What style do you wear most frequently?

What is your favorite way to wear your hair on a normal basis? In a pony tail, pigtails, a half up-do, down, curly, straight, in a bun, etc? My favorite way to wear my hair is in a 'poof' style with a bow Smiley Very Happy I wear this style almost everyday, except for when it is hot or I cannot be bothered to fix my hair lol Smiley Wink hair.jpg

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I wear my hair in a messy bob most of the time, (intentionally messy, not by accident!) lol  If I am working around the horses, I tie it back in a short ponytail, I have heard horror stories of riders or stable workers getting sections of scalp yanked off if they catch their hair in horse tack! YOW!


My hair is pretty long, so once a week I get Shirley Temple curls so it keeps pretty waves all week.  If it's  warm it goes right up in a bun. And that's where it spends most of the summer.  Convenient b/c the Vogue that just came out said messy buns are in for the fall and I do that unconsciously.


Since my hair is thick and naturally curly, the weather and what all I'll be into plays a HUGE factor lol.  Even on days when I wear my hair in a down style, I always have a scrunchie in my purse just in case I need to put it up.  Some styles I wear my hair are:

  • completely down
  • Use an elastic hair band to keep hair back, and use flat snap clips to keep sections in place.  I call this my beachy look.
  • Braid two side, front sections of hair and then clip them back.
  • normal pony tail
  • braided pigtails
  • And on my lazy, too tired to work with my hair days: pull hair back into a messy "basketball player" bun.


I'll also use hair accents from time to time such as my flower clips, feather clip, or my butterfly clip (sadly, it's not the one like Rose wore in the Titanic.  Titanic museum site and gift store in pigeon forge sold out Smiley Sad   )

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It really depends on how I'm feeling and if my hair is clean. I will wear it down and wavy, or if I feel like straightening it the night before, I will. The second day, I'll back comb and make a middle of the head pony tail with a slight poof, and some side bangs. I also have gotten really good at a top knot, which is a messy bun, ut being a teacher, this style isn't always professional unless I can get it somewhat neat. And that defeats the purpose of it.
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