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Looking for a new hair product. I loved Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Styling Balm, but B&B discontinued it last year. I have yet to find anything similar.  I don't like B&B styling creme.  
I recently decided that my hair needed a change.  It was long and I never used any product or anything.  I just flat ironed it.    It's really thick with natural curls but they're not cute so I make it straight.    So I got it cut.  It's now a "lob" just below my shoulders.  I really want loose/beachy waves like the lob pics here:   I got a 1 3/4" curling iron but I think it's way too big so I'll try a 1 1/4".    But I need help with product.  Obviously I shampoo and conditioner but then what?  Should I use something before blow drying?  Before using the curling iron?  After?  One thing I recently got was a root lifter.  I used it for the first time today but I wasn't impressed.  (It was Aquage... I don't think I used enough).    I feel like a need a heat protectant and something to set the curls but I don't want a really stiff hold.  Help!
  Hello,   I am interested in getting extensions and wonder if ya'll can share with me any experiences you've had with Tape-in hair extensions.   I bough clip in but it felt heavy, gave me headache and kept sliding down my hair. I wonder if the tape-ins would be better since the weight is distributed across the tape, instead of focused on the clips....   Any input would be much appreciated!    
Hi everyone   I'm Scott, I'm growing my hair out and need some product recommendations please. My hair has a slight wave to it and is prone to dryness and slight frizz if I leave it to its own devices. My current routine: I shampoo and condition with Pureology Precious Oil and then apply one drop of Josie Maran Argan Oil and one drop of john masters Organics Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer (mixture of natural oils) to wet hair and leave it to air dry. This works well right now because my hair is still quite short. However, when it gets longer, I would like to incorporate a styling product. Is there something available I could use that will quickly set the style in place when it's still wet but that I'm able to brush out and still retain a natural but set look? If that makes sense. I've already come across a product which I think might be suitable called AVEDA Confixor Liquid Gel. Does anyone have any experience using this product or any of AVEDA styling products, particularly the gels and creams? Also, I'm not adverse to using products that contain silicones and/or quats because I think the shampoo I use has the correct combination of surfactants to remove and prevent build up. Do you have any product recommendations please in any price range? I'm looking for a gel/cream to use as a leave in on wet hair that will work without heat and will not cause stickiness or flakes but still hold the style in place. I'm also open to any other suggestions or advice. Thanks
I recently bought the Drybar Buttercup blowdryer value set. It came with two attachments but for some reason they are not going on. 
i have brown skin and black long hair i want to change it.    which color does it match with my skin color.   I'm thinking in grey or dark brown.
Looking to get extra volume that's lightweight, not sticky or greasy, to use on my extra thick straight hair that I occasionally add curl or wave too.  I don't want the gunked up stuff I have to wash out that night.  I also don't have to look like a grease ball and I rarely use conditioner because of my hairs extra softness.  I am currently using suave professionals seafoam all day foam stuff and love the formula, but kind of want to see if there is anything else out there.  I see they have other formulas in the suave line now, but there are also others I am eyeing...not your mothers, got2b, nexxus.  Should I stick with same one and I am never a suave fan except this and looking for both drugstore/ low end and mid level products.    Suggestions?
I have very long, naturally thinner hair and a few years ago I began using the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Serum and it was a miracle product for me and made my hair very noticeably thicker. I usually stock up on it during sales, so I haven't had to purchase one recently. I went to Sephora last week I saw they didn't carry it anymore, so I looked it up online and I can't find it anywhere, not even the B&B website! Does anyone know of a comparable product I could use instead? I really don't want my hair to go back to being thin and limp!   Thanks everyone!   (In case it's important, I still use the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner almost every time I shower.)
I've been using bumble and bumble straight shampoo and I love it. Im debating on whether to get the matching straight conditioner or a different one from their line?   Or any other conditioners you love? The hair line for Canada is small-ish in Sephoras.. so hopefully its something we can get in store (cough*briogeo*cough)
I wanted to perhaps buy the Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray.   It's very expensive so wanted feedback on this product/brand.  Thank you!
So I decided to go ahead and buy the Bio Ionic One Pass Iron over GHD's new Platinum one. Mainly in part do to functionality issues with my Eclipse (I had two that suddenly broke after less than a year's use ) and did'nt want to risk it happening again. Also, I did my homework and searched Platinum reviews and saw the negative ones were quite similar, death beep that overheats and never works properly again. I contacted GHD on why they never respond to the negative reviews , I found them to be very evasive with me almost like they new the design could have faulty issues. I new right then and there the Bio Ionic would have my vote, I found a lot of praise on this iron and several salons nearby highly recommend it and carry it. Moreover, I'd pick functionality over pretty packaging any day, I want to get my money's worth.  
Anyone know? Hopefully in the future? Its avail. to us onilne..   <3
When will Sephora carry the Christophe Robin line?  I read in a fall mag that it would be September.
I purchased this Japanese hair product from my salon the other day. $35, but I have seen it on Amazon for around $25. It's an AMAZING leave-in that makes your hair silky soft (and look at the bottle!). It also comes in a "light" version. If you really want to go nuts, they also make a hair oil (orange bottle) and a light version hair oil (yellow bottle). You can also get them shipped directly from their website from Japan, but it will take about 30-45 days for delivery. The description online says that it smells like apples, however, it smells like fresh laundry to me...kinda like a laundromat! Purchase it, you won't regret it ;-)
Has anyone tried and compared Bumble and Bumble's Surf Foam Wash shampoo to John Frieda's Beach Blonde Cool Dip shampoo? I have tried B&B and know I like it, however it is a tad pricey. I love their new Surf Infusion spray compared to the original, so I'm not so interested in John Frieda's spray, despite it being a cult classic in its own right. 
hi, I am looking to purchase a ghd flat iron, I love my ghd curve! Any preferences between the new eclipse or the ghd gold?  I have medium to fine long wavy hair.
I want to get a new hair styling tool. I had been using drugstore versions up until now, mostly because I seldom used heat styling tools before. But as I am curling my hair more and more, I want to invest in a "nicer" product.   To get an idea of what I am looking for: I have very flat, straight hair, currently mid-length, just below collar bone. If I just came out of the shower, it will literally look like it's been straightened. So the main purpose of me curling my hair is more for putting in some volume rather than the curls themselves (I do like curls too tho!) I have a curling iron and a straightener, and I find myself reaching for the straightener more for just putting in some messy curls.    So after some research, I have narrowed my choices down to 3ish:    1. GHD classic straightener (225 CAD): lots of raves, seems versatile and durable. Given that I already love curling with a straightener, this looks very promising   2: GHD curve (295 CAD): I am looking at both classic wave and creative curl wands. Mostly inspired by Fleur de Force's review, I love how her hair looked with these. I don't have much experience with wands, but given that I love messy-ish big curls that just add volume, these look like a time saving way (and a little more fool-proof...I have to be a bit more careful with a straightener to make sure each curl comes out uniformly)   3: T3 world trio (255 CAD): Another one inspired by a you tuber (Tati btw, who raves about this). I love the fact that there are 3 barrels that lets me experiment more with different looks, and the white exterior is so pretty. But I have came across some reviews about T3 products dying after a year or two.    Please give any insight you have! I really appreciate any input!  
My oven just went up and flames and burnt all of my front hairs to a crisp. Thankfully, I'm fine, but my hair is not. The front hairs are basically all now an inch or less. Does anyone have any secret tips or products they know of to help hair grow back nourished and hopefully quick? I'm not looking to get romaine or anything like that but hopefully something extremely nourishing and moisturizing.    Any help/ advice will be greatly appreciated.   😰  
Hello my makeup friends,   Long time no talk:/ I am looking at booking a private party at Drybar in Chicago for next summer with about 7 girlfriends for a long weekend away. Has anyone been to a private party that could share their thoughts? Good or bad is welcome!   Thanks Ladies, XOXO Britt
Hello, fellow Sephora devotees. I have a question about a product that Sephora doesn't sell, but I was hoping some of you may have tried it in the past (or use it currently) and will thus be able to answer these questions. The product is the KQC Thermal Shine Spray, and I'm debating over purchasing it. So, let's brass these tacks, shall we? I have read that you can use the spray on wet AND dry hair, but what I can't find out is if the spray only works (i.e. makes hair glossy/shiny) if a heat tool is used on said hair in conjunction with the spray. Essentially, I want to know if I could use the spray on wet hair, let it air dry, and still get the wonderful glossy results as if I had dried using, say, a hairdryer. Or, if I could use the spray on already-dry hair and get the gloss without using a heated styling tool as well. Anything you all know about this spray would be greatly appreciated information! Thanks in advance.
Hi all. At one time I purchased a Phyto shampoo from Sephora that smelled like Coca-Cola. It was a dark, clear liquid and worked great. I didn't save the bottle so I only know the manufacturer. Can anyone help?
The other day I went to my local sephora and they had new things on the To Go section, they had a Wen Hair kit for $22. If you live by one, and you love this line or want to gift it or try it out for yourself, I'd recommend swinging by and checking to see if they have any or if they'll have any. Or you can also call and ask. Thought I'd mention it since I don't see it online.  
Hello all,    Just moved to Toronto and I'm looking for a hairdryer with a wattage of 2000 or over. Cannot seem to find one anywhere and my UK blaster won't work either.  Please save me from having hair that looks like a badly made hat!! any suggestions??   Thank you 
I hate facial, and hairs on my arms and legs. but its extra time and energy waxing and shaving them every now and then especially in the winter.    I've been eyeing the Tria hair removal system for a while, but I didn't know if they would work for sure or create uneven patches or hair growth.  plus the cost of it being $500ish, I was waiting until they upgraded further so its like all the flaws are corrected.  I also thought the "window" or the screen where laser lights come out was way to small and would take forever to do the entire leg..    Also I have a lot of peach fuzz on the sides of my cheeks. Can it work for those as well?   
Hey So I've always had very thick and very cource hair that is naturally very frizzy and puffy. Because my hair is very cource, it's also very dry on the ends. My hair is kind of straight, but it's also very, very kinky and flips out all over the place so it has a few loose waves. As I'm growing older (I'm now 15), my hair is getting harder and harder to manage as I get so many flyaways and it's so hard to put it in a ponytale, even. The last year or so I've been straightening my hair everyday and although my hair doesn't get especially damaged as it's so strong, it takes such a lot of time and effort, and I'd love to stop doing so but it looks crazy if I don't. I also dry my hair using a hair dryer, also I don't blow-dry it properly as it's very difficult on my hair and takes such as long time. Although heat is meant to cause more frizz, I find that if I let my hair dry naturally, it's even more crazy. My hair is quite dry but it tends to get a little greasy sometimes, so I tend to wash it every 2 to 3 days. However, I do find that it's shinier and more managable a couple of days after washing my hair.  I'd love to put together a better hair care routine, but I don't what would work well on my hair! Any reccomendations, tips or ideas? Thanks so much ! Oh and I live in the UK if that helps productwise.