What do you guys think of my new ombre?

I Just got Ombre yesterday!!! and i luuvvv it! What do you guys think? srry my cameras not very good Smiley Tongue also hows my makeup?

- Jessi <3Snapshot_20120905.JPG

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You look adorable- very pretty.   I love your ombre color.   It is one of the best I have seen.   It does have that wonderful casual look like you went to the beach and now it is growing out.     Your makeup looks great too.   The best thing about your hair and makeup is that I notice you before I noticed either one.   Your eyes drew me in first which is perfect.   That is my number one beauty rule; I want people to notice me- not my hair, makeup or even clothes.  


Hey Jess! You look gorgeous! How's school going by the way? I hope all is well with you and PM me later if you want to talkSmiley Happy

P.S. I really love your hair/makeup! Very pretty but still natural(which is the best way to look) Smiley Happy

Cute look, the ombre is just right. I've seen some jobs where it looks like too dark roots and too light ends, yours is perfect.

Nice makeup, a wonderful job.

Very pretty Jessithediva! Your hair looks super sleek and shiny too, I really like it! Your makeup looks great, just enough without being overboard or too heavy! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Super cute!  They're all right, we notice you before your makeup!  


Hi Jessithediva,


It looks great on you! I like how it blends nicely. I'm not a fan of the harsh contrast of black roots and blonde ends. Whoever did you hair also did a nice job by putting some lighter pieces near your face.

<3 Melissa
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Hi jessiethediva,


Your hair looks nice!  Your stylist created a nice cut that seems to fall nice.  You have clear skin.  Who doesn't want that?  It seems as though you have on subtle makeup.  That's always nice for daytime. 

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YOur ombre is super and your make up is clear as can be ? What foundation did you use ???



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It looks lovely! I love that the contrast isn't harsh -- it looks really natural, yet still has the fun ombré effect. I think it's the best ombré coloring I have ever seen (and since your hair is the same color as my own, it makes me want to try it). Whoever your stylist is did an excellent job. You have great skin, and I love your eyes, too!

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