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Texture/Wave and Volume for Straight, Fine Hair

I'm looking for a styling product that will give my hair that effortless, rolled out of bed with some gentle waves look. I have really fine, straight hair with a small natural wave when wet. Ideally, I'd like to limit the amount of products used in my hair as it tends to get greasy and flat if I use too many. Any tips would be super helpful Smiley Happy 

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I have the finest, straightest hair that will not hold a curl with a ton of hairspray and a curling iron.  Whatever I do I go FLAT within a half an hour.  I use BUMBLE AND BUMBLE SURF SPRAY.  I wash and condition my hair - spray the Suref Spray comb through.  After I twist my hair and clip up to dry.  Once it is dry I just shake it out and lightly spray hair spray and all day I have great waves that look like I just came off the beach.  It save me so much time and breakage!

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