Thin Hair and itchy scalp problem

About 2 months ago I purchased Clean and Clear shampoo and conditione

And had to stop using it. My scalp got super itchy. My hair started coming out more than normal. Started feeling like hay. Overall a nightmare for me.

I am 34. My hair before this was great. I have always had thin and straight as a board hair.


The itching has gotten  alittle better. But my hair is still thin. Hay or straw like. And dull. Any advice on my problem will be great

I do take biotin daily.

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I really love Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, they have revived my hair. In the past my hair is very thin, dull, and dry, and I never can have it grow pass my shoulder without them breaking. On top of that I also have very flaky, dry scalp too.  I spend lots of money on shampoo product because as a woman I didn't want to go bald. Sometime I even cry in the bathroom worrying the massive hair that I pick up from the sink.  Anyway, I accidentally discover Living Proof Shampoo when Sephora was giving them away as a sample 4yrs ago. I see a dramatic change within a week of using it and to my surprise I notice my hair are starting to shine.    Worrying that this is just a temporary thing I bought their travel size shampoo and conditioner to try it for another month, and it continues to amaze me. My hairs are still thin, but it is not dry or dull and doesn't break anymore. It was healthy for the first time in many years and everyone around me notice the difference, including my hairdresser. Since my hair is healthy again I made my hair grow long.  At that time I was 30, doing my PhD in engineering.


I love Living Proof because it brought my hair back to life again. But if is too expensive, I think the alternative is to use some type of sulfate free product.


Another thing I will suggest is to have your thyroid check out. About a year and a half ago the doctor discover that I have hyperthyroidism and during that time my hair start falling off massively and scalp were super itchy. It stopped after my thyroid was under control and the hair did came back and grew really fast.  


Good luck.

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