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Will hair dye go over my dark brown hair?

I have dark brown Asian hair and want to dye it so that it looks magenta in the sunlight. If i just use a bright temporary dye over my natural color without bleaching, will it create this effect? I do not want it to be super vibrant, just have a subtler color shine in the light. 

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I have natural brown hair too. When I was in high school my parents wouldn't let me bleach my hair, but I was allowed to to put semi-permanent dye in it. I would put Beyond the Zone semi-permanent dye in my hair. The dye would pretty much just tint my hair, and it just washes out a little bit everytime you wash your hair. I did red multiple times and blue once, never magenta though so it could work. You can find Beyond the Zone at Sally Beauty Supply, I also like Manic Panic and you can find it there too.


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Pretty Flamingo

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These are just the colors I though were pretty magenta-ee. They have plenty of other colors!

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