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Hey guys, I have short, straight brown hair which gets oily way too quickly, and I'm getting tired of washing it daily. Im looking to choose between the  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo and the  Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. What are your experiences with them? Which one would you recommend? Thanks!  
I have naturally curly hair that I let air dry and inevitably the top is flat while the bottom is bigger like a triangle lol.  I want more volume near the roots.  What would you suggest is the best product for this?  I know dry shampoo works but I would rather have a volumizing spray instead.
I am searching for  affordable, sulfa-free shampoo and conditioner for fine,oily, henna treated hair
I have very fine, thinning straight hair. I can't style my hair as no style will stay long enough and hair sprays make my hair very oily. Any suggestions?
My usual routine is to shower right before bed and leave my hair down to air dry while I sleep. In the past I had no issues with it until recently. On the nights when I do this, the next morning when I get up I find my hair is extremely greasy on the roots. Do you recommend any products or tips to help
  I need help deciding between Devacurl Decadence products and Qhemet Biolgics. I have Coily, thick and VERY DRY hair my hair type is 3C/ 4A. My hair  is most likely somewhat damaged as well. I have gotten samples of Devacurl Decadance products and even the coconut curler and loved it however, when on the website I see really great reviews for Qhemet Biologics products for Afro dry thick and curly hair. The only thing is Qhemet Biologics is online only so I cannot sample it so I do not know which will truly be best for me. What will moisturize, bring shine, lessen frizz, help with split ends  and bring health to my damaged hair?
 I have very fine thin hair. It hasn't ever grown very well.  I need advice on how to grow it out! I'm currently using alterna products and it has helped a little but not enough for me to repurchase the products. I need advice asap!
So, i have SUPER thick hair.. when i say super thick, think of someone you know with thick hair and double it. I am not joking.. my hair is also super coarse and has a wave to it. I would love to let my hair down more often but my struggle is no matter what products i have tried to put in it, i end up looking like i walk off of lion king on broadway! The bottom of my hair isnt really the issue. its the top front of my hair that just frizzes out and gets really big... any help?!!?!?!? 
So I have naturally curly hair, but some days the frizz takes over and it doesn't look so curly. I've had the hardest time finding products, I bought Sexy Curly Hair Cream but it makes my hair look wet all the time, like it doesn't dry and it doesn't define them at all for me. I would say my curls are 2C. Every time I look something up on Pinterest or YouTube, the only tutorials and tips I can find are for black women. That obviously doesn't work for me, a Danish/Latina mixed girl, because my hair type and texture is completely different. So does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you so much!
I recently purchased the Drybar "big blowout bundle." From what I can see from the pictures on the Sephora website, Bio Ionic makes, the Drybar blow dryers, as their names is printed on the side. However when I received mine, I don't see the name "Bio Ionic," on it. Do they no longer make Drybar's blow dryers?    
I've noticed basically every time winter comes around my hair starts to get super oily and my scalp starts to get itchy in spots. I always think it has something to do with dandruff but I haven't had dandruff problems for years. Then again I'm still using dandruff controlling shampoo but its not helping with my winter hair problems. For the rest of the year my hair is perfect after I wash it and I only wash my hair every other day. Is there any shampoo products that I can use to help control my oily hair and itchy scalp during the winter months?
I would like to know what the different is between Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray and Living Proof Prime Style Extender . 
Looking at the Dyson hair dryer as well the the Bio Ionic 10x hair dryer. Is it really worth spending well over $300 on a blow dryer. Tried looking at Youtube reviews, but so many of them received them for free so I never know if it is an honest opinion or not.    If it isn't worth it, which one would you recommend   Also looking at hair straighteners. Read great reviews for both GHD and the SEDU ones. Any recommendations?     Thanks so much in advance!!
I would like to buy a travel hair dryer during vib rouge sale event. Can someone please recommend which one is the best?   1. Drybar baby buttercup   2. Amika mini hair dryer   3. Dyson( is it any good?)  
Debating on which one to get, anyone have either and can give me their opinion on it? And yes, I do know it's like a $200 price difference, and yes I know it is an expensive purchase (hah...)
Hi! I have fine, oily hair and my hair is not color treated. After moving to a new area of the country and with the use of a few additional hair products, I am suffering from itchy, flaky scalp (gross!), especially embarrassing since I have black hair. I think product build up and hard water are the culprits.   I am trying to decide among the following: dpHUE Clarifying Shampoo Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo Klorane Shampoo with Citrus Pulp Phyto Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo   I appreciate any suggestions!
I'm moving from area that has extremely hard water to a place with very soft water. My hair is fine and I sometimes blow dry it or use a curling wand. I have a decent amount of natural body and volume. When I have been to the soft water place and washed/dried my hair, my hair gets so soft that it won't hold any style, it gets super frizzy, and it starts feeling dirty within a day. I'm looking for recommendations for shampoo/conditioner and any styling products that might counter the effects of the softer water.
Hi! After several pregnancies, my hair texture has changed drastically! I used to be able to wash and air dry with no problem resulting in sleek, smooth hair. NOW, it's a hot mess if I dare attempt it. It's frizzy and a wave wants to kick in even when I blow dry. Question: what product can I use on wet hair to control frizz, bring out the natural wave, air dry, and not end up crunchy? Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) #crazyfrizzywavey #crazyfrizzywavey
  All about hair! I didn't see a hair care thread and I am looking to buy some new stuff!  What hair products are you currently using? What are your favorite hair styling tips and tools?   I am currently looking for a new hair dryer and maybe a styling tool.   I use Oribe hair care , but always up for trying new things. Please share your favorites.
I just got a body wave and I'm trying to find some good care products. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!
I have very thick curly hair and It has always been the same length for over a year and half. What products can be used help help hair growth or hair treatments can be used to produce hair growth? 
Has anyone actually tried these? or any products like it (the IG famous: SugarBearHair, etc.? And had any luck? Lol.   A few months ago, I went through a phase where my hair was falling out like crazy. In the shower I would have huge hairballs and I would constantly clog the drains. I went to the doctor, and it was related to stress, not eating right, not sleeping enough, etc, etc, etc. But I'm a college student and all those things aren't always possible. So there wasn't really anything they could do but tell me "when your body doesn't feel like it's getting what it needs, your hair is just an accessory, it goes first.".   My hair fall has gotten better lately, but it's still not as full as it once was.   Has anyone tried products like these?   Oh and I read some Sephora reviews, but none really mentioned if these should interact with my medications. I take a daily preventative for migraines.
I'm looking for some advice about what to do with my hair while traveling abroad?  Normally I just go with the beachy waves look, but, right now my hair is color treated and looks awful unless I do something with it. The blow dryers that hotels provide are usually awful and don't have a diffuser.  I know that you can't plug in straighteners or curlers. Do you guys know if it's OK to plug in an hairdryer into a European outlet?  I have a new hairdryer and it's too pricey to experiment with.  Any advice is welcome!
For some reason I can't ask a question on the product page. Does anyone know if the Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam has thermal protectant for my hair? It seems like it would since it is a blow drying product, but the page doesn't explicitly say so. Thanks.
I have long hair that, with age, is becoming more coarse and wavy.  Is there a product that can embrace my waves and make them look more refined and less frizzy?