Tips for Traveling to Europe with Heat Tools?
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Hi Beauties!


I'm planning my first trip to Europe (Hungary, mainly) in a couple months and am concerned with being able to use my heat tools...I have a lot of hair that I try to take particular care of, and I'm attending a wedding - so I need to look polished.


I have a Velecta Paramount hair dryer, an amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, and their Switch Kit curling iron. 


I mention the specific tools I have so that I can ask the following:

  • Has anyone traveled to EU with these specific tools, or similar? Did you use a converter - which one?
  • Has anyone tried just ordering new tools from a EU seller so that the tools have the right hardware? If so, any suggestions on similar quality tools to look at?

I'm also curious to see if anyone has other thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the topic that I haven't thought to ask about.




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I don't think it is worth taking.  Just buy when you get there.  There are tons of CVS type stores all over EU.

Price is the same as home, too.


Or, borrow.  Most hotels provide these tools as well. 


It is random, too.  You never know when it is gonna blow.......but, these tools WILL blow!  

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