What is a good volumizing product to use? the crown of my hair always seems to fall flat?
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Blowdrying you hair while over exaggerating the lift with a round brush will give you mega lift and use big velcro rollers to hold the style in place until your hair has cooled (you can use the cool shot button but letting it cool on its own is best approx. 2-5 mins or longer is good. Leave them in while you do your makeup then take them out). Also spraying dry shampoo right at the root then using the heat of a blow drying with it concentrated in the area, while roughing up the underside, then use the cool shot while using the same technique. Afterward smooth the top area with a brush or flatiron and you will get a nice "bump" that is not over teased and still smooth looking. Spray hairspray on the underside and top (small amounts) and this should last you at least for the day. If it falls a little flat just use the blowdryer again to rev it back up and a lil more dry shampoo if needed.


Hope this helps!

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