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Post workout hair
Looking for something to freshen up my hair after hard workouts so I don't have to wash my hair everyday (I usually wash it every 2-3 days but workout more frequently that that). I use dry shampoo but I still think my hair smells and looks greasy. Wasn't sure what my options are as far as a no-poo or some other method. I'm not opposed to getting it wet and restyling it, I just was to keep shampoos and cleansers to a minimum. My hair is long and thick with no artificial coloring. Some natural curls but the weight/length of my hair keeps it just wavy. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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Oh how I love the Batiste dry shampoo!!! My hair is so soft and clean feeling after using this! I love the clean, original, and cherry scents.  Well worth the (small) pr... see post
hair dryer
I have fine hair, and I would love advice on the best blow dryer to buy. 
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So true and they are so easy to find if I shove them in a drawer somewhere!  see post
Help me fight frizz!
I live in Florida with almost constant humidity. My hair is a tight curl frizzy mess around my face and then different types of curls and waves throughout the rest of my head. The textures also range from thick and coarse to smooth and medium thickness. My blonde hairs are pretty fine, and vary with their wavy/curliness. I have never dyed or bleached my hair. 
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I'll check that out, thank you! :) see post
Flat Iron Recommendations
Does anyone have any advice, or know enough to compare different types of flat irons? I'm wondering if all of the tourmaline/ceramic irons with adjustable heat settings are created equal.   After about 8 years of faithful service, my trusted Chi straightener appears to be on the fritz. I did a little research on flat irons, thinking that I was going to get a T3 (I bought the T3 Whirl Trio curling wand recently and it is amazing). After consideration, I ended up buying the Rusk Heat Freak Str8 iron, thinking it's also tourmaline/ceramic, and it should work the same. Plus, my sister got it for Christmas and loves it. After using it for the first time this morning, I'm underwhelmed. It took me a long time and a lot of passes to get my hair straight. I don't have that kind of time in the mornings (my makeup application suffered greatly at the expense of my hair, haha). I'm just a little afraid to spend the money on the T3 if it is going to basically be the same as the Rusk.
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BEAUTY PRO SportyGirly125 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
You can go on folica and read reviews on different flat irons that they have as well as other hair products.  They have a top ten and tons of reviews. Plus they always h... see post
First Time Hair Product: Drybar Southern Belle Mousse?
I'm considering buying my first proper styling product as I want to curl my hair more often without damaging it. I was considering Drybar's Southern Belle Mousse, does anyone have experience with using it on fine hair? It's sort of pricey (for a beginner) at 25 dollars, and I'm wondering if I'd be better off going for a cheaper grocery-store brand until I have more styling experience... Thoughts?   PS   I've heard drybar products has a strong musk scent, that tends to linger in the hair. Is that true?
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HALL OF FAMER beauty2sample / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I like Drybar's Southern Belle Mousse, but I don't love it.  I have naturally curly hair, and unfortunately, I need a little more hold than this product provides to keep... see post
How can i get hair like this?
Hi   With what hair dye I can get hair like this?    I have now medium brown hair with a little bit of redness.
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I'd second this!  If you have a very specific color you're going for it's always worth it to go to a salon since everyone's hair takes color differently. see post
Looking to buy a new hair dryer, help please!
Looking to get a new hair dryer. The one I currently have is a decent one. I think I got it like 5 years ago at a salon for $65 or something. My main concern with mine now is drying time. Along with it being heavy and has no attachments (or maybe I just lost them). I would really like it to have different heat settings, a cooling button I don't have to hold onto, just turn on. And a long cord. Non damaging too!  Let me know if any of you have a hair dryer that you just love.  Thanks  
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I have a little bottle of that which I've used maybe twice.  I found it kinda sticky.  I'll try it out again now that my hair is different. see post
Hair Growth and Frizz
Any know any products or home remedies on how to grow my hair out faster and heather. I currently use biotin and heard about fish oil. But I want to know more options to know which is best. Also I need advice for frizzy hair.
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My hair seems to take forever to grow when I've had it cut to shorter lengths and regrowth at the roots tends to be less than the 1/2 inch normal average, but once it ge... see post
What's actually the cleaning agent in Wen?
I just started using Wen and have mixed feelings...My hair is definitely softer, but kind of heavy. Not sure how to explain.   While I give it some time before deciding if I love or hate it, I'm wondering what's the actual cleaning agent in the product... There's alcohol in the formulation - is that it? Or the cleansing part is done just by the water? Any thoughts?
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Yes, essentially you can do this with any conditioner  that does not contain  any form of silicones.  I use Acure Pure Mint and Echinacea volumizing conditioner and it w... see post
I cut my hair off!
Good morning dolls!  I cut my hair off last night in my room, since I was just frustrated and wanted a change. Do y'all like it? It was inspired by karlie kloss
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Looks great Sky! Have you gotten it trimmed since you cut it last year?  see post
Is BUMBLE & BUMBLE's All style blow dry balm color safe?
BEAUTY BUFF totaldebmove / BEAUTY BUFF BEAUTY BUFF / replied
Normally styling products don't pose a huge issue--it's the shampoos you have to be really careful about when you color your hair. For B&B, their shampoos are normally f... see post
Has anyone used the Aveda Invati system?
I've searched through the BT threads and saw a few recommendations for this system, but no actual results or review of the system. I'm trying to address some hair concerns and have a few sample packs to try which I'm hoping will last 30 days. Does anyone have experience using this system? How did you like it? What results did you see and did it meet your expectations? Any information is appreciated.   Thanks!
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You're very welcome. I was happy to see a question I actually had some helpful info to report. Lol! Good luck with it. I wash several times a week but rotate my shampoo ... see post
Hair Color Recommendations
I need some help, I have always had black hair.  And I always color it black too at home with Wal-Mart brands (L'Oreal etc usually whats on sale).  I have never had any other color except black as my hair color.   I was recently doing some research and came across a hair color I got interested in, which is this Dark Cherry Black.   I was wondering what colors and brand to use to get that color?   I still want my hair color to originally look black, but with like some dark cherry black where you can see in the sunlight.  So I don't want to go full-on just Dark Cherry Black lol if that makes sense.   I definitely am not going to spend so much $$ to get it done at a salon.  It has to be reasonably priced like Walmart type brands.  I live in Canada so typically I get it from Walmart.   I also read online that people use Developers, but I have no idea what those are for and if I should look into that as well for a dark cherry black.   Any suggestions?  Please help!   If your a hairstylist, that would help even more!
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Hi @sammiebaby, Hi Ok, so I found some box colors.  I found it on the John Frieda site.  One is the John Frieda 3VR Radiant Red Deep Cherry Brown and then my regular 2... see post
I lost my plastic applicators for the Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum
I recently lost both of the little plastic applicators that come with the Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum and I need to find somehow to still be able to use the product. Unfortunaly I can't use it with out the little plastic pieces because you have to break the glass tip off the vial to use. The applicators that came with the vials kind of scratched my head so if anyone has any suggestions on what to use I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
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I didn't even think to go directly to them! I just sent them an email. Thank you:).  see post
rash from kerastase?
I have used the Oleo Relax product three times and I have a rash on my neck. Anyone else experience the same thing?
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My past 2 hairdressers have always recommended it but I had to ask them both to stop using it on me because it kept giving me rashes.   it wasn't only one product eith... see post
At-Home Laser Hair Removal
Hey guys!    I'm wondering if any of you have tried laser hair removal at home using any of the devices and how successful it's been for you.   I personally have dealt with hair EVERYWHERE and since a very young age. It sort of sucks when your name rhymes with hairy ("Hairy Sherry") because it made elementary school very traumatizing. So I never believed that there could be an affordable option to reducing my hair. I researched quite a bit into home systems and finally purchased the me smooth about three months ago. I'm not kidding when the results amaze me; I've been brought close to tears at how much of a difference it's made in my daily life. Prior to that, I'd tried everything (shaving, waxing, tweezing, epilating). The only thing is I have yet to try it on my face (not only do I have large pores but I have very small hairs from most of the pores all over my face). Have any of you had experience with using any of the devices on the face? Any tips?   Thanks for reading!
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I have used the Tria on my face.  I don't know about the device that you have, but be very careful (or avoid completely) using it near your eyes because it could cause d... see post
Need rec for hair spray-on gel
I came across a can of Nick Chavez Amazon Hair, which is a spray gel - I loved it! There was no strong scent or sticky build up, but I think it's going to be hard to find so what other prods can you recommend? My hair is straight & fine. TYIA
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Hi over60andfab,   It's a bit different from the Nick Chavez product - but I would suggest the Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray. This is a heat-activated spray so ... see post
I am Considering switching to all silicone-free hair products.
I'm seriously considering switching to all silicone free hair products and wanted to see if anyone here has gone through the whole silicone detox and completely eliminated silicones from their products? What were the results? What were the speed bumps? What are your fav sulfate, para ben and silicone free hair products? Any tips would be helpful!
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BEAUTY WHIZ surfgirlmiami / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
Good I'm glad you liked it! Okay, I might as well out myself right now- I worked for LUSH for 2 years. I totally haven't been brainwashed by them or anything. I quit abo... see post
Oily and flat hair
My hair is SUPER thin. I will shower in the morning and in about 6 hours it will become oily and lose all volume. Dry shampoo seems to do nothing for the oil control. I use Organix Biotin and Collagen volume shampoo and conditioner for the volume but it doesn't seem to have a big effect. What should I be using to help fix the oil and volume problems? 
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Hi Katie0528! I would look into the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder! It's a texturizing/volumizing/oil absorbing powder that you sprinkle onto your scalp, let sit, and t... see post
Hair Repair
Anyone know any good shampoos that repair damaged hair. I tried the Ojon Shampoo damages reverse an it was amazing but the price is it bit high. Any of you know a cheaper ones that are similar or a better one?  
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BEAUTY BOSS lipstick4soul / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
I think the Alterna Rapid Repair spray works quite well.   Best products I have t... see post
Breaking hair
Hello,    I have always had fine, thin, straight hair however after my son was born my hair became very think and curly. An obvious result of prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones.    Since I stopped the prenatal vitamins I have noticed a big difference in my hair.  It's getting thinner again, and now more brittle.  Not that it matters but could - we moved east from Ca a year and a half ago.  Going from dry to very humid I noticed a lot of change with my hair.  Add in new stylist, the weather, different vitamins and heat/air conditioning all year round my hair is worked!    Currently I wash with a sulfur free shampoo, use Unite 7 seconds to help with tangles post shower. I used to use DermOrganics oil on my ends but ran out - I didn't like how quickly it would dry my hair. I tried Angel nourishing cream but that seemed like it did the opposite, made it more dry on the ends and frizzy.  One of the first ingredients - alcohol.     My roots get oily within a day or so - I'm washing every 2 days. My hair dryer is old and could be the issue.  Either way, I feel as though I may have to cut off inches in order to get my hair back to a healthy state unless there is a product that can help rebuild the hair from the bottom up.   Is there anything I can add to my regimen that will help with strengthen the hair shaft?   Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations.
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Hello jchristysb,   That sounds like a lot of changes for your hair! I agree that at this point it sounds beneficial to get a haircut. I would also recommend taking ... see post
Any styling tools for getting bounce and body?
  I'm really incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair. I have very long fine hair with lots of chunky layers. It takes me 2 minutes to dry and 2 or 3 minutes to straighten and I'm done. I love that!!   However I would like to be able to style it with a bit more bounce and body. Not curls or waves. My stylist does it with HUGE Velcro rollers but I have zero interest in doing that. I was wondering if there was some kind of styling tool I can use instead of my straightening iron that can give me body?    Here re is a picture of my hair for reference just after my stylist used those Velcro rollers - I'd like to recreate this without rollers.   
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The from-wet tips here works great, but if you're looking to revive some volume with dry hair, try a texturizing product.  Big Sexy Hair (Big Sexy ... something?) has on... see post
Where could I find a wig like this one?
Hello beauties! I need your help with something... Does anybody know where could I get a wig like this one? Hairdo AND the color, too ( especially the color! )? Exactly the same if possible ( or minus bangs ). I absolutely don't know anything about wigs, so any possible help, recommendations and suggestions are very welcome, and much appreciated.   Happy Holidays, everyone!     Edit: I used to color my hair to similar color, but the maintenance was a huge pain in the behind! So, no matter how badly I wanna do it again... I'd just rather give wig a chance first... It's not the same, but considering I don't want to dye my hair again just yet ( enjoying my natural blond hair for the time being ), a wig wouldn't be a bad idea for those occasions when I feel like enjoying this color again sometimes. And enjoying this do without cutting my hair... for now... 
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You're too much! :P   I love me some wigs...if I had money to just spend ohhhhhh the wigs and hairpieces I would have!   If a more realistic wig is what you're optin... see post
Which flat iron/straightener is best?
Hey ladies,   I'm looking to buy a new flat iron/straightener. My hair is thick, wavy, and frizzy. I straighten my hair every day (I use a heat protector, no worries!) and I've previously only used a Chi, but all the ones I've had have broken or don't help me get the silky straightness I get when I go to the salon. Suggestions?   Thanks!
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I got my Chi for maybe $50 including the shipping, probably due to it being the previous year model and a "breast cancer awareness pink" edition. It's light weight and h... see post
Can argon oil be used with hair primer
I use an Argon or Moroccan oil on my hair after washing. If using a hair primer should I still use an oil and if so is the oil applied before or after the primer?
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Last time I went in for my regular color and cut appointment I had my stylist lighten it - because of all the years I've been coloring it from blue black to red to brown... see post
Which oil is best for dry, damaged, frizzy hair?
I want to try using an oil on my damaged hair but am not sure which one to try first. I just used Moroccan Oil but overall was disappointed. It did make my hair really shiny and improved on softness, but took away a lot of the natural wave my hair has and only helped a minimal amount with frizz.  I'm looking for an oil that will really cut frizz, enhance wave, and soften.  Thanks in advance!
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NancyR32 / FRESH FACE / replied
Definitely Pro Naturals see post
GHD Air vs Dry Bar buttercup...
im kind of torn between which one to get..I have a GHD flat iron that i've had for 7 or 8 years.. the quality and durability is fantastic. but I hear Dry Bar is really good as well.. which would you recommend?
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I absolutely love buttercup! I've got medium to long blonde hair that normally takes forever to dry, but buttercup makes my drying time much shorter! see post
Urgent Hair Nourishment/Growth Help Needed!
My oven just went up and flames and burnt all of my front hairs to a crisp. Thankfully, I'm fine, but my hair is not. The front hairs are basically all now an inch or less. Does anyone have any secret tips or products they know of to help hair grow back nourished and hopefully quick? I'm not looking to get romaine or anything like that but hopefully something extremely nourishing and moisturizing.    Any help/ advice will be greatly appreciated.   😰  
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