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Ways to naturally style wet, curly hair

I have long, naturally curly hair. It takes forever to blow dry or flat iron and my hair always looks fried when I do. Also, I am not a fan of the way my hair naturally dries. It becomes unruly and frizzy. I take my showers at night and would love to find a way to let it dry overnight but be cute in the morning. Any ideas?

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I also have curly hair....I use bumble and bumble, especially the surf spray for the beachy look, as I tend to have waves than curls but it still isn't straight, or I use the one called sexy curly hair, it's a blue pump bottle, something sexy curly and it works after a shower or even towel dried in the morning. I tend to not over heat my hair bc I also get it foiled, so it's damaged enough. What I do not recommend is the bumble and bumble Concen straight, and it fried my hair...and not for a whole lot of results....stear clear of night.
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I use Ouidad products for my curls.


I have naturally curly hair too, and the only time it gets touched by heat is when I go to the hair dresser - as a result it has become much shiner and silkier. For letting it dry over night I recommend a hair lotion applied to wet hair post shower, Ouidad does have great options for this. I also like Bumble and Bumble. Set your curls with curl clips (there are video tutorials on youtube) and let them dry that way. Frizz will be highly reduced and your hair will be healther. I also do an olive oil treatment on my hair once a week, about three tablespoons (for slightly past shoulder length curls) slightly warmed in the microwave. Work through dry hair and then wear a showercap or tie a plastic grocery store bag around your head and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour, then wash and condtion as normal. Hope this helps! 


one of the best methods to style wet, curly hair is with deva curl products. there is a "how to" on their website.

you can also look for a deva trained stylist in your area

good luck!


Hi again UGAShannon - one other thing, Ouidad (wee-dod) is the name of the woman who created these products and she has extremely curly hair herself. She has a salon in NYC, don't know where you are, but if you can get to NYC it might be worth a trip. She cuts hair specificially for curly hair, which is different than an average haircut. If not, try to find a hair dresser who cuts for curly hair. I found somebody who knows how to cut curly hair and it's made a huge difference for me. Good luck.


Hi UGAShannon - Welcome newcomer!! I also have wavy curly hair and often wash it at night. Someone mentioned Ouidad Products, which are amazing. I haven't used them in a while because my hair is not as thick as it was, have been thinking about trying it again, let's see what NY summer humidity brings. They've added a number of products to their line, when I was using it (actually I always do this regardless of what product  I'm using) after I showered and conditioned right before getting out of the shower I rinse my hair thoroughly with very, very cold water, as cold as I can tolerate. Then follow immediately with your styling product, don't even touch your hair with a towel or get out of the shower before putting your 'product' on. I don't remember the name of the product I used from Ouidad, think it was peach in color and it instructs you to use immediately after shower on soaking wet hair. Comb your product through with a wide tooth comb and then a fine tooth comb, thoroughly but gently.  You can sort of just kind of 'ponytail' your hands and run them around/through the length of your hair just to get out the real excess water out and then apply your product. (did that make sense?)


I often use a spray bottle and just spray around my face as that hair seems to get a little dry more quickly, and run my comb through again. I believe she had new products, some may say to mix 2 together in your hands and then apply. If not, this might sound silly but, don't immediately layer one product on top of another. Give your hair a little time between applying products to allow each to sort of soak in, this does sound silly but with many, many products it makes a very big difference.


If you twist your hair and then put it into a bun before you lay down, or after applying your products, will it dry enough by morning? You could try doing like a 'pin curl' kind of thing. Basically, you're doing the same as above, just in small sections - take a section of hair and comb it and pull it straight out, then twist/twirl it and then wrap it into a little 'bun' - it will dry more quickly this way and may help with frizz. My hair stays, for the most part, when I wrap it into buns like this. You might want to do this soon after your product is applied.


If you'd like some more ideas let me know, I'm working on some things for another gal and can update you if you're interested. Let me know how this works out for you, if you don't mind. Best of luck and welcome, this is a great community.


I have very curly hair myself, that looks like a puff if not hydrates properly and I have found that the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk product range ahas really boosted hydration and DEFINED the CURL pattern of my hair.


There are two formulas for styling:


Hair Milk, put this in wet hair right ouf the shower and let air dry or heat style. It gives more hyrdation than its sister, Hair Milk Light.

product image


Hair Milk Light can be used on dry or wet hair, and is lighter for finer hair types. It will define curl as well.

product image

Use the level of dryness in you hair as a gauge for which product to try.


Air Dry AWAY!




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I've found that the best way for me to dry my curly hair over night is to put whatever product I want to use in my hair while it's really wet then wrap my hair up in an old T-shirt. It's called plopping.

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