What is a good volumizing product to use? the crown of my hair always seems to fall flat?
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I really love Alterna's Bamboo Mousse, I use it when my hair is towel dried and just put it into the crown and root area, and then I blow dry it--this is important too:

Blow dry it in sections (I do it upside down or with my head tilted, without a brush, for a few inches below shoulder length hair) in the OPPOSITE direction from which it will lay when it's done. SO if it is on the right side of your part, roll it over the left side of your hair and blow dry focusing on the roots (don't worry about the length yet), removing a small layer every few seconds/minutes, and let it cool just a moment before flipping it into the correct direction. Then go back and get the length of it after the roots are in good shape. You can also do this back-to-front if you don't wear a part.


The mousse I was talking about: http://www.sephora.com/bamboo-volume-weightless-whipped-mousse-P286113?skuId=1333624

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