, there is such thing called "Repair magic straightening" that I don't think reverse the damage, but mask it.. is there something similar? or is there anything I can do?  
I have lots of hair (as pictured but some of it is behind my back lol and it is tame and wavy due to bumble and bumble curl calming cream otherwise it would be a poofy curly nest. lol) and I am prone to headaches and migraines. I cannot for the ;life of me sleep with anything in my hair so i leave it out at night and wake up sweating to death and with a tangles mess. I am not sure if there is a solution since I have so much hair and I don't mind waking up sweaty because it is better than waking up with a terrible headache. Just curious to know what your bedtime hair routine is.    
Need recommendations on a blowdryer and diffuser combo for naturally wavy hair.  I'm looking to maximize my natural wave/curl, and I have very long hair.    I tried the Deva deryer & Diffuser combo but I'm not loving it. For the price ($160) it's not light or quiet.  And while I LIKE the Deva diffuser OK, the dryer doesn't seem to make my hair particularly shiny like other previous ionic dryers did.   Additionally, while I get this is a risk with any dryer: the Deva dryer seems to magically keep sucking my hair into the intake/fan/motor part on the back like no other!  Seriously, this used to happen once in a great while with my other drugstore (gasp) dryers, but since I got this one it's multiple times a session and I have to cut my hair to free it.  Sigh.  I'm contorting to make sure to keep my hair away from the intake as I'm drying but it's getting ridiculous.   Do you have a favorite dryer or diffuser for your curly or wavy hair?  Anything that seems powerful enough to dry the hair, benefits from ionic or other neat technology, or something you love because it's light or quiet?  What else do you look for in a dryer? Diffuser advice welcome too!   Thanks!        
Whenever you see models, they always have amazing hair after getting out of the ocean or the pool.   My question is whenever i get into the water and come out my hair frizzes especially at the top and its like I have an afro. My hair is normally wavy but blow dry it and sometimes straighten it.   Is there anything I can apply to my hair to keep the frizz down after I get out of the water and am sitting on the beach (since i won't have a blow dryer on me)
I have long, thick, dry, curly/wavy, color treated hair. I have been blow drying it for quite sometime bc i cannot find any products that will reshape the curls/waves and hold. I have tried so many products. My hair winds up frizzy and looking crazy lol . Any recommendations? Thank you.
Would hair conditioner or coconut oil hair conditioner work for heat protectant?
I'm somewhat of an ingredient snob when it comes to what I'm putting on my hair, I research the ingredients in products so I know exactly what I am putting on my hair.  I use the Onesta Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner, I've loved them for a few years but am looking to switch it up.  I love how the shampoo has a lot of botanical ingredients.  The conditioner has silicones in it, and I want something that is free of silicones, sulfates and parabens.  I have heard about alterna cavier but I know the conditioner has silicones in it.  So my current routine is shampoo with the Onesta, condition rinse it out, co-wash with living proof curl conditioning wash then finish with the detangling rinse.  I style with prime style extender, restore targeted repair cream, curl cream, no frizz spray and I use Josie Maran Argan Oil on my ends.  I also use the Night Cap a few nights a week too.  And I know that there are no sulfates, parabens and silicones in those.  My hair needs a lot of moisture, so I need something that is moisturizing without silicones, sulfates, parabens, and heavy oils.  When I say no silicones, I'm talking about something without dimethicone, dimethiconol and amodimethicone. My hair also loves living proof products. I have 2b/2c, high porosity, thick hair.  I can not under any circumstances use any Deva products.  Any product recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
When I got married, my hair stylist used some kind of setting powder in lieu of hairspray. It was NOT like dry shampoo hair powder, but like a product for hold. It didn't leave my hair my hair sticky or glossy and my hair stayed curly for DAYS! Anyone know what this stuff is actually called and where I can purchase some for another special occasion? I can't seem to find it through googling..
Hi all, I have been wanting to get my haircut...but not sure which style to go with.    the latest trend i have seen is the LOB which i have seen on Kim Kardashian, Diana Madison, Kirsten Cavallari and Nicole Polizzi. I have seen all these celebs/people have their hair cut into a LOB.   I have very thick, heavy. frizzy, wavy hair.  I have managed to grow it out and it is sitting right at my chest (almost close to my breasts sorry lol). The last time I went for a cut was almost 8 months ago because I was trying to grow it out because I have been wanting long hair for such a long time.    But now that I am back to work after mat-leave, in the mornings when I wash my hair it is so thick and heavy and it takes so much time to blow dry and then straighten thereafter.     So do you guys think that a LOB is the way to go?  Would definitely be less blow drying time and possibly straightening time too.  What do you all think I should go for?   I am open to all kinds of suggestions to take my stylist and show different pictures to achieve a look i want.  I am going to take pics of the above mentioned celebs to get an idea.  But would love for some feedback from you all...people post and give great comments and suggestions here lol    Any suggestsions? If you want to post pics with what you are talking about definitely do that so it helps me out and i can add it to my collection of "haircut idea's" i have saved lol    thanks all! can't wait to see and hear all the suggestions.
I am curious. I washed my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY for most of my teen years and early 20's. Now into my early 30s I am washing every other day. Which for the most part, helps extend my highlights that i pay entirely too much for every 8 weeks! lol
My hair is really fine and thin and gets oily easily. By the end of a workday, my roots and the hair towards the top of my head looks oily, flat and gross. I want to go out at night with my hair down but don't have time to wash it again. Is there a product (like a dry shampoo or something) that will make it look like I washed the top of my hair when I didn't and might add a little volume too? Thanks!
Can you recommend a brand of hairspray suitable for ballet dancers?
So I wash my hair every other day and I use clarifying shampoo and no conditioner.. knowing that is supposed to help w/ the oilness. However, my hair still gets really oily. Can you recommend any products that can help? Please help!
I have thick shoulder length brown hair that is straight. Every time I use the curling iron the curls never stay for too long. I've tried hairspray  but it makes my hair feel like dry straw. What could I do to make the curls stay?
My hair is really flat, how can I find a product that will help with this or help me achieve a natural wave in my hair?
Does anyone have any advice, or know enough to compare different types of flat irons? I'm wondering if all of the tourmaline/ceramic irons with adjustable heat settings are created equal.   After about 8 years of faithful service, my trusted Chi straightener appears to be on the fritz. I did a little research on flat irons, thinking that I was going to get a T3 (I bought the T3 Whirl Trio curling wand recently and it is amazing). After consideration, I ended up buying the Rusk Heat Freak Str8 iron, thinking it's also tourmaline/ceramic, and it should work the same. Plus, my sister got it for Christmas and loves it. After using it for the first time this morning, I'm underwhelmed. It took me a long time and a lot of passes to get my hair straight. I don't have that kind of time in the mornings (my makeup application suffered greatly at the expense of my hair, haha). I'm just a little afraid to spend the money on the T3 if it is going to basically be the same as the Rusk.
Im looking for a VERY GOOD flat iron to straighten my fine course hair. Suggestions anyone?
Hi everyone. I have fine, natural (never been dyed/highlighted) shoulder-length hair which tends to get greasy and flat by the end of the day. I cannot go without washing it everyday because it looks completely greasy from root to tip the next morning.   I have used a variety of shampoos (most with a clear formula as opposed to the creamier versions), make sure to only condition my ends, and use “It’s A 10 Lite” on my ends before blow drying. I also use dry shampoo mid-day to combat the oilyness on my scalp but nothing helps in the long run.   I have tried sulfate-free shampoos before and they weighed my hair down (maybe due to them being too much moisturizing?) and am wondering if there is a gentle, daily shampoo that anyone can recommend.   Thanks in advance!
I'm curious about the Drybar buttercup blowdryer and specifically looking into getting the new set with the dryer, the dry shampoo, and heat protecting serum...It's a total of 205$ which is like unthinkable for me, can anyone share their thoughts with me on the dryer, is it worth the price? Also, if you use the dryer do you like their products as well, have not tried those either?? A little history: I have really fine and pretty thin hair, i really don't do much heat styling to it because it is naturally very dry and prone to damage. I recently tried to quit blow drying to see if my hair would improve (look less dry/frizzy/dull/damaged) it did look much healthier letting it air dry but it then would be so limp and just hang so i was conflicted, it looks bad when i don't blow dry and it looks un healthy when i do....Also i use moroccan oil on my damp hair mostly in the ends to smooth and moisturize and i really like that, recently i got into shine serums so i now use Kenra silkening gloss i think it's called and i LOVE that, its more weightless than my moroccan oil so i can use that on the areas closer to my scalp and around my face and that helps to smooth down my natural waves around my face. SOO using both of those i'm pretty happy now with my blow drying results but i still feel like it could be better, so what better than looking for some wonderful thoughts or advice from the lovely BT'ers  
Has anyone tried and compared Bumble and Bumble's Surf Foam Wash shampoo to John Frieda's Beach Blonde Cool Dip shampoo? I have tried B&B and know I like it, however it is a tad pricey. I love their new Surf Infusion spray compared to the original, so I'm not so interested in John Frieda's spray, despite it being a cult classic in its own right. 
diana madison.png
Do any of you guys know what kind of haircut Diana Madison has?     She is an entertainment entrepreneur...and i love her new haircut she recently got.  I have been wanting a different cut and came across this.  Looks similar to Kim Kardashian's just not sure...