What is a good look for trying to impress a guy?

I am young and I haven't seen the guy I like in 2 weeks and I am seeing him soon. Any ideas? I need tips on hair and makeup. Thanks! Smiley Happy

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The most important thing is to let your natural beauty come through.  I know you have prob heard this a million times, but its true. Guys dont like to look at a girl caked in makeup.  


For makeup- Thin line of brown eyeliner; mascara; a light shimmery eyeshadow just on the lids (optional).  Stay away from heavy foundation, and bright lipstick.


For Hair- This really depends on your length and texture.  try to bring out your natural hair. If its curly, define the curls with a mousse, and defrizzer.  If its straight, try adding volume with a volumizing spray.


Final tips-  Stay confident, and smile alot.  This really does work.

Good luck!

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