Which products work best for dry hair?

So I have really, really dry hair and split ends. I was wondering if there is a product out there, or even something I could do to make my hair smooth and healthy. Help?

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The best shampoo/ conditioning system for dry hair is really any Moroccan Oil product.  I have normal/ dry hair (I have relaxed hair) and for years I have been struggling to find a shampoo/conditioner that would work best for my hair.  I did not feel that it was necessary to spend a lot of money on hair products, but when I first heard about Moroccan Oil I wanted to see what all of the hype was about for myself.  The Moroccan Oil shampoos and conditioners instantly nourish each and every one of your hair strands making it much easier to manage and style your hair after you wash it.  You can also try some of their other products to get even shiner and nourished hair!  Hope this helps!

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