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GHD Flat Iron Differences
My CHI Flat Iron is slowly dying on me lately, and only works when it wants to.  I've had it for 10+ years and has lasted me a very long time.   My next purchase I am looking into and have been eyeing for a very long time knowing that my CHI will die on me eventually is the GHD Flat Irons.   There are like 5 GHD's:   Platinum Professional Classic 1 Inch Eclipse Gold Professional 2 Inch Gold Professional 1 Inch   I was interested originally in the Classic 1 Inch and have tried it before. I have thick, frizzy hair.  Do all 5 of these flat irons do the same thing?   I have read the descriptions and it just seems like to me the differences are that some have just 1 switch so it heats up to whatever temperature or others have the type of switch that you can adjust the settings or something.   I want a GHD that makes my hair soft and silky.  I have never tried any other one except the Classic.     So, for those of you that have tried the other ones, are they just as good?  And I have noticed there is a price difference in almost all of them.  I am investing in a GHD because I have heard amazing things about it.   I am not really interested in the other brands at Sephora, and the Sephora near me is 2 hours away in Winnipeg, so they may not even have some of these in stock when I go in to the City next weekend.  Even when I check the availability in store option, it does say "it was available in the last 24 hours" but most of the time it never really is there at the store.   Any suggestions and help on the differences would be awesome!!!
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Hi,   Yeah I am leaning more towards the 1 Inch Classic.  Is there a huge difference between the Classic and Professional gold? They are both one inch but there is a p... see post
desperate for volume!
hello! i naturally have very fine, wavy/curly hair (2b texture). in the past i didnt mind how fine my hair was because i had quite a lot of it, but recently i grew ill and for the past year or so my hair has been shedding like crazy. luckily i dont have bald spots or anything, but my hair is so thin and flat i cant stand it! im desperate to find a product that can gently give volume to my hair without use of heat (blowdrying is on my hair texture!) and teasing definitely isnt an option anymore. appreciate any help, thank you!!
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floette / NEWCOMER / replied
i havent! i will try these as well, thank you! see post
Straightning my hair.
I am looking for something that straightnes my hair withought using a Flat Iron, Is there such a thing?The Flat irons have been damaging my hair so much even with protectant. I just need something else desperatley!
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Okay, I will try blow drying with the brush, its just the direct heat from the flat iron that is just drying out my hair.Thanks!   see post
Best products for damaged hair- recommendations needed
I am currently attempting to recover from blonde ombre'd hair. My ends are very sad, and even though I am getting it cut regularly and no longer bleaching it, it is still really dry.   Anyone recommend anything to help add some shine and nourish my hair? I am open to everything from shampoo to leave in oils or masks.   I have pretty fine hair that doesn't get a lot of oomph, so preferably products that won't weigh it down too significantly.
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I've recently started using Wen to cleanse my hair and it's done wonders for the damage in my hair, especially the ends. I was reluctant at first because the commercials... see post
Shampoos for Oily Hair
Hey everyone!    I am in need of a great shampoo that doesn't cause build up and will leave my hair looking clean for a few days!  I have extremely oily hair and I have noticed that the drug store shampoos I am using are causing my hair to get oily even quicker. My hair will look clean for a few hours, but by 2-3pm my hair looks like a grease pit.   Help please!   
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BEAUTY PRO preciousdreamsx / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I would suggest looking into Lush shampoo. I use Lush 'I Love Juicy' and the 'Jumping Juniper' shampoo bar. Both have been miracle workers! see post
Flat iron for fine hair?
Hey everyone! I am looking for a new flat iron. I have fine, blond hair that is naturally straight. I mainly use the flat iron to style the hair, ("bending" it into shape) to give my hair more volume and sometimes as an alternative to a curling iron. Could anyone recommend me a good flat iron under 100$?????
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Thanks guys! <3    see post
hair loss,thinning,dryness due to thyroid
I used to be hyperthroid since the doctors killed my thyroid and I'm now hypothyroid my hair has been horrible before it was fine and straight but i had a good amount now dry thinning and hate it I have been taking biotin multivitamins, etc.and using sulfate free/paraben free shampoos and conditioners leave in treatments etc only problem is i bartend i need to pull my hair back in a ponytail and since my hair gets whispy and flyaways i need to hairspray it back i need to know which hairspray is the least damaging and what treatments will work best to make my hair soft and grow again i have done keratin treatments before and and considering this again but id like a new daily routine that would help me not look older due to my dry thinning frizzy colortreated hair please help THANKS Dina
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I've just begun researching this more, and will totally take you up on PM's! I can't believe I've let this crappy thyroid issue rule my life for so many YEARS!  see post
Volume and frizz taming
I have very curly, frizzy fine hair. I henna dye it. I use a round brush when I blow dry it. I only wash it every 4 days. I need something for volume and for taming frizz. I have a very round face so I need height in my hair.
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Hi!  I have similar hair to yours.. Mine is naturally curly and I often struggle with frizz! But within the last year I've tried to make some changes in my hair...  I'... see post
Hair Refresher
Hi! Can anyone recommend a great hair refresher? I hate having weird smell in my hair (cigarette smoke, food, etc), especially when I just washed my hair and doesn't need cleansing. FYI,I have thick and coarse hair and on the the drier side, which is why I can't wash my hair everyday.  Thank you!
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I was looking at the bb powder too! I was worried it'll leave a white hue behind... see post
Styling products for fine, straight hair?
Hello there!   I am wondering if anyone has good suggestions for curling hair that is fine and super, super straight. I have tried mousse, pre-styling spray, super strong hair spray, you name it! No matter how hard I try to give myself some loose curls or beachy waves, by the time I'm walking out the door, they're flat and oh so sad.     Any help? Good products? A good curling iron perhaps?   Thank you! 
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Any type of curling device will be your hero. I can't get any type of curl or wave using ONLY products. I need a heat tool. I too have fine straight hair.   I've been ... see post
Worst haircut ever!!
hello my loves....   I would love to say good morning but sadly it has not been. If those I have not met do not know me my name is Skye and I am a sophomore in high school, I am a shopaholic and makeup junkie to the max! Im just trying to trot my way through high school so I can move to L.A when im done, feel free to message me, I love new friends!   anyway lovelies, so it was a sunny south florida day and my mother and I drive to the local salon that I have been going to for several years. I was going to get a subtle trim to cut off any "dead or split ends" that might have emerged since I haven't cut my hair in a year ( an exact year ago a different hairdresser had F'd up my hair and cut half of it off). I was greeted by a hairdresser who I never met before but she was very welcoming and kind and walked me to a empty seat. I told her EXACTLY what I wanted ( subtle trim, no length taken off) NOW, my beauties I will insert a picture of what my beloved hair looked like exactly a day before it was cut.  I would also love to know if any of you think that there are split ends or noticable damage judging from that. okay so then she advised me to head over to the sink so the other lady could wash my hair and get it wet so it was easier to cut, I did, my hair was wet and I returned. At first the combed out then started subtly cutting off the little ends and tidying it up, I felt comfortable so I began looking through my phone as she was snipping and talking about her vacation. WORST MISTAKE EVER, within minutes of checking through instagram and texting my boyfriend where I was, I literally....literally..felt the wait of my hair had decreased and I looked up and no HALF OF MY HAIR WAS GONE, and she was still talking like nothing was wrong! I said " um excuse me, what happened to my hair?" I had like this sickening feeling in my stomach because it looked exactly it did a year ago when a completely different hairdresser cut half of it off. she looked up and her poor little face looked kind of afraid and embarrassed so I just said "Its okay,Im just going to go now" so my mother saw and was instantly shocked and I just waited for her to pay and then drove home. as soon as I got home I cried for two hours. anyway im not even going to start some little pity party im jsut looking fro the best pills/products to grow it out, please lovelies. I literally look the same as I did a year ago and all my lovely grown out hair is gone. *Picture*
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HALL OF FAMER chocopudding / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Oooh...that's not "just a trim." I don't know if I would've paid for that haircut in the end, as you very explicitly stated what you wanted and she went and did the exac... see post
Hair Extensions-Good Brands/Thoughts about Bellami?
Originally I posted this in Ask the Experts but thought Hair was probably more appropriate. So... I have been thinking about getting the Bellami extensions. I haven't worn extensions in years but really have been thinking about them lately. The only ones I have used were from Sally Beauty (forgot brand and they no longer have them). They were human hair and over $200 but very nice. Has anyone used Bellami? If so, please share your thoughts.
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Red streaks turning pink?
So I went and put BRIGHT red and BRIGHT blonde streaks in my hair. Which is chocolate brown. After a couple of washes, i now have pink streaks and much darker blonde. I use dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner. Anyone else had something like this happen? And if so how do i keep them red?!?!
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If your hair was blonde before (pre-bleached to get the red), the cuticle is open and the color will bleed and fade for a while. The more times you color it, the stronge... see post
Dry Shampoo-Dark Hair
I am looking for a good dry shampoo. I have dark hair and have a hard time finding a dry shampoo that doesn't make my hair look grey/white and dull. I have very very oily hair. Thanks!
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BEAUTY PRO geekbeauty / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
The Klorane dry shampoo is awesome! I've dark hair as well and there's no residue at all. Also does it's job and leaves a nice texture behind. see post
Hot rollers advice
I have medium length, layered, very thick hair. I want to use hot rollers to achieve a bouncy, not too tight curl in my hair. Every time I use them though (I have a jumbo set) it just comes out a big poofy mess that I can't tame. What am I doing wrong?
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HALL OF FAMER desertdancer / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I only use hot curlers to style my hair.  I air dry my hair in low pony tail or maybe a loose braid after washing.   If you blow dry your hair straight or use  CHI th... see post
Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoos
I received the upcoming Elizabeth and James dry shampoos in both Nirvana White and Nirvana Black today and thought I would post my thoughts for anyone interested in these items before they're released!     Item Description "The first ever fine fragrance dry shampoo combines hair-refreshing technology with the warm and sensual fragrance of Nirvana White/Black. This multitasking water-free micro powder is enriched with natural rice starch to instantly absorb oils while adding body and texture to all hair types, leaving hair feeling fresh and clean without any residue."   Some background on me My hair is super fine and oil prone so I need to wash it every day and most dry shampoos frankly do nothing or leave that strange white cast on the hair. I've resorted to using baby powder as well and although it will do the job in absorbing oil, I don't really feel...clean I guess you could say. I have purchased both fragrances in the past.   Initial thoughts The smells are phenomenal, they're not identical to the Nirvana fragrances but similar and still amazing. I've been that weirdo that keeps smelling her hair today.   Product Links   Nirvana White 400353?skuId=1735729   Nirvana Black 400351?skuId=1735711     I haven't had a chance to give it a proper run though will try to wash my hair a bit less in the next week to really see how they hold up and report back. If there any specific questions about the products and their use I can answer, please let me know. These items were a gift from both Sephora and Elizabeth and James.
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BEAUTY PRO mariharris / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thanks for reviewing those! I had my eye on them because I love the fragrance! I usually wash my hair every 4 days and am a dry shampoo junkie! The only problem is, no m... see post
Hello Ladies & Gents!!   I am, for the first time in my life, transitioning to blonde! My hair did not become fried or damaged with my first session, but I do notice that it is a little on the drier side. Any good hair masks or products for bleached hair??   Oh and because i had so much red undertone in mair, my first session (even with the 40 volume) my hair got to a caramel. Someone recommended I use "the purple shampoo" to get the reds outta my hair. Ummm what are they talking about?? Anyone else have a clue?? Lol thanks!
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Purple hair shampoo barely works. If you want a result right away, you should use an ash toner. I just bleached my hair last week, it turned to a yellowy caramel. I used... see post
Hair is breaking and falling
Before raising my ombre higher a month ago, I had bleached it maybe twice. It has always been strong and healthy until this recent mistake I made. I had to cut off a lot of my hair because it was falling a lot. And I mean a lot... i freaked out because it had never happened before. I'm using a treatment for my hair and it's helping a little. It falls less but I see it's still breaking and it's depressing seeing that happen. I don't even want to have my hair down because some strands are just hanging, especially when i shower. I've been told that dying your hair darker might help but I don't know what to do. Please help. What do you advice me to do?
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You should look at the label on the back of the bottle for ANY shampoo and conditioner you are considering, because even though they may have "Sulfate free" on the front... see post
Bumble and bumble Leave In/Rinse Out Conditioner canI
I can't believe Bb discontinued this!   I used it for well over 10 years and I'm having a real problem finding a replacement.  All other Bb conditioners are filled with silicone, and my hair does not do well with silicone.    Is there anyone who used this and has now found a good replacement product for it?    On the Bb page on FB there are some posters who are asking for Bb to bring it back, and I hope they do!
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scarlet3636 / RISING STAR / replied
Thank you!  see post
Nirvana Dry Shampoo
I just received an email stating that the Elizabeth & James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo has been discontinued. It hasn't even launched yet (unless I completely missed that). Does anybody know why this happened? I was really looking forward to this product. I hope the same fate doesn't hold true for the Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo as well.
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But of course Doppelgänger! This will be sold for sure. I'm sure a sku changed or another minor issue. People have received these as gifts to try and it's been promoted ... see post
I need hair help asap
My hair is a little on the dry side; whether I air dry it or blow dry it. I have used many smoothing and leave in products and my hair is still dry and dull looking, esp towards the ends. They tend to be thick and sort of "stuck" if that makes any sense, The ends aren't pretty and bouncy like normal hair should be. Is there a good product I could use on the shaft & ends of my hair to make it "move" more and look/feel softer? I have been putting some polish and serums...shine sprays....dry oil...still looks like crap. I ordered some japanese hair oil on ebay that I read great reviews on but I haven't received it yet. I also can not blow my hair out with a round brush (I fail EVERY time) and I am trying to avoid heat, so the use of a flat iron is out. Thanks for any and al suggestions!
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It could be the water used to wash, if it's hard try a shower filter or pour filtered water on as the last step. see post
Change of color = change in brows?
i currently have brown hair with balayage highlights and use the Medium Brown Anastasia Brow Wiz for my ashy brown hair. However, tomorrow i am dying my hair to a warm reddish brown color. I am wondering if you girls think I should change up my brow routine and start using the Auburn brow wiz in conjunction with my medium brown color? I'm nit picky about brows totally not matching hair color, and am just wanting additional opinions. The color is by no means fiery red!
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Best anti-humidity spray for hair
During the hot, humid months, my hair gets pouffy. I am looking for an anti-humidity spray for my hair. Hold isn't a big concern for me. I have fine, wavy, color treated hair. Doesn't matter if it's a salon/high end brand or drugstore brand.
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Hi shyvicki,   If you want to use something to help prevent frizzy hair after your hair is already dry and styled, I'd suggest Living Proof's No Frizz Humidity Shiel... see post
Living Proof Style Lab Hair Model Experience
Just wanted to share with you all my experience as a hair model at Living Proof's style lab. It was from 11:30 to 4:30 but we were done by 3:15. They provided lunch and gave us "$150 worth of Living Proof Products," even though when I calculated it was like $142.   There were a bunch of Living Proof educators from around the country who work in different salons who came here for the class. They would learn a style, and then do it on us. It was really fun. My stylist was Lacey who was on Real World 2005 in Austin.  The extensions that she put in my hair. This was my favorite look! I wanted to whip my hair back and forth lol. I'm assuming they practiced this look more for editorial purposes...couldn't walk out like that.    This look was supposed to hide the braid and have a sleeked back look but I like braids so much that I asked her to pull it back so I could wear it out.       
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It looks like a fun experience! I love the braid she did!  see post
orange tones in hair
Ok so a few months ago I decided to go blonde with sets of highlights over my dark red hair. I've done 4 sets so far but there is still a lot of orange tones in the bottom 1/3 of my hair or so, because before the red I dyed my hair black a few times. I do use a purple shampoo but that works only for the yellowish tones in my hair, not so much for the orange. I know I can purchase a toner but I'd really rather leave everything to my hair dresser. If she goes over the orange sections again with another set of highlights, will the orange lift on it's own? Looks fine when it's down but I like doing my hair in a high bun and it's all a nice blonde except for the bun part that's an ugly orange lol.
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To fix the orange issue temporarily, you need a blue toning shampoo/conditioner.     It sounds like your hairdresser isn't leaving the bleach on long enough, although... see post
best thermal protection spray
Hello there! I used to be a flat iron abuser, then i stopped for about 2 years. My hair is just so thick and puffy and I cannot do a blow out on myself, so I would like to start using a straightener again, just with a spray and not on level 30! What's the BEST spray- one that won't make my hair oily or greasy and is ok for high lighted hair.
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The Tresemme one is my favorite, I've been using it for years. It's affordable, light-weight, smells good, and does the job. This is the only one I've tried that I reall... see post
New shampoo for fine hair?
Hey all you hair-savvy Beauties,   I'm looking to revamp my hair care routine. I've resolved to grow my hair longer, so I'm looking for products that strengthen and prevent damage, yet won't make my head look like an oil slick. (For reference, I have really fine/thin/straight hair that looks greasy on day 2. I also rarely heat-style it or use any product). I'd been trying to go the volumizing route with Alterna's Bamboo Abundant Volume products, but they ended up making my hair feel straw-like :/ So, I'm embracing the fine/shiny hair situation I'm working with, but I do feel like I should up my game if I want to grow it long.    I'd love to hear some advice and product recommendations!   p.s. Reeeally curious about the new selection of Klorane products, but they're so new that they barely have any reviews! Any guinea pigs out there?
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I also have fine hair, mine is straight. I've been testing out Living Proof's Full Line for the past month and I've been really liking it. I blow dry my hair every time ... see post
B&B Leave-in conditioner worked like a mousse/voluminizer to hold my waves.
I used B&B leave-in but now it's gone. I have fine, wavy hair that has enough volume now that it's 50% gray, but the leave-in styled my hair into waves and left it thick, full and better than ever. I am exhausted looking for something similar (a leave-in conditioner seemed to work better for me than a mousse; not so greasy). Does anyone have a suggestion?   Many thanks.
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You can try DevaCurl's B'Leave-In. My Deva Stylist recommended this to me. It has properties that make it suitable to use as a leave-in conditioner for fine hair, but it... see post
Deesse's Elujuda Emulsion
I purchased this Japanese hair product from my salon the other day. $35, but I have seen it on Amazon for around $25. It's an AMAZING leave-in that makes your hair silky soft (and look at the bottle!). It also comes in a "light" version. If you really want to go nuts, they also make a hair oil (orange bottle) and a light version hair oil (yellow bottle). You can also get them shipped directly from their website from Japan, but it will take about 30-45 days for delivery. The description online says that it smells like apples, however, it smells like fresh laundry to me...kinda like a laundromat! Purchase it, you won't regret it ;-)
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so my hair is green
I had full head hi lights that were about 3-4 inches grown out. The blonde started to turn orange so i had the hair dresser dye my hair back to its natural color (6N). He used an 8 and said it would "fade". Then he gave me all over hi lights again. Well, the roots look black and the ends look green. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! I'm an office manager, and I look super unprofessional right now!
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I work at a hair salon and our policy is that if a client is unhappy with their service, for any reason, we will fix it for free. I've found that most reputable salons h... see post