WEN or other good products for brittle dry hair?

Hi all, I have been coloring my hair for many years. Recently I dyed it all brown and since I am running low on cash these days I went to model days at a salon where they color your hair for like 30 bucks cause and assistant does it. Well anyway, it came out horrendous so I had to get it fixed and basically I had a double, double process so needless to say my hair (esp my ends) are fried. I did get a haircut to get rid of the worst of it, but I still have some breakage and split ends and my hair is feeling like straw. I usually use Phyto haircare but not even their ultra dry line is working for me right now.


I have been hearing about WEN and was wondering if anyone using  it and what they think? My hair is dry and brittle but also very fine, pin straight and doesnt have volume, so I cant have anything that weighs me down.


Does anyone like WEN or recommend something else?



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I like to use extra virgin coconut oil on my hair.  You just rub some in your palms and then smooth through hair.  I like to use it before I work out, but I have used it to sleep in before.  I have fine hair, the coconut oil never ways it down. I bought mine from Martin's grocery store, I think it was like $8 and has lasted me a long time.

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