What does Moroccan oil do for your hair?

Also how do you use it? How much do you put in? and will this make you hair stay shiny and straight even if you have curly hair?

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I actually don't know what's in the brand Moroccanoil (the one with the blue label) other than Argan oil, but I use the Garden of Wisdom Argan oil and it's cheaper than the Josie Maran Argan oil. Both are certified organic and cold pressed. I know Garden of Wisdom's is unrefined, which works better. I'm not sure if Josie Maran's is or not. I used it on my acne-prone skin without a problem at night, but I mainly use it on the ends of my hair every other day because that's when I wash my hair. What I do is I start at the tips and work the rest up. I only use TWO drops, but that's because I have medium-length, layered, and thick hair. I have coarse hair and I think it has really helped. Just make sure you don't work the oil up in your roots because then your scalp will get too oily with the rest of your natural oils. I hope this helps and good luck!

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i have the josie argon oil

and i take a litttle bit and put it on the end of my hair and just through it and it makes it softer , shinier, and i think WAY , more healthier, like it solves my split end crisis.


plus u can also put it on your skin with out it feeling oily, if that makes any sense , its just like a miracle product Smiley Happy

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